Thursday 10.03.13

Mick just started interning at CFNE! Weclome Mick!

Mick just started interning at CFNE! Weclome Mick!

***Remember today is bring a friend day***

Tabata Something Else
:20 on :10 off
8 intervals at each station

Post total reps to comments.


The man, the myth, the Andrew Hohenstein. Your Firebreather of the Month for September.

The man, the myth, the Andrew Hohenstein. Your Firebreather of the Month for September.


1. So congrats on being firebreather of the month. What will you do with your title?

Easy…already ordered a thick gold chain and a Master P style medallion to commemorate my firebreatherness. I wanted to get “Firebreather of the Month” on the medallion, but it turns out that big ass gold medallions are really expensive. So, I thought about shortening it: “Fireman,” “Flamer,” and “Dragon” made the short list. But in the end, it just made sense to go with my heart, and by heart I mean Tupac. Only God Can Judge Me, yo. I mean why’s my gold medallion gotta say something about fire. It’s my freakin medallion. Here’s the prototype. Dope, right? For some reason, the jeweler didn’t get it, but I don’t think he CrossFits.

2. How did you get involved with Crossfit?

I was laying in my underwear eating Cheetos by the handful (the puffs, not that other crap) wiping the crumbs on my favorite beanbag when I realized I had a Cheeto stuck between my man boob and my gut…I thought that was a real defining moment for me. Fast forward a few hours (I got depressed after the Cheeto thing, finished the bag and took a nap), and I was on the interwebs googling “get rid of man boobs in Framingham.” I had two gym memberships at the time, so that didn’t seem to be working. I had seen some CrossFit videos on YouTube at work (that’s when I watch all my YouTube) and I noticed that neither Rich Froning nor Jason Khalipa had man boobs…or Cheeto crust all over them. I figured if they could do it, so could I. Next Google: “CrossFit near Framingham.” All signs pointed to CFNE…the rest is just a glorious tale of why Cheetos aren’t allowed in our house anymore.

3. What’s your favorite workout?

No funny business here. I love The Big Clean Complex. When it comes up I salivate, dream about it, think about it, talk about it, gchat about it, Facebook about it, tweet about it, write the old people in my family in Kentucky that don’t understand computers hand-written letters about it. Anyway, I like it a lot.

4. What’s your least favorite workout?

I’m tempted to say Freddy Krueger because last time I did it, I spewed a box of red wine and pulled pork all over the CFNE woods. Poor girl attending Ben’s Business Of Excellence seminar picked a really bad time to dip behind the gym and take a phone call. She seemed to take it well. But as close to death as I was, and let me assure you, I’ve never felt closer, my least favorite is probably Surfer on Acid. I used to hate lots of stuff in CrossFit…I mean, I was fat and out of shape, so you know, I hated box jumps, burpees, rowing, running, jumping rope, moving in general directions that weren’t towards a beer or a bed. Most of those feelings, fortunately, have gone away and frankly I’ve grown to love most of my goats. They challenge me, and I dig it. But there are two things I still hate with a passion: running and burpees. Put them together and I just feel like a dwarf is punching me in my junk for 10 minutes.

5. Word on the street is that you have 17 kids, what are their names and ages?

Look, what do you want from me…I was in the military, I married the first girl that I tricked into thinking I was awesome, I tend to enjoy a fine drink from time to time, and I like to dance (mostly dungeon rap style). Put it all together, and I suppose having a slew of children before I was old enough to constitutionally be the President was always a bit of an inevitable certainty. Is what it is…frankly, I’m usually more amazed how many people don’t have 17 kids, but I digress. Drew is 8. Hailey is 7. Cooper is 4. Oliver is almost 2. The others come with a bit more baggage. We have one my wife insisted on naming “Big Michael,” but he doesn’t seem to be able to grow hair and for some reason his butt is really saggy. Another one has a foolish ZZ Top beard, but we’re just praying he grows out of it. The rest…well, who knows? Neither of us really knows where they all came from. We just know they’re expensive and they’re tougher than us.

6. Your wife told me you used to play with a bluegrass band. What was your band called and what instrument did you play?

Well, first, she talks too much. You spend one year playing the fiddle in a methed up Appalachian bluegrass band called Pee Wee Hotsauce and the Mountain Dew Boys and all of a sudden everyone has a joke to tell. Well jokes on you guys, because once our sound caught on, there wasn’t a trailer we couldn’t stay in and there wasn’t a diner in four counties that would make us pay full price for chicken fried steak.

7. Let’s play a game called hopscotch, buddy carry, s’mores. I’ll give you three people and you have to pick which one you’d play hopscotch with, which one you’d buddy carry, and which one you’d eat s’mores with. Your people are Mo Vaughn, Hulk Hogan, and Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Ready. Set. GO!

Honestly, this was probably the easiest question to answer. First I’d play hopscotch with Mr. Feeny. He was an ethical man, and seemingly British or something so probably of some royal vintage of hopscotchers, and I know he wouldn’t cheat when I wasn’t looking. He was wise and caring and not at all creepy even though he was always hanging out with little kids in his back yard. I would buddy carry Hulk Hogan. If it’s good enough for Rocky in Rocky III (not the Rocky where he single-handedly ended the Cold War and punched out that Russian lady, but the one where he had to fight that mean ole’ Mr. T even after Mr. T killed Mickey; man I miss Mickey) then it’s good enough for me. And which of us doesn’t want to see how many s’mores Mo Vaughn can put away. Next.

8. Some people say that you dye your hair that beautiful redish hue. Any truth to that rumor? If so what is the exact color?

You guys spend one damn night with my wife at a party and all of sudden I have no secrets. Fine…gingers are descended of Vikings, and Vikings had awesome boats and fur coats and stuff. They’re men’s men. I was raised by a brood of women and early in high school realized I needed an edge. My hair used to be a shiny blonde, but no one took me seriously. People just don’t get what it’s like to be made fun of because of the color of your hair. So, after much deliberation, I landed on a hair color that blends in and doesn’t result in judgment or unnecessary and unfounded stereotypes: rusty red.

9. If you were stuck on a desert island and could pick one thing to eat until people saved you what would it be?

Now, THIS, is a tough question. I may not know a lot about fitness or paleo or hydration or kindness or any of that garbage, but man if I don’t know how to stuff my face. I have to pick one thing? Whoa. Alright, clock is ticking, gun to my head…Lobster! I mean sure, after a few weeks, I’d get mercury poisoning and die. But what am I supposed to say, pizza? Screw that. If I’m stranded on a desert island I’m looking to get tanned up and ripped for my rescue. Can’t be loading up on all that bread and junk. And as long as I’ve got more to do than talk to a volleyball, I’m all set. I’ve been watching a lot of Naked and Afraid lately, and I’m pretty sure I could spend most of my time weaving banana hammocks.

10. If you were a pirate what would your pirate name be? Also, what would your ship be named? Lastly, what would your parrot be named?

This is a lot of questions. I tried to cheat and use a pirate name generator, which said my name would be Cap’n Macon Bloodsmear. But that’s dumb. Let’s go with Cap’n Empty Stick…and let’s not ask why. Cap’n Empty Stick would sail the seas in his massive vessel named The Foul Cannon, often neglecting his drunk bird, Fran.

11. So apparently you and Big Mike are actually related. Is he really your dad? If so, what was it like in your household when you were young?

I’m not entirely sure where to begin. Feelings run deep here. What most people don’t know is that Big Mike and I have grown up together, but probably not how you might think. Did you ever see that show, where an older guy meets a younger impressionable teen on the internet, gets to know them, shows up with a sixer of beer only to find out that they’re about to be arrested. Well, that’s not how we met. The truth is, Big Mike has Benjamin Button disease, and I’m HIS father. Think about it. It’s why he’s all smushed up and old looking but still able to beast workouts…he’s really 23. We’ve long kept it a secret because he thinks people will judge him. But they won’t Big Mike. They’re just super psyched that in a few years you’ll look like Brad Pitt. It’s time, son…Dad will love you no matter how smushy or whiny you are!

12. If the moon was made of cheese would you eat it? What if it was made of BBQ spare ribs?

Anybody else wishing there weren’t fifteen question this month…woof. Well, I’m pretty dairy free these days, but I love cheese in a way that is almost embarrassing. Left to my own devices, I will devour entire pound blocks. It’s legit happened. But now, the only time I cave is after a night of too much tomfoolery and shenanigans. So I guess, if you wanted me to eat the cheese and throw the tides of the oceans all out of whack, all you’d have to do is take me to a Booty Dance factory, get me liquored up and fly me to the moon. As for the spare ribs, rinse and repeat. I guess I’ll eat anything when I’m drunk.

13. The Patriots called they need a nose tackle. In or out?

Hell yes! This is simple math. Gisele Bundchen is on my list of people I’m allowed to…uhhh…”get to know” if I ever get the chance. My wife’s on board. Get me an interview.

14. If you had to be an animal for the day what would you be and what would you do?

Definitely a Centaur. Bangin’ body. Graceful gate. No brainer. I’d spend most of my time shooting Old Spice commercials. If you get all picky and make me pick an animal that is more common, I’d probably go with something off the beaten path like an Ostrich. They’re amazing at playing hide and seek, and they seem well fed. Their gut to appendage ratio is astounding. As an ostrich, I’d spend the day trying to figure out how to get myself on that island with the Swiss Family Robinson. One kid’s riding an ostrich and the other kid’s riding a goat or something…that’s not fair. They need another ostrich.

15. What’s the number one excuse you use to get out of work to come to CFNE?

Whoa whoa whoa. Who says I sneak out of work to come to CFNE?!? I mean, sure, do I work in the city and somehow make the nooner when I need to? Yeah. And have I been to every class time that CFNE has to offer? Yeah. But the idea that I would lie to get out of work, something that I crave and love to do (my job), is just insulting. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding. My kids. I use my many young children. Or I just sneak out and hope for the best. I’m not proud of it, but I really can’t miss my CFNE time. My wife has requested that I not go back to Cheeto man boob guy…she’s got a point.



  1. Hahahaha. Love you Ho! Congrats!

  2. YEAH HO! LOVE the interview! Congrats on all your accomplishments. Here’s to many more successes in and out of CFNE :-D

  3. Mike Finn

    MICK!! Glad to see you on board!

  4. #11….hahahaha!!!!

  5. Ho! Great interview!

  6. Dave C.

    Tabata Something Else: 320 Rx

  7. Tabata: 290

  8. Tabata: 350 Rx

    5×5 squat snatch at 65#…form

    4×7 back squat at 205#…gassed

    In all seriousness, I’m genuinely honored and humbled to be selected. I treasure my time here and I am so grateful for all of you. You each make such an impact on me. What a lucky guy. And none of it would be possible without the unbending support of my family and this community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love.

    — Ho

    • Heather O

      Amazing job Andrew! Thanks for the laughs! Keep up the incredible work!! :)

    • way to work hard, Andrew. You deserve it!

    • Ya ya ya .. You’re cool and all but I like the ‘form’ portion of this post .. Keep gettin it done ;)

    • Colleen (OC)

      Ho, were you hitting the sauce when you came up with these answers? Cheeto Man Boob Guy. That might just be your new nickname. Seriously though, keep up the awesome work!!!

    • Michelene

      Hilarious! You earned it – congrats!

      • Big Mike

        Congratulations Daddy.

        But for the record and those that ARE counting (Eugene)….I got FBotM only three months after joining….not that I’m keeping track.

    • Rachel E

      Congrats, Andrew!! Great to see your hard work paying off.

    • Twisted. And, reading this made me hungry. Cheese, BBQ spare ribs, lobster, cheetos, s’mores, pizza. I’ll refrain from a long reaction, but I do have one question… were you Pee Wee Hot Sauce, or were you one of the Mountain Dew Boys? More food references. You have problems. But apparently, after today, your squat snatch isn’t one of them.

    • hilarious.

      • need a leader board for funny posts. not that they need it but this would put a little motivation in for CMB (Cheeto Man Boob)and Big Mike.

    • Funny stuff! Congrats!

    • Congrats on FBotM!!

    • Congrats big guy! Well deserved!

    • Chris M.

      Great interview Ho.

    • Tricia D

      Andrew, congruatlions. I had to stop reading at the cheeto boob story b/c I’m crying with laughter and can’t read through the blurry tears. Hilarious!!!

    • sarah w

      Even though I don’t know you very well, I really was impressed with the thoughtfulness you brought to each of your responses. I think each of us could learn much from your dedication, earnestness, and insights.

    • Best. Interview. Ever.

    • Wendy P

      Awesome interview!!!!

    • These are the best! Big Mike, Braatz, Rachel, etc, and now Ho. So much wit and so clever. These must be the the Rx interviews. Is there a scaled version?

  9. Tabata: 313 Rx

  10. Brook R

    Tabata Something Else: 312

  11. Heather O

    Happy Thursday everyone!
    1.5 mile run pre WOD
    TSE: 308 with thin green band pull-ups and knee push-ups. Pull-ups were super scary per usual!
    1 mile run post WOD.
    It’s so great not to have to go to work after class. :)
    Have a great day everyone.

  12. Rick W.

    IMPORTANT: 5:30 AM / 6:30 AM

    If you inadvertently grabbed an audi car key on the way out I need it back as fast as can be…. I’m at the gym locked out of my car…

    Tabata – 377

    • Colleen (OC)

      Oh no! I just checked- I didn’t take it. Hope you get your key back Rick!

    • Sarah W

      Rick- key on way back to CFNE. I couldn’t understand why the key I had just had programmed on Tuesday didn’t work. “Luckily”, I had my other key in the car.
      I feel horrible. I’m so sorry that happened.

      • Rick W.

        No worries, hey – i got to spend more time at my favorite place in the world. Just a case of mistaken identikey!

    • Andrew E

      Love that you still posted your score. Also, “identikey.”

    • Some guys will do anything for a ride! Unless, this is some sort of car key game! Mmmmm!

    • Let’s not lose the 377 in all of this. Wow!

  13. Tabata Something Else — 278

  14. Tabata stuff: 294 subbed box step ups for pull ups, and aerodine(bike) for push ups. air squats and sit ups.

  15. 371rx

  16. 296 Rx (18 rep PR, plus no band)

    Woot woot!
    Pull ups: 36
    Push ups: 42
    Sit ups: 100
    Squats: 112

    I did better on every exercise.

    5×5 squat snatch OTM @ 65#

    4×7 HBBS @ 145#

  17. Colleen (OC)

    Tabata Something Else: 296. Rah. 4 off of my best (300).

    To be fair, last time I started on push ups (and got 53). Today I started on squats and only got 36 push ups. I got 128 squats, 56 pull ups, 36 push ups and 76 sit ups. Arms were totally jello. I could barely wash my hair.

    But the positive is that I maintained 16 squats the entire time, so that is a PR by 2!

  18. TSE: 308 (5 rep PR) pr is a pr but still this kinda bummed me out. already want to do it again.

  19. Michelene

    Tabata Something Else: 297 Rx

  20. Sarah W

    Tabata:333 Rx

  21. Big Mike

    Tabata Something Else: 303 (20 rep PR)


    Cannot believe I suck at this so bad…that whole PR was on pull ups but I blew it on push ups.

  22. Tabata Something Else: 328 (18 rep PR)

    5×5 TnG squat snatch at 60% (95#)

  23. Sarah S.

    Tabata Something Else: 276.

    5:30 a.m. ladies, wear PINK to class tomorrow!!

  24. Rachel E

    Tabata Something Else: 303 or 313 (may have dropped 10 reps on situps…lost count, whoops)

    5 x 5 OTM squat snatches: 60#

  25. 358 RX

  26. Craig B.

    Tabata: 415 (86,69,100,160)

  27. Tabata: 365 (subbed 20″ box jumps for pull ups and calories on the airdyne for push-ups)

  28. Ronda Rockett

    TSE: 407
    snatch work 5×5 at 60 lbs OTM; this was the real work of the day
    4×7 BS at 105; that was plenty after all the other work
    this sh*&t never gets old! LOVE IT!

  29. Ashley R

    Tabata: 293 RX pull ups were the highlight for me..everything else seems like I go slow motion.

    Some snatch work 3 reps on the min for 5 min w/ 55#

    • Ashley R

      btw- that has to be the most interesting interview for FireBreather I have ever read. Nice job Andrew!

  30. Tabata: My ADD got the best of me and lost track. Either that or it was woding next to a shirtless mike G! Makes me premature epoculate every time!

    The usual 6:30 laughs! Great start to a beautiful day!

  31. Krystle

    301 RX with butterfly pull-ups (41) first time in a WOD!

  32. Laura c

    Tabata: 362 RX PLUS did butterfly PU to test them out

    Squat snatch: 5×5 at 45#

    Day 4 and I’m tired….. If you see me tomorrow, send me home:)!

  33. Travaun

    Tabata Something Else: 334
    5×5 OTM Squat Snatch: 95#
    4×7 HBS: 205#

    Congrats Ho, keep up the good work.

    Thanks for the push today, would have bailed out on HBS without it.

  34. Tabata Something Else: 296

    (Started on push-ups. Wow, those go away very quickly)

  35. Melinda


    Just happy I did butterfly PUs for first time….
    Tx Kath for push to try it!

    Ho…you cover a full range of critical topics…
    cheetos, pirates, family tree, Swiss Family Robinson and vomiting wine. Entertaining, well done weaving those all in. Haha

  36. laura c

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU to the community/coaches today – I brought a friend today (yes, I have a friend!) who is a big “exerciser” and has always shyed away from CF b/c she is very competitive and thought it would freak her out. Well, the first thing she said was “that was very different than I thought it would be”….so I said, “what was different” = she went on to explain that it was so much less intimidating (she is a confident person) than I thought and everyone was so nice!!!! She especially liked Harry:)! She said “when he talks to you, it is like no one else is in the room”….I chuckled and said, “yes, we ALL love Harry but the pure truth is, he is sincere about it”. So, thanks CFNE for being who you are:)! I am proud to be part of this community! And hopefully we will have a new member soon:)!

  37. Molly C

    Tabata Something Else: From home today – 256. Subbed HSPU (equivalent of abmat + 10# plate) for the pullups. Would have loved to try this in the gym today, but happy to just get it knocked out even if my timing was probably not on 100% of the time. Charlie was “helping” me….

  38. Susan Stein

    Tabata something else: 356 (subbed back extensions for pull ups and calories on air dyne (without using arms) for the push ups)

  39. TSE: 320 rx 52/40/84/144. I shoulda coulda woulda warmed up my pecs. Every push-up was like using an ice pick on an ice block. Blech!

    Rick and Rhonda awesome reps on TSE! Rick I hope you found your keys,
    Welcome again Mick, nice chattin’ with you this morning.
    Way to go, Ho!

    5×5 TnG snatches @60#
    4×7 high back back squats @ 135#

  40. Jonathan

    Tabata Something Else: 324 Rx.

    Sit ups were tough after laughing so hard at Ho’s interview! Good stuff and congratulations!

  41. Jonathan M

    Tabata Something Else: 222

    Felt awful lack of sleep.Happy i got to do this. Katrina thanks for reminding me not to switch stations. I don’t know what i was thinking…brain not functioning correctly today.

  42. marissa

    tabata something else: 313 Rx (however some push ups were suspect)

    great day to be a nooner at CFNE! hope little bode feels better soon!!!

  43. Chris M.

    1. 80 Pullups / 86 Pushup / 135 Situps / 137 Squats
    438 Total (27 Rep PR)
    2. SS 5×5 (OTM) @ 110# (spicey)
    3. BS 4×7 (OT3M) @ 265#

    Note: anchored Abmat situps.

  44. Jared S

    Tabata something else: 434rx

  45. Tabata Something Else: 378 Rx

  46. Tabata Something Else- 246 RX
    Loved doing pull ups with this..first time I have done this WOD RX!!!!

  47. Tabata Something Else: 250 Rx

  48. Kaitlyn

    Tabata Something Else- 334 RX
    5×5 TnG sq. snatch-75#
    4×7 back squat-140#

  49. Tabata Something Else 239 RX
    1st time doing pull-ups without a band in a WOD.

  50. Tabata Something Else: 336 Rx


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