Thursday 10.10.13

Ally B is staring into your soul. Yikes!

Ally B is staring into your soul. Yikes!

April O’Neil
30 Thursters (115, 80#)
30 Pull-ups
30 Power Cleans (115, 80#)
30 Burpees
30 Jerks (115, 80#)
30 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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  1. “April O’Neil”: 19:12 Rx

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  3. April O’Neil: 15:48 (65#)
    Best movement was box jumps. Some thrusters sketchy and should have strung pull ups together better. But, glad I got up this morning.

  4. 17:10 rx done yesterday.

  5. Jonathan M

    April O’Neil: 26:16 (95#)

  6. April O’Neil: 16:15 with 75# and 24″ box step ups.
    Shoulder is doing better which is a HUGE PR for me right now. Keeping weight on lighter side to ensure it stays good. But, knee acting up now:-( Trying to stay smart as I prepare of masters comp.

  7. Kristin R

    April O’Neil 19:08 (not 20:08, which is on the board – forgot about the minute delay!) with 45# and 24″ step ups. Considering this a partial PR since I tried to do 45# thrusters in the “830” workout in July and had to drop down. Box jumps, well… next time, Heather V!

    • Heather V.

      You are totally getting high enough… it is all in your head! Mental game.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Thanks for pushing me, I was totally panicked when you beat me off the thrusters, and then beat me off the cleans!!

    • way to work hard, Kristin!

    • Tricia D

      Kristin!!! You just made me realize I forgot to take two minutes off my time yesterday! You have turned my day around girl!!!!! Great job today on what killed like a beast!!!!!

  8. Heather V.

    April O’Neil: 13:57 Rx… or was it 58, hmmm, whatever I wrote on the board. Only had to redo 1 box jump today. Progress.

  9. April O’Neil: 15:58 95#

  10. April O’Neil: 21:10 75#

  11. Sergio C

    April O”Neil: 20:31 (85#)

  12. Colleen (OC)

    April O’Neil: 18:57, 55#. HOLY SHOULDERS.

    I also forgot about the minute delay and wrote 19:57 on the board!

  13. Craig B.

    April O’Neil: 11:22 rx

  14. Andrew E

    I love Fuel For Fire!

  15. Colleen (c4!)

    April ONeil 14:49 @75#
    5×5 tng squat snatches OTM 2@55#,3@60#
    7×4 back squats &155#

  16. Rachel E

    April O’Neil: 16:00 (70#) Maybe I would have been faster if I were wearing a sweet yellow jumpsuit?

    5 x 5 TnG snatches OTM (60#)

  17. Ashley R

    April O’Neil:

    15:17 65# rest RX. It wasn’t until after the WOD that I realized it is a version of the Masters WOD..DUH!

  18. Chris M.

    1. April O’ Neil – 14:50 Rx
    2. TnG Squat Snatch (OTM) – 5×5 @ 105#
    3. Backsquat (OT3M) – 7×4 @ 275#

    … tired.

  19. April: 17:33 (65#)

    5×5 s snatch 55# x 2 35# x 3

    7 x 4 bs 125#

    Thanks for lifting with me Ronda!

  20. April O’Neil – 25:45 Rx
    took me two classes to get through, but glad i did Rx. thank you Harry.

    delusional grandeur thought of today – during warm up, Harry was right in front of me. i thought to myself, i wonder if could ever look like Harry.

    snap back to reality, there goes gravity.

    • that’s funny. I am not sure there is anyone that quite looks like or matches Harry!

      • thanks Sam. so, what you are saying is…it is not me, it is Harry. i feel better. i think.

    • BAHAHAHAH!!!! I have that thought sometimes too….. kinda but a bit different.

    • Ronda Rockstar

      I think that was Kathleen broadcasting her thoughts into your brain.

  21. April: 14:33 (65 #)

  22. April: 17:18 rx

    TNG Snatches OTM 5×5 @115

    Bench: 5×25 @115

    Back Squat: 7×4 @225

  23. Michelle

    April: 12:36. 65# & burpees to bar
    5 ss otm x 5: 65# across
    7x 4 bs: 150#
    Thanks for the great tips, Rachel!

  24. April: 15:25 65# rest rx

    That was an ass kicker. Did burpees with hitting PU bar which for a 4’11 shorty was an extra jump
    So def slowed those down…

    I was just driving, took a mouthful of water and go this enormous tickle in my throat and uncontrollably coughed out the WHOLE mouthful of water.. Projectile EVERYWHERE! Right in Wellesley center. That. Was. Weird. Need to change clothes.. Soaked.

  25. April O’Neil-15:11 RX
    TnG squat snatch, 5×5 OTM-75#
    7×4 back squat-150#

    Thanks 6:30!

  26. AO’N-14:59 with lots of mods, 30 of: push press (40#), pull-ups, push-ups, cals on AD, dumbbell presses (15# ea) and DUs.

  27. Susan Stein

    April O’Neil: 11:42 55# with lots of subs due to shoulder.
    Front squats for thrusters, ring rows for pull ups, GHD sit ups for jerks.

  28. April O’Neil – 16:33 – 95# and subbed dead lifts for the cleans due to a sore wrist

  29. April O’Neil (but not really): 14:11 ( subbed 135# front squats for thrusters, GHD sit ups for pull-ups, 135# deadlifts for cleans & 15# weighted back extensions for jerks)

  30. At NorCal…

    AMRAP 10: 50 wall balls @ 20# (we weren’t allowed to drop it at all) + 400m run + Squat Snatches for whatever time was left (not really sure how many I got)

    Cashout: 2min max wall balls. I think I only managed 25 with the 20# ball

    OTM10 2 deadlifts @ 225#
    Cashout: max deadlifts in 1min @ 165# – 17
    Metcon: AMRAP5: 5 med ball cleans + 5 wall walks – 3+5

    I’m such a spoiled little CrossFitter. Not only to I get to work out at CFNE, with our world-class coaches every time I walk in the door, then I come out here and hit classes led by Jason Khalipa and Garret Fisher (yes ladies, his hair is even more magical in person). It was like being home; Jason spent 50 minutes of the hour class working on snatch technique and then we did the WOD (good thing I have a fairly flexible work schedule). Can’t wait to be home tomorrow.

  31. April: 14:52 rx.

  32. April O’Neil: 12:08 Rx (except Masters Burpees – touch the bar)

    Earlier this morning:
    Bench Press: 5RM 220#, 1RM 260#

  33. 11:30 rx

    BS @ 155

  34. April O’Neill: 12:04
    Squat Snatch 5×5 OTM:85lb working on shoulder mobility
    Back squat: 7×4 (3 at 185, 4 at 225)

  35. April O’Neil: 14:22 (55#, sub front squat for thruster)

  36. “april o’neil”
    13:57 Rx

  37. April Oneil: 13:14 rx

  38. Kristin B.

    April O’Neil: 17:45 RX weight. Subbed front squats for thrusters and step-ups for box jumps. That was tough.

  39. Christian

    April O’Neil – 22:08 (strict pull ups, 70# KBs for Jerks, 30 cal row for BJ)

    Pull ups smoked my grip and I could barely grip the bar on my cleans, which is why I skipped jerks. The pull ups also crushed my time. But it was fun. I needed this one big time.

  40. April Oneil: 16:02
    Rx weight, old man step ups

  41. Weird Day, DId 5×5 SS @95, and 7×4 BS@ 255 Was cramping and couldn’t jump after so bagged the WOD. will hit it tomorrow.

    Hey, did anyone by chance take my Bag 1 of 2 Paleo Power Meals delivered on Monday.

  42. Maureen B.

    April O’Neil: 14:07 (65#)

    5×5 Snatch: 55#
    7×4 Back Squat: 125#

  43. Tough day, no energy. 19.:01 75#

  44. 23:25 (75#, green band PUs)

    Nice to be back @ CFNE!
    But it wasn’t a WOD you want after a two-week hiatus …

  45. “April O’Neil” – 14:39 Rx’d. Ouch.

  46. AO 23:04 95#

  47. April O’Neil: 17:00 (80#)

  48. April O’ Neil: 18:36 (55#)


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