Tuesday 10.01.13

Mike G doesn't always cry when he front squats 205# but when he does it's at the ECC with this shirt off.

Mike G doesn’t always cry when he front squats 205#, but when he does it’s at the ECC with his shirt off.

The Good Life
3 rounds of:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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DJ Benny Bunz

DJ Benny Bunz



  1. Mike G's shirt

    Don’t cry, Mike. What did you think was going to happen? You have never appreciated me. I need to be with someone that values me and appreciates me for who and what I am. For years, I have tried to be a part of your life, tried to take an active role in your hobbies and interests, and still you ignore me. If this is what it takes so that you treat your next shirt right, then so be it. I’ll always remember you, but this is good-bye. Good-bye, Mike. Forever.

  2. SHIRTS for the kids in Kenya….PLEASE, bring in just $10 so we can reach our goal of sending 100 shirts to our school in Guro. We are over half way there but really need your help. We will be collecting all week but why not put that $10 in your workout bag NOW so you don’t forget? Thanks everyone!

  3. https://racewire.com/register.php?id=3244

    Hi Everyone, Sunday is the second annual Pine Hill School 5K. The race takes place in beautiful Sherborn, just over the Natick line. The course winds around Farm pond and will give you a good chance to do some leaf peeping. Funds raised will go to enrichment at the school. The registration link is above and just let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

    • Just signed up.. Thanks Jen!

    • This is a good benchmark 5K. Fair course with some rollers thrown in on safe roads. Come out to Sherborn and represent CFNE. Where’s my 830 crew?!

      Bonus: Post-race swim in Farm Pond to soothe the calf muscles.

  4. The Good Life

  5. The Good Life: 13:34.
    14 seconds slower than a few weeks ago but I felt better for what it’s worth.

  6. Dave C.

    The Good Life: 10:09 Rx (29 sec PR)

  7. The Good Life: 12:56 Rx

  8. The Good Life: 12:16 (2:30 PR)

    In the class is much better than on my own in the back. I also lost 2″ off my waist and 1+% body fat.

    OTM for 8: 5 TTBs & 10 double unders. I switched to 15 DUs in the fourth round. Also did 80DUs after.

  9. Jonathan M

    The Good Life: 13:11 (:38 second pr)

  10. The Good Life – 13:55 Rx

  11. Big Mike

    The Good Life: 11:55 Rx

    For those of you keeping score, yes I lost again. But my second row was impaired by a monitor that would not start so the gap was not as wide as it will appear.
    At least when I do lose, it requires that he rolls around on the floor for a few minutes. When he starts walking away-back to Zumba.
    The tee box is yours Mr. Ho.

    Thank you Obama.

    • Both of your posts were hilarious today. But I have to ask, what does “Thank you Obama” mean?

      • Big Mike

        I guess a lame attempt at political humor…blaming him for the fact that I suck at box jumps.

  12. sarah w

    The Good Life: 12:10. Slower by 28 seconds than in Sept. Rats.

  13. Tricia D

    The Good Life: 14:03

  14. The Good Life: 12:55 RX.
    Struggled on my second and third rows. Next time I’m going to try and take less time standing on top of the box.

    Thanks for counting Lisa!

  15. The Good Life: 11:24 Rx

    OTM x 8: 5-10 TTB + 20 DUs

    Mike, I think people stopped keeping score a while back. Seems kindof pointless and mean at this point, no? If I may offer some advice that has worked well for me: when in doubt, be better.

    You’re welcome. Also, I think you pee’d all over the box during your box jumps. Might wanna get that checked out. Whatever you’re going through, I got your back.

  16. Rachel E

    The Good Life: 12:21 rx (exact same time as September — felt slowwww today)

    OTM x 8: 5 TTB + 10DU

  17. Stephan

    The Good Life 13:19 (59 sec PR from 9/4)
    Need to work on coming off the box jumps

  18. 9:32 rx

    Thanks for the push Craig B! You’re a box jump ninja!

    Great 6:30 class. Thanks, Harry and Rachel!

  19. Rick W.

    The Good Life: 12:06 (2 sec pr)
    met my goal of holding the line while traveling for most of the month.

  20. Chris M.

    1. The Good Life – 11:18 Rx (50 secs faster than last time)
    2. OTM 8 – 10 TTB + 20 DU = Unbroken except Round 8

  21. John S.

    The Good Life 14:39 (20#). 49 seconds faster than last time…I’ll take it! My legs are feeling very wobbly.

  22. Wendy P

    The Good Life- 12:20 ….modified… 400 m run, 12 GHD, 21 BJ- I am a bit bummed- I couldn’t do it RX and compare times… Had to make smart decisions today.

    • You know, I was thinking this morning that you often see people sub rowing for running but rarely the other way around. You are the exception to the rule.

      And hey – did you get a good workout this morning? That’s all that matters.

    • had to do the same, Wendy. no shoulder work for at least another week. I was also bummed that I could not do a comparison…..but, it’s best to be smart! see you soon

  23. The Good Life 13:51 (20″).My burpees sucked bad. No clue what i did the last time. Just happy to make it through.

  24. The Good Life: 10:33 RX 7 secs faster

    OTMx8 Even 10 T2Bahhs, odd 5 squat therapy

    Nice Job 6:30am!!

    Mike G…………Funniest pic EVER!!!

  25. Travaun

    The Good Life: 10:56, 1:11 PR

    OTM x8: 5-10 TTB + 15-20 DU’s

  26. The good life. 16:02. 4 plates for BJ R1, 3 plates R2&3

  27. The Good life(with subs): 500 meter run–went out of CFNE up hill around parkin lot and back. Felt like more than 500….15 sit ups, and 21 box jumps at 24″.
    took me 16 something.
    I usually have a hard time waking up in the 5:30 am class, but, today, it felt great. Self imposed paleo/eat better/get more sleep challenge. 26 days until my first competition. Need to prepare for what I can control.

  28. laura c

    The good life’s: 12:44 – ran 400’s instead of ROW.

    I hesitated with the sub b/c I DISLIKE rowing so much but my bicep is bugging me again and felt it in warm up – So I happily ran (and I am not a fast runner but better than rowing for sure!!!!).

    I def picked up the pace on the BJ – I have been stepping down for over a year and today I did “rebounding” ish = not sure the rebound was correct but I tried and did not step down so that is progress!!!

    Then got a call to pick up my daughter from school b/c she was sick so no post work:(!

  29. Craig B.

    9:34 rx

    • Dude. Fast.

    • Amazing as usual

    • ronda ROCKETT

      Holy Cow!

    • I can just picture you trying to chase D down, DAMN I miss that.

      • Chris L. (Bruzzo)

        I echo your sentiments!
        That would’ve been fun to watch!
        If I can ever shake my latest injury you know all to well(plantar fasciitis) I’ll finally get back to the 6:30a and see those rockstars duel again!!!
        Great job Craig & Big D!!!

  30. Good Life 12:55, 22 cals on AD instead of row, rest Rx

  31. The Good Life: 11:21 w step ups

    Nice woding with you Ally G. You crushed it!!

  32. Ashley R

    The Good Life:
    12:27 jump up/step down is this RX? Haven’t done this one before so nothing to compare it to.

    Bob R: 10:29 RX I think…

  33. The Good Life: 13:38 Rx (45 sec PR) thought it was a whole minute…still happy though!

  34. The Good Life: 13:08 Rx (25 sec PR from a month ago) Lots of areas where I can improve, but I feel like I left it all out there on this one.

    • laura c

      you looked like you gave it your all – whimpering and all:! Nice job!

  35. The Good Life: 11:02 RX

  36. marissa

    the good life: 12:11 Rx (exactly 1 minute PR! from last month!)

  37. Susan Stein

    the good life: 12:32 with 24″ step ups.

    Did the same thing about a month ago, but this time a little over 2 minutes faster.

  38. Fake Doug Bell

    The Good Life: 11:55 Rx
    First Rx WOD in months! :)

  39. The Good Life: I think it was 14:30. A full minute faster than last time.

    Saw a great message:

    Eat plants or things that eat plants. Avoid eating things that are manufactured in plants!

  40. The Good Life: 10:12 RX plus 24 box jumps instead of 21 on rounds 1 and 2 due to my poor listening skills

  41. Michelle

    All the prs today are so impressive- way to kill it Cfne!

    The Good Life: 13:29- slower than first time. I had a plan, pace row, do step up burpees, rebound bjs. Way over thought it. Next time, no plan- just move – and get after it – with everything.

    Ttb/20 du otm x 8: scaled to 15 then to 10 dus per minute.

  42. Jonathan

    The Good Life: 12:14 Rx

  43. The Good Life: 13:50 rx

  44. Melinda

    The Good Life:11:10 rx

    OTM 8: T2B , DU combo

  45. Kaitlyn

    The Good Life-12:22
    OTMx8-5 TTB, 20 DUs (10 TTB was NOT happening)

  46. The Good Life: 10:14 Rx (5 second PR)

    Earlier this morning
    5 x 5 Back Squat @ 235#
    OTM x 8: 10 TTB + 10-20 DU – TTB were good, DUs were horrible!

    On a positive note, I survived the Paleo Team Challenge and achieved the following results:
    – Lost 8 lbs
    – Lost 1.5 in. off my waist
    – Lost 1.6% body fat

  47. Patti Jeanne

    The Good Life. 12:38 30 second pr. Scaled to step ups both times

  48. TGL – 11:35 Rx.

    Pre WOD –
    5 x 5 BSQ (210#)
    DU work

    The DU fairy giveth and taketh away….

  49. Susan Celli (Subie)

    The Good Life: 14:16

  50. Ronda Rockett

    TGL: 11:39; 16 second PR
    then did OTM for 8 minutes: first round was 15 TTB and 18 DU, then 10 and 10 for rest

    felt great to PR TGL


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