Saturday 10.12.13

"And that my friends is where babies come from"

“And that my friends is where babies come from”

Team 10k Row
Teams of 3
Switch every 250m

Post team names and times to comments.

"I knew it! A bird gets with a bee and then 9 months later a stork drops off a baby on your doorstep. Makes perfect sense!" -Matt Fraser

“I knew it! A bird gets with a bee and then 9 months later a stork drops off a baby on your doorstep. Makes perfect sense!”
-Matt Fraser


Click HERE to watch our very own James “Casper” Hobart throw down with Froning and some other beasts.


  1. There’s so much going on this picture. Craig looks puzzled, Daigle looks unsatisfied with the explanation, while Conor seems to be listening attentively.

  2. Colleen (OC)

    Team Can We Do This Kipping?: 45:42 with Michelene and Tricia. So much fun! And even better, I became an aunt to my new beautiful niece Greta this morning!!!!

  3. Team 10K: The Real Doug Bells – thanks for naming us Max. Doug B, Tam, JoeV: 35:51

  4. Andrea F

    Team 10k Row–Team Party Serious: 38:50
    Awesome job Garv and Kelly!!!

    • Kelly F.

      Yeah, way to crush that Garv. You were definitely our team all-star! We also owe you a breakfast since you lost yours after the workout.

  5. Team 1k row: Jerry’s Merry Maids: 40:09

    That was fun with Jerry & Kim from Arkansas!

  6. Big Mike

    Geezerz: 34:48
    John G., Scott M., Braatz and Big Mike… before you say wait-they had 4, we only cycled three. Scott and John rowed together each cycle and I did not start until they both finished…so there.

    This time probably only held up until “Most Inappropriately Named Team Ever” crushed it at the 9 am.

    • Captain Big Mike – it was a honor to be on your team – your 125 pace for the last 250m was amazing!

    • Dave was still explaining the name away with red faced embarrassment an hour after the class ended. Just awesome.

    • You guys row younger than you look. Thanks for letting me come along for the ride.

    • Seeing the two of them in sinc. on the same rower was absolutely amazing

  7. Team 10k row: Saturday Morning Special: 40:06
    Annemarie, Rae and Erin. This was fun. Psyched about our negative split! we had 20:30 for the first 5k and something less than that for the back half to finish at 40:06

  8. Team Strength w/ Tom and Mike
    Great working w you guys this morning. 7am was a blast.

  9. Team Mantastic (Ho, Matt, Chief): 38:30…I was able to keep a 1:30-1:35 pretty much throughout so I was pleased. Also, Team Oreo cheated. You’re not allowed to have three guys over 6’2″ on a rowing team. Duh.

    Then, globo pump in the back with Dave C…1RM bench press: 265# (tied PR)

    Good to be home.

  10. Colleen (c4!)

    Team “Here, do.” In honor of susan S. needing to get ‘we done to make a hair cut appt. on time! With Molly, 44:23.

    Susan, I hope your back is okay!!!

    WOD 11.1 5+0 rx 9:56 woot, woot!

  11. Team Oreo (Dave C, Travaun, and Ryan from Hoboken, where Max told us Oreos were invented – true story): 32:57

    1 RM bench with The Ho: 200#

    Then I watched Max and Kevin do Macho Man, and I got really tired.

    • Woops. That was me.

    • Big Mike

      When the guy with the sub-7 2K row is the slow one, you know you’re in deep…..
      As I said last time we did this…You Can’t Coach Tall. Cool to watch you guys obliterate this. Should be a leaderboard for this.

    • I was a little busy yesterday and I didn’t get to check the comments… Dave it was good working with you and Ryan. Way to get after it! Next time I get to pick the team name:)

  12. Greg D, Dan C & Brad

    Team BGD: 34:25.1

    Great work by Brad and Dan C!

  13. Team Jerry’s Merry Maids (Kim from Arkansas, Jenn W. and me) 40:09.

  14. Hotel WOD:
    2k row 9:42
    Strict pull-up otm 7,6,6,5
    50 air squats
    50 push ups
    Butterfly pull-up practice
    DU practice.

  15. Team “We Butterfly”: 40:21
    With rockstars Heather V. and Pattie Jean!

    Great row today – loved the pace setting by Pattie Jean. You are a beast girl!

    • Heather V

      Yes, Pattie Jean… Your rowing was amazing! Nice job girl!

      • Patti Jeanne

        Thanks so much fun t get a workout in early. I think I woke up and realized I was at the gym about 3 rounds in!

  16. Team PBR – 36:15

    Nice pulls team.

  17. Team G Force – 39:40

    Loved rowing with Kim and Amanda!!

  18. San Fran Hotel Wod: 13:30

    5 rounds
    20 single arm med ball snatches (10 each arm)
    20 push ups
    20 air squats
    20 sit ups


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