Tuesday 10.08.13

Bode wears his sunglasses at night.

Bode wears his sunglasses at night.

Casey Jones
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps (24, 20″)
Deadlifts (225, 155#)

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Tracy-Lynn catching some serious air on her doubles. It's gotta be the shoes. Right Mars?

Tracy-Lynn catching some serious air on her doubles. It’s gotta be the shoes. Right Mars?


  1. laura c

    are we onto the DEAD now? AWESOME! I can relate much better than the turtles:)!!!

  2. that notion just crossfit my mind

  3. “Singapore Sling” – 5 RFT of 12 DB swings (25kg), 12 burpees: 6:10

    c/o: 3 rnds (not for time) of 20 push-ups, 8 strict pull-ups

    Hotel gym WOD in Singapore. See you next week.

  4. Mike R.

    Casey Jones: 8:54 (205#)

  5. Casey Jones: 7:34 Rx

    Squat Snatch 10×1 OTM @ 85#…staying light. Form is really coming along.

    Sotts Press 5×10 with wooden dowel…couldn’t do any weight. Huge mobility problem here. Ug.

  6. Casey Jones: 11:24 (205#) That was a good one.

  7. Casey Jones: 11:08 Rx. I worked on only doing rebounding box jumps today. The whole thing felt slow.

    Sotts Press 5×5 @ 55#

  8. Big Mike

    Casey Jones: 9:03 Rx

    Just ordered 10 tank tops……(that’s a front of the room joke)

  9. 5:05 rx

  10. Casey Jones

  11. Heather V

    Casey Jones: 6:58 Rx
    Def room for improvement on this one, had to redo a few box jumps… Didn’t show control at the top and dropped the bar too much. Next time!

  12. Colleen (OC)

    Casey Jones: 9:02, with 65#.

    I would love to go with higher weight, but I always pay for it when I do. When I go lighter, I still get a great workout and I am not sidelined for a week. Only stopped once in the first set of t2bs, so that felt good!

    • SMART!! I hear ya—I have to take extra time on DL’s to make sure to set my back, and usually have to drop it in between, just to ensure I keep midline tight and dont hurt back.

    • Tricia D

      smart woman, great job.

  13. Jonathan M

    Casey Jones: 12:44, 205#

  14. Casey Jones: 7:28 (205#)

  15. Brook R

    Casey Jones: 12:10 Rx
    I strung some t2bs together in warm up, but lost it for the WOD. Another goat to add to my herd.

  16. Rachel E

    Casey Jones: 10:47 (135#) DLs continue to be my nemesis…but thanks for the OTM homework, Rachel!

    Sotts Press: 15# bar x 2, 35# bar x 2, 45# x 1

  17. Craig B.

    Casey jones: 5:48rx

  18. Casey Jones: 6:22 RX

  19. Chris M.

    Casey Jones – 7:12 Rx
    Sotts Press – 5 @ 50/55/60/65/70

    Humbling and exposing.

  20. Michelene

    Casey Jones: 11:29 (110# and mostly K2E) Those toes to bar continue to elude me. One of these days… Thank you Sarah S. for giving me some tips after class. I will get those suckers one of these days!

    Today is my one year anniversary at CFNE so I feel compelled to say a few words about one of my very favorite places in the whole world. I knew absolutely nothing about CrossFit before I walked in that first day. I came with a couple of friends to do elements (with MDV and Ashley) and I seriously thought we were going to some class at Longfellow. When I saw all the barbells, and the crazy-fit people, I almost turned around and walked right back out the door. But fortunately I didn’t drive so I was stuck which turned out to be a really good thing. The WOD (my 1st) from 10/8/12 was Snatch work and “Nancy” which I think MDV only let me do 3 rounds of. I was so intimidated that first day but I quickly got over it when I realized what a supportive and encouraging group the Mayhemers are. Now I am completely hooked! Everyone already knows how fantastic the coaches and members are – truly amazing people – and what a special place the Bergerons have created in CFNE so I don’t need to say much more about that. When I come here it is like hitting a reset button. I forget about everything else for an hour and walk out feeling like I can tackle anything. And more importantly, the reason I was so scared of the barbells was because of back pain that I had been dealing with for more than a decade and was getting worse. Fast forward a year and the pain is virtually gone. I feel like I’m 25 again! So thank you and I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

  21. Dave C.

    Casey Jones: 7:10 Rx

    Tried the sotts press but form was abysmal. Worked on holding perfect squat form in the hole instead. Thanks Ben.

    Awesome to work with my old 0830 crew again this morning! And glad to have another mayhemer (Sarah W) join me as well.

  22. John S.

    Casey Jones: 13:29 (20″, 145#)

  23. Casey Jones: 11:42 185# boy those deadlifts… need a lot of work.

  24. At NorCal…

    Started with the push up version of Bring Sally Up

    OTM10 body weight: 3 kipping HSPU with 3 abmats

    5 rounds: 50 air squats + 50 double unders (scaled these to 25, and happy with that)

  25. Casey Jones: 10:25 (115#)

  26. Sarah W

    CJ: 7:21 at 125#

  27. Casey Jones: 10:49 with 155#, 24″ box jumps, all toes to bar
    Felt very slowed down by the box jumps today. Also, have not done DL in a while, so, also took some extra time to set my back well. Stayed a bit after class to do some more T2B(like it wasn’t enough in the WOD–lol) and was able to for first time link 5 consecutive T2B. Need to do this in the WOD, as it really does make the work more efficient.
    Always fun to be at the bright and early 5:30 am class!

  28. Kristin R

    Casey Jones: 10:22 with 85# DLs and step ups (I know, I know, Heather V). DLs felt heavy in warm up but I definitely should have gone heavier. Next time!

  29. Wendy P

    Casey Jones: 9:37. GHD, 75#

  30. Michelle

    Casey jones: 6:36rx

  31. Heather Bergeron

    Casey Jones 4:28 RX

  32. Travaun

    Casey Jones: 8:32 Rx

  33. Casey Jones 10:28 Rx’d toes to bar are slow, but I stuck with them throughout. Now back to my “professional development” day.

  34. CJ: 9:53 @ 205# and 20″ box jumps (but half were steps) and T2Bs were really knees to chest.

  35. laura c

    Casey Jones: 8:50 95#
    wanted to save my back…. Just can not get those TTB very fast…urgh

    BJ getting way more efficient! yup, sounds raunchy

    Did COMP WOD work with Rachel after…
    max reps 1 min bench at 65# : 27 (failed 28…..that sucked!)
    rest 30 seconds
    max reps HPC at 65# in one min : 16

    My traps are shot….WOWZERS!

  36. Melinda

    CaseyJones: 6:35 Rx

    5×5 Sotts Press: 1@35# then dropped to 25#. Well, aren’t those are interesting! Thanks Heather for help on keeping wide grip.

    DU practice

  37. Krystle

    CJ: 10:04 I think? (105#)

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  39. Susan Stein

    Casey Jones: 6:47 (ab mat sit ups for toes to bar, 105#)

    Still not going overhead due to my shoulder and did GHDs yesterday, so it was ab mat today. I think Kevin’s running out of subs for me.

  40. Casey Jones – 8:45 Rx
    Sotts – 45#

  41. Tricia D

    Case Jones – 11:13 (85#, and mostly K2E with a few ttb mixed in)

    Heather B + Kevin EXCELLENT instruction on the ttb today! I actually got them in the warm up and for the first 10 or so in the WOD. MUCH easier when you get the knees up and then do the kick. Now I just need to hang on to them for an entire WOD :). Thanks!!

  42. Patti Jeanne

    Casey Jones 7:28 step ups and 115#

  43. Kaitlyn

    Casey Jones- 8:42 RX
    T2B will be the death of me!

    Sotts press 5×5- 15#-15#-15#-35#-35#

  44. Jonathan

    Casey Jones: 8:21 (185#) Glad I was able to help pace Geoff… He finished the workout while I was still on the first round!

  45. Casey Jones: 11:21 (185#)

  46. Casey Jones: 7:18 (95#), Knee ups and step ups.

  47. Casey jones: 8:43 rx

  48. Casey Jones 6:19 Rx

  49. Colleen (c4!)

    Casey Jones 10:59 rx
    Squat therapy. Thank you so much Ben for the extra time in helping me drive my “Neebs” out. I really appreciated the extra pointers.

  50. Casey Jones: 12:58 @85#

    Slow slow slow TTB. So frustrating. But I kept myself to standards and no repped myself when I missed.


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