Monday 09.30.13

Doole loves Downton Abbey so much he couldn't tear himself away from it during the ECC! Now that's dedication!

Doole loves Downton Abbey so much he couldn’t tear himself away from it during the ECC! Now that’s dedication!

10-8-6-4-2 Squat Snatches (115, 80#)
50 Double Unders after each set of snatches

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Happy Birthday HB!!!

Happy Birthday HB!!!


  1. Metalhead 13:48 Rx’d in my driveway

  2. Metalhead: 8:16
    95# and 100 singles

    Took advice and went with a manageable weight. Good thing, cause back was tight during last few rounds.

    3 x C&J with pause

  3. Metalhead: 11:59 at 70#

    Good movements for me, so a good way to start the week on a high note.

  4. Kristin B.

    Metalhead: 10:30 w/65# and 100 single-unders. Weight was light but form junk tonight. Thanks for the tips, Geoff.

    3x1000m run

  5. Metalhead: 15:08 (60#)

    Double unders felt good…. Until the last 2 rounds. Woof.

  6. Metalhead: 14:53 (65#)

    DUs were slow but finally strung together without singles in between, hooraaay

  7. Christian

    Metalhead: 85#, 20 cals Airdyne for DUs -15:26

    Kind of a train wreck wod. I’m in need of a lot of squat snatching improvement, missed several reps per round

    Pause Squat Cleans (no jerks tonight, snatching kind of smoked my shoulders): stayed light, 175# did 5 reps with a 5 sec pause

  8. Maureen B.

    Three things:

    1. Metalhead: 12:50 (55# and 25 DU attempts) Finally strung some together hooray!
    3 sets C&J w/squat pause – 85#, 95#, 105# and some butterfly pull-up work

    2. If you were ever worried about hurting your shins from box jumps you should be more worried about about Leonardo (Nick C.) and Michaelangelo (Max) using their skills for evil. Because they might double fake ninja kick you and then you might fall into a a metal foot stool. BEWARE.

    3. Thanks to all those who read my blog post today and took the time to compliment it, it really means a lot!!

    • Cowabunga dude!

    • We’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team. (That’s from the song, but for real, we don’t even have to touch you to cause damage.)

      Turtle Power

  9. Metal head with front squats at 185# – 5:33

  10. Metalhead 8:39 65# 50 SU. felt good. next time heavier. Got two consecutive DU in warm up. Time to start working on those.

  11. Metalhead – 19:39 Rx

    I’m sooOOooOOoOoo fast!


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