Sunday 10.13.13

"My wife!" -Borat Voice

“My wife!”
-Borat Voice

Bench Press

Weighted Pull-up

4 Rounds not for Time
10 Strict Toes to Bar
15 Supermans
20 Hip Extensions

Post loads to comments.

"Dayyyyyyum check out that posterior chain" -Daigle's Judge

“Dayyyyyyum check out that posterior chain”
-Daigle’s Judge


There will be a women’s clothing swap on Tuesday at CFNE! I know amazing, right? Dig up your lightly used clothes and accessories and bring them to the gym on Monday. Please no ugly Christmas sweaters (half kidding). Seriously though, we will sort them by size, category, etc… and Tuesday will be a free for all. Come early and get the good stuff or wait until 7:30pm and pick up my grandmother’s nightgown. Whatever is left over will be brought to the Nobles Yard Sale that raises money for the Nobles Scholarship Fund. 3…2…1…GO DIGGING IN YOUR CLOSETS!!!


And now for your viewing pleasure…a video of one of our younger Firebreathers…the one…the only…Charlie!!!


  1. Ronda rockett


    Is it time for my fuel pack now?

  2. Damn. I wish she would’ve spoken up …

    In other news, that might be the worst overhead lunge position of all time. Sorry Ben, I know you tried to teach me right.

  3. Masters Comp WOD: Bench press @ 115-17 reps
    Thrusters/Pull ups@ 95#-1 round +1.
    HPC/burpees@ 95#-2 rounds +1
    Overhead press/box jumps@ 95-1 round +8
    Thanks, Annemarie for timing.
    mental hurdle for me to do the 95# thrusters—mixed feelings about first attempt. Glad I cold actually get reps and more than 1 round, but, know that I can do better as I kept asking and was too focused on the time—psyched myself out a bit, and was unsure how to pace myself. Thanks, Mike, for the advice. I am going to practice one more time with the advice you gave. When you get the chance can you remind me of the bench press practice advice?

  4. Comp wod bench: 26 or 27…. Forgot.

    Weighted PU .. We did 1RM: 33#.
    That’s a 25.5# PR as I have scoured the blog and my records and can only find 7.5# but I feel I have done more but nothing close to 33#

    So fun doing these with Toni!!

  5. Christian

    5RM Deadlift: 405# (90# PR)
    1RM Deadlift: 425# (20# PR)

    It was all that warm cider and bourbon Rachel E pumped me with yesterday. And Kristin’s sweet potato cupcakes too.

  6. Big Mike

    Bench: 5 x3 ended @ 195 (10#pr)
    Pull Ups: Did dead hang pull ups
    Ab Work: done

    Not going to run tomorrow as I need to save what is left of my knee & calf for Masters. Going to try to row it though if anyone wants to give it a go. I’m planning on being there with Andrew a little early and starting on the dot at 6.

  7. Bench: 5×3 across…started at 75, failed rep 3 at 80 so I decided to focus on form keeping my elbows in on the way up. Shoulder felt good – so that’s a plus! Did 80# on the last set no prob.

    No pull ups for me – went straight to cash out.

    PT: pec release w/lax ball & wall slides aka “bank robbers” (Thanks MDV!)

    Excited to see how I hold up for Clovis tomorrow. 6am Here I Come!

  8. Bench: 75-85-95-105-115. Felt pretty good.

    Strict pull ups with the black band. I attempted it with the green and but could only get two.

    Also did the circuit, mostly Rx (toes didn’t always touch the bar but they were always overhead)

  9. San Fran Wod:
    5×3 Bench 225#
    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Strict pull ups
    5×5 HSPU

    15 x 65
    10 x 95
    5 x 135
    1 x155 (more of a C&J)

  10. Bench press: 55, 75, 80, 75#
    1 RM weighted pull up 33#
    Ab work: done


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