Tuesday 10.08.13

Bode wears his sunglasses at night.

Bode wears his sunglasses at night.

Casey Jones
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps (24, 20″)
Deadlifts (225, 155#)

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Tracy-Lynn catching some serious air on her doubles. It's gotta be the shoes. Right Mars?

Tracy-Lynn catching some serious air on her doubles. It’s gotta be the shoes. Right Mars?


  1. Geoff L

    Casey Jones – 4:04 Rx

  2. Maureen B.

    Casey Jones: 9:05 (125#)

  3. Rasheed

    Casey Jones – 6:51 Rx

  4. Casey Jones – 12:56, 130#. Woof. The good news: I could actually do a number of consecutive TTB again. I’m frustrated that my strength still isn’t where it was.

  5. Ronda Rockett

    CJ: 9:57, 135 lbs

    5×5 SOTS press with a 35 lb bar

    I love working out; best part of my day!

  6. Ronda Rockett

    Hey gang, today is national fluffernutter day!

  7. Sarah B

    Casey Jones: 4:55 rx

  8. Casey Jones: 9:20rx

  9. Nicole D

    Casey Jones: 9:02 (125#)

  10. Big Bri

    “Casey Jones” – 6:17 Rx’d

  11. Christian

    7:43 (GHDSU, KBs 53#, Deads rx)

  12. Casey Jones:
    9:58 (put 10:58 on board, but started in 2nd group w/ 1 minute delay). struggled with 225, and did step ups

    post WOD:
    6×5 with 45# bar

  13. Casey Jones: 7:04 (GHD, 105# – could have gone a bit heavier…) Getting through the WOD was a success today.

    After some tough news last night, I was glad to have CFNE to go to tonight. It was a mental struggle to get to the box in the first place instead of going home and going straight to bed after FH practice. This place, the community and coaches offer so much support – without even knowing how much it impacts others. Seeing friends tonight was exactly what I needed.

  14. marissa

    (posting late rather than never) casey jones: 9:16 (135#)

  15. Andrea F

    Casey Jones: 9:57 Did t2k and 135# on the DL. Stuck it out with doing all real BJ–my goal for October is to only do real BJ and so far I’m going strong :)

  16. Casey jones 9:00 knees, step up, 185#

  17. “casey jones”
    6:01 Rx

    excuses are like… well… we all know… but my darn pony tail fell out after the 15 box jumps and i chose to stop and fix it. seeing that :01 after makes me want to write a complaint letter to goody. haha

  18. Casey Jones: 8:47 (105#)


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