Saturday 10.05.13

The King of the Gingers and his loyal subjects.

The King of the Gingers and his loyal subjects.


Fight Gone Bad
Wall Ball (20, 14#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75, 55#)
Box Jump (20′)
Push Press (75, 55#)
Row (calories)

3 rounds 1 minute per station

Post scores to comments.

Compare scores HERE.

Congratulations to the 9:30am class aka Team 7 Minutes in H'evin for winning the nutritional challenge! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Congratulations to the 9:30am class aka Team 7 Minutes in H’evin for winning the nutritional challenge! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

A big high five to everyone who participated in the nutritional challenge this past month!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers…drum roll please….

In 3rd place we have Brad “Broccoli is my Life” Ebel! Brad lost 7.5#, 2″ off his waist, and dropped 2.9% body fat! Brad won’t be walking away empty handed he’s won a $25 gift card to the CFNE store! Holy cow!

In 2nd place we have Gradon “Pass the Beets” Winn! Gradon lost 12.5#, 4.5″ off his waist, and dropped 1.2% body fat! Don’t worry Gradon we didn’t forget about you, your pockets will be lined with Quest Bars when you spend your $25 CFNE gift card on all your favorite flavors! Heck yes!

And in 1st place…your winner…Laura “The Brussel Sprout Destroyer” Barletta! Laura lost 12#, 1.5″ off her waist, and dropped 8.4% body fat! Laura has won a fantastic prize pack! 5 Paleo Power Meals to keep you on the straight and narrow paleo path, 50% off a massage at Caring Touch, and….a free pair of customized Reebok kicks delivered by Rich Froning! Well Rich won’t be there to deliver them but Mick our new intern looks like Rich so we could ask him to deliver them.

Honorable mention goes out to:

Todd Rapp – 5#, 1.5″, 1.4#BF
Ho’s Son Mike – 3.5#, 1.5″, 1.8%BF
Michelle Marshall – 5#, 3.4%BF
Susan Stein – 6#, 1.5″, 3.6%BF
Molly Aitken – 5.5#, 1″, 2.6%BF
Mark McGraw – 9#, 1.25″, 1.3%BF
Jamie Sheridan – 4#, 1″, 2%BF
Martha Fan – 6#, 2″, 1.4%BF

No matter where you finished in this challenge hopefully a month of clean eating has given you a solid nutritional foundation to build on. Remember it all starts with your nutrition (see below).

Makes sense right?

Makes sense right?








    • It must have been the shirts that helped us win!!! Yeah 9:30!

      Congrats to all of the winners! Good stuff!

      Congrats Heather O on the big day!

    • Krystle

      Congrats 9:30!!

  2. Awesome pic! love the 5:30 mayhem guys and our fearless leader, Harry.


    I have to shout out to my husband who has been working so hard !!
    He lost 8 pounds and an 1.5″ in the waist and 1.6 % body fat.
    I am very proud of him !!! Nice job LJ!!

    He should get a whoop whoop !!!!

    Whoop whoop honey!!!!!!!

    • Andrew E

      Whoop whoop, indeed LJ. Whoop whoop indeed.

    • Great looking kids and the two of you look like your 20……..definately call that WINNING!

      Great job by both of you!

  4. Tricia D

    I can’t get enough of the pyramid pic. Love how the guys got into a pyramid so quickly like they do it all of the time – crossfitters are ready for anything.

    Congratulations 9:30, the winners and everyone who participated! Amazing losses!!!!!

    FGB one of the only arguments the D’Agostinos have – who gets to go :)

    • Heather O

      Though I love Greg too I pick you! 😉 xo The pyramid = amazing!!

    • Michelene

      ha ha! Couples that crossfit together… The kid trade offs in the parking lot are a hoot. There are regularly more than one too!!

    • Tricia D

      Greg got the 7 spot. In all fairness, I did get the last FGB and potentially could have made the ten, but just too much of a squeeze on the day :). On the upside, I get the next one and maybe then I’ll get a better PR :)

  5. Heather O

    I just want to say thank you all again for all of the love yesterday and all of your love and support this past year. It really mean more to me than I can ever say. You all make me feel like a million bucks and I am so thankful and grateful to have come across CFNE and all of it’s amazing coaches and my fellow cfers! :) I hope you all have an amazing weekend and Ill see everyone next week, still as Heather O just now with a hubby and some additional bling! 😉 xoxo

    PS this pic is simply amazing!! LOVE it!

  6. My favorite WOD!
    FGB: 305
    Subbed sit ups for SDHP, 6# WB. Thanks for
    Counting Lori!
    First day back with shoulder movements. Being
    Smart. No pain-psyched
    Off to Reebok Camton for CF Level 1 cert. can’t

  7. Michelene

    FGB: 232 Rx This was a 48 rep PR for me from July!!

    Congrats to the 9:30 am crew – amazing work!

  8. FGB: 305

  9. Fight Gone Bad: 269 Rx (31 rep PR)

    Good times partnering with Dennis. Way to push hard!

  10. FGB: 312 (39 rep PR)

    Huge thanks to Dave and Max for the push. I celebrated by screaming at a baby. Who’s surprised?

    Sorry Heather and Ben. I’ll pack up my things.

    • Just so folks don’t think I’m a total monster, I had fallen off the rower in absolute exhaustion, and there was no baby. I repeat, NO BABY. I closed my eyes and let out a guttural scream. No words. Just primal. I was happy to be done. I opened my eyes and there’s Bode’s face six inches from mine. As I watched the fear wash over his face, I considered jumping up and running away. But I stayed for the necessary shaming. And shamed I was. Sorry, Bode. For realz bro. Where did you come from?

      • laura c

        BAHAHAH! I saw bode crying and did not know it was YOU that scared him..surprised – not so much! nice job though!

      • Big Mike

        Just like that time you passed out in a pool of beer and I tried to clean it up. You woke up and proceeded to spank me. Chapter four.

    • Heather V

      U scared a baby???? What a meanie. Congrats on the PR tho.

    • Tricia D

      Lmao, poor bode!!! Although, I have a feeling that boy doesn’t scare easy. Nice PR!

    • Dave C.

      Killed it. Nice job. And primal indeed.

    • Sarah Wilson

      You wanted that. Over 300. Animal.

    • It really looked like he was about to laugh at first. But no :(

    • Bring Sally Up at 135# with the gang. Only 2 misses. What a killer fun WOD that is. Sneaky tough. Holy!!!

    • Big Mike

      Don’t let him fool you. He did this all the time to me growing up. Read it all in my soon to be published memoir “Daddy Dearest, Growing Up with a Ginger Sadist” in bookstores soon.

    • CFNE management

      That’s it…after much consideration the statue of Ho that was going to be put in the CFNE entrance has been cancelled.

  11. Ashley R

    Good job 9:30 crew on winning the challenge!

    Fight Gone Bad: 229 RX

  12. Rachel E

    Fight Gone Bad: 260 Rx (PR) So happy to have rebounding box jumps back. Now for those abysmal wall balls…

    Great to partner with powerhouse Sarah W!

  13. FGB: 275 Rx (97 rep PR from April 2012)

    5 x 20 sec handstand holds.

  14. FGB: 257 Rx (97, 84, 76). 18 rep PR from July. Yay!

  15. FGB: 229 (82, 75, 72).

  16. Michelle

    FGB: 278 rx-pr. So much fun this am! Great work, Maura!

  17. Andrea F

    FGB: 199 This was slower than my last FGB (218) but I did real box jumps instead of step ups and a heavier wall ball than last time. One of my October goals is to only do real box jumps, so it slowed me down a bit, but happy I can actually do real ones :)

  18. FGB: 216 (10#WB to Rx height) Just didn’t have it today….did this in July with 37 more reps! And, I love this WOD…weird, I know.

    Thanks for being a great partner Jan!

  19. FGB: 279 Rx (22 rep PR)

    Getting closer to my goal of 300!

    Some EPIC performances this morning.

  20. FGB: 211 (10# WB rnd 1, 8# WB rnds 2 & 3). 14 off my pr. More no reps than reps on those dreaded WB’s. Boo hiss…

  21. Patrick

    FGB:276 w/ step ups. Happy to be done….

  22. Fight Gone Bad

    Dave C: 331 Rx (PR by around 40 reps; can’t find my log book)

    Molly C: 220 w/10# WB (First time doing FGB!)

  23. Rasheed

    FGB – 307 Rx – 9 rep PR. Finally broke 300!

  24. laura c

    FGB: 219 – 27 rep PR but with a lighter WB… 8# WB
    I have to say I truly dislike this WOD and was not happy when I saw it BUT I did not cherry pick so that is a WIN!

    Fun times Jen L! You are so strong!

    Now off to Daybreak to do “bring sally up”…I will not be RX’ing that but it will be FUN!!!!

  25. marissa

    fight gone bad: 261 Rx (97,88,76) – PR by exactly 1 rep. had lofty goals today but a PR is a PR and i’ll take it! thanks to lynne for being a fantastic partner!

  26. Lynne Mc

    209 around 8 less reps than last time but with heavier weights and WB. V impressed by all the big numbers today as I know how hard getting this relatively small number was!

    Molly, I’m sorry my kids ate all your remaining paleo muffins- they were v good though- thanks!

    • Molly C

      Lynne, they were for everybody! So glad the girls liked the paleo banana muffins (ok, paleo except the chocolate chips…)

  27. Krystle

    FGB: 214 RX weight but wb to 9 ft

  28. Maureen B.

    FGB: 217 Rx (well kinda, did push jerks for most of my first round by mistake ughh whoopsie)

  29. FGB- 238 rx. (4 rep PR :)
    Nice working with you Jamie. Great job!

  30. FGB. 373 RX . Great working with you Kathy you will crush masters!!!

  31. Brook R

    FGB – 244 Rx (14 rep PR) – hoped for a bigger number and had a good first round, but reality came crashing down in rounds 2 & 3. Next time… Great class 7a.m.!

  32. FGB 240# PR step ups,10lb

    PR-thanks, Molly, for the push! (you can take credit for at least 15 of those reps!!)

  33. Kaitlyn

    FGB-255 RX

    Thanks Cheryl, great job!!

  34. This is my favorite WOD. After pushing hard this week I had less in the tank than the last time we did this wod – 85, 51, 47 (60 off my PR). It was a WIN though as I GOT to go to Crossfit today, 5th day in a row on my goal of going to CFNE all 31 days this month.

  35. FGB 208 RX
    Tied my PR but this was my first time RXing the whole thing so I count it as new PR.

  36. 2 x 20 EOM Goat training

    1st 20mins: 10 S2O 95# and 10 rebounding BJ 20″
    2nd 20mins: 10 PU and 20 unbroken DU

    Cash out of max reps of each movement unbroken in 2mins.


  38. Geoff L

    FGB-432 PR

  39. Gradon-
    SO proud of you-
    Always 1st place in my heart!!
    With love,
    Your #1 naughty nooner

  40. Ronda Rockett

    Does anyone want to do FGB with me tomorrow a.m? Say 8:00?

  41. FGB – 307 Rx

  42. Sarah Wilson

    So I bit it more than previously assumed. Wrote 244 Rx on board. That was a lie. Number is 233 Rx. Got 3 wall balls in round 2. Solid.

  43. 293 Rx… started on SDHP


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