Tuesday 10.01.13

Mike G doesn't always cry when he front squats 205# but when he does it's at the ECC with this shirt off.

Mike G doesn’t always cry when he front squats 205#, but when he does it’s at the ECC with his shirt off.

The Good Life
3 rounds of:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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DJ Benny Bunz

DJ Benny Bunz



  1. The Good Life: 12:41 (50 sec PR)
    step ups

  2. Jared S

    Good Life: 10:53rx next up on the goat list, rebounding box jumps

    Props to LJ for powering through his last round to beat his previous blazing time.

  3. TGL: 15:30 or maybe 14:30. Durrrrr. That minute difference is kind of a big deal.

  4. The Good Life 14:33 20″

  5. The Good Life: 12:52 Rx (1:17 pr)

  6. Annmarie

    The Good Life: 12:48RX

  7. The good life: 10:38 with step ups

    Think I wrote 8:38 on the board. Oops.

    • Must have been wishful thinking on the 8:38 time. In my mind, Im a champion :)!

      Also did pre-WOD working on stuff for the senior citizens competition.

  8. 10:06 rx

  9. 15:46 (3:00 pr) step-ups

  10. Sarah B

    The good life: 10:47 rx

  11. The Good Life: 13:51rx. Felt really sluggish but somehow a 10 second PR

  12. Christian

    A better version of the good life:

    500m run
    21 burpees
    12 step ups (20″)


  13. Nicole D

    The Good Life: 12:11 Rx

    14 second PR from September. Not much but I’ll take it!

    Comp work after class – connected T2B for first time! Need some new Achilles after the past couple days.

  14. The Good Life: 12:21 (20″ box jumps), 1:08 PR from a month ago.

  15. Kristin B.

    The Good Life: 14:12, 17 sec pr

  16. The Good Life: 12:21 Rx

  17. Good life: 12:31 step ups

  18. 12:17

  19. 11:26 Rx

  20. Nick C.

    The Good Life – 12:30 Rx

  21. Kevin G.

    The Good Life 11;49 (PR)

  22. Brook R

    The Good Life: 12:27 (0:51 PR)

  23. Michelle Tobias-Sample

    Thanks for letting us drop-in today! You are all a great group and we had a blast! Hope to see you again soon! 11:33 The Good Life


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