Friday 10.11.13

I guess Corey had a baby? Who knew? Congrats?

Corey holding her nephew, Jax. That’s right he was named after those wonderfully puffy and cheesy snacks…mmmmmmmm Jax.

Open WOD 11.1
30 Double Unders
15 Snatches (75, 55#)

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Bode strutting his stuff.

Bode strutting his stuff.

***Remember Monday is an abbreviated schedule. Classes will be held at 6am and 9am***

This video has nothing to do with Crossfit. It will however make you smile. Enjoy.



  1. Yep. Smiles all around. Great video. Reminds me of living in London. Many weekend nights there were shenanigans like this riding the tube.

    • I realize this was not shot in London. But I think I saw Braatz in the background. We should start a “where’s Braatz” on the website.

      • Hey, thanks for thinking of me!

        Right now, as I read this… Tokyo.

        Hopefully I’ll be back at CFNE this weekend.

      • Ken this was shot in Manchester. Close enough right?

        • Yep, just a bit north.

          Active rest 30 minute stationary in San Fran hotel after 6 hour flight. Heading to Lalanne crossfit in the morning. Anyone ever been there?

  2. The Jax Dude! Thanks for posting that Max. You’re a good man.

  3. Love their marionette thing in the video!

  4. Oh, this video has a lot to do with CrossFit. Communication, cooperation, hip flexibility, and some booty shakin’! Bring it!!!

  5. Open WOD 11.1 – 4 + 67 (2 x SU)

  6. Open WOD 11.1: 3+40 Rx.
    Double-unders were not cooperating in round 2.

  7. 5 rounds rx

  8. Open WOD 11.1 – 4+56 (75#, 60 SU) RX weight, bad Brad…

  9. Open WOD 11.1: 5 with 15 DU attempts.
    Thank you HV for attempting to count those! You can tell I haven’t been practicing them.

  10. Open WOD 11.1 (I’m personalizing this WOD and calling it Tequila Sunrise as I regretted ordering a second every time my feet hit the floor on the jump rope). 4+41 with attempts at 45#.

    Alternating 7 HSPU’s and 7 pull ups OTM for 10 minutes.

    To the person who found the very important item and turned it in to the front desk- forever grateful & Andrew E., I’m loving you right now.

    Saint- lunch- Kersage Cafe & dinner- flatbread pizza @ Eastern Slope Inn

  11. Heather V.

    Open WOD 11.1: 5 + 43 Rx PR, yes folks… that is 2 reps shy of 6 rds, why did I drop the bar? Coulda, woulda, shoulda… next time!

    This was my 1st Rx WOD, back in the day, during the opens. Jenny judged me. I did single/double and completed around 3 rds. I will never forget how excited I was to complete this Rx and having the support of Jenny was amazing!

    • Tricia D

      Great job!!!! 3 more rounds, that’s amazing!

    • Heather O

      I agree with Tricia! Such an amazing job Heather! :) It’s fun to look back and see how much progress has been made. :)

    • Sarah S.

      Congrats Heather! Amazing progress.

    • Michelene

      It makes the rest of us feel good to hear at one time you could only do 3 rounds. Your a total machine and an inspiration!

    • Ashley R

      That’s pretty crazy! Good job Heather V!

    • congrats on practically DOUBLING your score!

    • michelle

      Awesome, Heather!

    • That is still one my favorite CFNE memories of all time Heather! You were so unsure that you could do this RX’ed, you did it and I just about cried I was so excited for you! I still remember the look on your face when you finished. I love the way you push yourself, even from the start. You are a ROCKSTAR!

      • michelle

        Love this, Jenny C! HV is a rockstar, and you are one of the most supportive rockstar athletes that make CFNE special.

    • Heather V

      Thx Ladies!!!

  12. Open WOD 11.1: 4 1/2 rounds. I subbed 10 cal row for double unders(knee issue) and did 55# with snatches—shoulder felt great:-)

  13. Tricia D

    11.1: 4 + 35 (45#, 2x su)

  14. Open WOD 11.1: 4+30 (2x singles, 65#)

  15. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone from the still Heather O! :) I miss you all and can’t wait to see everyone next week! :)
    My new hubby and I are here in Gorham, Maine and it’s the cutest place ever! If anyone is looking for a gorgeous bed and breakfast to stay in I highly recommend the PineCrest Inn. I am in love and want to move here and work here. Obsessed!
    Since we put ourselves into a food coma last night and were sleeping by 9:30 (haha) I was up early this am and got in a 3.25 mile run in 29:45 with 50 push-ups, sit-ups and squats before.

    I hope you all have a great day and weekend! :) xo

  16. Open WOD 11.1: 4+1 (the lonliest DU) 65#

  17. awwww my little buddy jaxy!!! future fire breather right there kids, watch you.

  18. Michelene

    Open WOD 11.1: 4 rounds (even) with 45# and 15 DU attempts. I don’t think I would have completed 4 rnds had I not stepped it up when I thought that Harry said we have 19 seconds left when he really said 90. The bigger mystery is why I would have thought Harry would give us a 19 second warning??!! I’m either going deaf or losing my mind, or maybe both.

  19. Open WOD 11.1 – 4 + 69 (2 x SU)

  20. Rachel E

    Open WOD 11.1: 4+7 Rx (Finally strung 20+ DUs together in a WOD, hooray!)

    2-min DU drill x 3: 49, 58, 48 (used them all up in the WOD? This went terribly)

    • Your DU’s are sick, boss lady.

      • Rachel E

        Thanks for the encouragement! I’m glad you witnessed one of the moments they came together, and not when I was whipping my hair with the rope and lost a plate off the end of the barbell. Goooood times

        PS: Pizza?!?!? Flatbread pizza?! You’re livin’ the dream, Sarah W!

  21. Open WOD 11.1: 4 even Rx.

  22. Ashley R

    Open WOD 11.1 4 + 23 RX The D.U are getting better but I am still left with lots of whip marks!

  23. Open WOD 11.1: 5+31 Rx

    DU 2 min drill: 136, 17, 131

    600m Farmer’s carry w/140#: 7:45

  24. open wod 11.1: 3+25 Rx.

    shoulda been at least 4 rounds but double unders had to show me up … again. i’ll get you next time, double unders!

  25. Open WOD 11.1: 4+69 (55#, 2xSU)

  26. Ronda Rockstar

    11.1: 5+33
    DUs 3 times 2 min: 75, 89, 100
    good times

  27. Open WOD 11.1 3+25 Rx Did 40 DU for first two rounds…DOH!

  28. michelle

    Open 11.1: 6 even (15 du per round- trying to get away from single double)
    DUs x 3- 2min: 53, 54, 50
    3 x 200 m 106# farmers’ carry- 10:55 (sounds better than 600 m: )

  29. Back Squats: 250# – 5,4,4

    Open WOD 11.1 – 4 rounds Rx.

  30. Amie Stowe

    SOOOOO who wants to do CLOVIS with me Saturday morning?……Beuller….Beuller…Beuller?

  31. 11.1: 4 + 6… 45# (chickened out last second on RX) and 15 DU

    3 rounds of 2 min DU: 44,42,44
    at least they are consistent…albeit, BAD!! But, getting there!

  32. Chris M.

    11.1 – 6 + 30 (300) Rx
    2 min Double unders – 157/176/157

  33. Open WOD 11.1-5+15
    2 min max DU-127, 117, 117

  34. Open 11.1: 5 + 36 Rx

    My DUs finally came together today! So nice to be able to put Rx down next to a DU WOD. Huge Goat for me!

    3 rounds of 2 min DU: 101, 90, 90 (PR)

    Earlier today:
    5 Rep and 1 Rep Max Back Squat: 280# & 325#
    5 Rep and 1 Rep Max Dead Lift: 330# & 385#

  35. Sergio C

    11.1: 3 rounds + 33 reps RX


    1st muscle up!

  36. 11.1: 4+40 rx

  37. 11.1: 2+14 (Rx weight, but 15 DUs/round). Happy to use Rx weight but unless I can’t count (which is possible), 2 rounds is not much!

  38. Jonathan

    11.1: 4 even (Rx)

  39. 11.1: 3 + 14 rx.

    2 Min max DUs: 79, 68, 66

  40. Great video – pretty sure I have that song in my iTunes library.

    Open WOD 11.1 – 6 + 10 Rx’d

    2-minute double under drill – 149/87/97
    Round 1 felt good, but died in 2 and 3.

  41. Open 11.1, 95# cleans, singles
    4+67 (singles plus 7)

    Worked on DUs after and had an Ahah moment (or a DUH! moment), when I slowed down my jumping pace and gave myself time to get the rope around twice! Got a bunch of single doubles and felt like a breakthrough!

  42. Open 11.1: 3+40 (45#)

  43. Open: 4+36rx

    DUs fell apart rounds 2 and 3. But then hit a straight 30 on round 4. Go figure!

  44. Pre-WOD: 5×5 squat snatches OTM @ 65#, 7×4 back squat @165#

    Open 11.1: 5+15 Rx. That’s challenging with a head cold.

  45. Christian

    3+29 – abmat sit ups, for DUs. Still not loving the impact

  46. Open 11.1: 4+2 (45# and 15 DU per round)

  47. brittney

    Open 11.1: 3+70 (60 SU +10). 40#. Snatch felt good, after the terribleness that was Wednesday, was happy to not have to squat.
    Just made 24 teenage mutant ninja turtle cupcakes for my sons 4th birthday tomorrow, with the last couple weeks of WODs, TMNT are everywhere in my life!

  48. Open 11.1 – 5+33 Rx (vs. 4+37 in opens)
    done on Sunday


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