Monday 09.30.13

Doole loves Downton Abbey so much he couldn't tear himself away from it during the ECC! Now that's dedication!

Doole loves Downton Abbey so much he couldn’t tear himself away from it during the ECC! Now that’s dedication!

10-8-6-4-2 Squat Snatches (115, 80#)
50 Double Unders after each set of snatches

Post times to comments.

Happy Birthday HB!!!

Happy Birthday HB!!!


  1. Ben Bergeron

    Happy Birthday Heather. I love you!

  2. Happy Birthday HB, hope you have a great one

  3. Happy Birthday Heather!

  4. Heather!!! I love you like a sister! Happy Birthday to you babe!!

  5. Happy Bday, Heather!

  6. Great picture, guys, and love the one on the desk too. Such a happy family!!!! Happy birthday!!!!

  7. Heather O

    Happy Birthday Heather! You have such a gorgeous family. :) I hope you have an amazing day!

    Happy Monday everyone! It was so great to be back at the mayhem this am and see everyone. Great job to everyone too on a rough workout.
    Metal head: 16:12 with 35# and 25 double unders per round with 50 singles also bc I still have to do at least two singles between each in order to get the double. Ugh two huge goat moves today but happy to have it done. Better lay off the double unders for the rest of the week though bc it legit looks like Christian Grey got ahold of me and I’m pretty sure neither Kevin nor our wedding guests would appreciate it! ;)

    Have a great day everyone! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Heather

    Metalhead: I have no idea on time. somewhere between 11:30 and 15:10ish… Really wasn’t going for time. I was more focused on form of the snatch. O and I suck at double under. (75#, DU/SU)

  9. Happy Birthday Heather!

    Metalhead: 11:42 (95#)

    After worked up to 1RM squat snatch 110# (PR)

  10. Metalhead
    – Mix or DU’s and SU’s
    – Sub’d front squats for the SC’s
    115, 125, 125, 135, 135
    Last round – frustrated that I dropped the bar and completely forgot to look at clock.

  11. HB HB!

    Metalhead: 11:43 (95# and 50 unbroken singles and as many DU attempts as I could get in 90 seconds)
    Could not even hold the bar overhead in warm ups so I went light on the snatch weight. At GO, I got the first set without letting go of the bar. Will go heavier. I just don’t warm up well.
    F’in Mondays
    F’in Patriots

  12. Happy Birthday Heather!

    Metalhead: 15:06 Rx. DUs felt pretty good today; it was the first time I stopped because of fatigue and not because I messed up.

  13. Metalhead: 14:38 Rx

    Pause squat clean & jerk: 155/175/175

    Thanks to the Rockett’s for a fun party. Good to see so many of you with clothes on. Well, you know what I mean.

  14. Metalhead: 15:?? (95# & 25du’s) I mostly got knocked around today.

  15. Metalhead: 14.52 Rx…eff you squat snatches.

    Clean & Jerk complex: 195, 205, 215

  16. Metalhead: 17:58 at (60# and 25 du attempts)
    (Kate S., maybe you could let a few others post underneath this before you post your time)

  17. Happy Birthday Heather!!!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Heather!

    Metalhead: 14:57 (95#)

    You know that you are reaching full depth on your squats when your shorts explode on the round of 6.

  19. Metalhead: 11:57 RX

    HBD HB!!!

  20. Colleen (OC)

    Metalhead: 15:48 with 35# and 20 DUs per round.

    I *think* I got my first two real consecutive DUs this morning. Isn’t it weird that I have no idea? I definitely was able to eliminate one of the singles in between my doubles. Did some double-single-doubles, so that was progress. Snatch felt meh (that’s what she said.)

    Happy birthday HB!

  21. Michelene

    Metalhead: 14:04 (40# & 25 DU attempts) I’m still sore from Saturday. I thought this would work out the kinks… nope.

  22. Hey HB……………HB!! Turning 25?

    3×5 Front Squats 225
    Metalhead: 11:30RX

    Great Job 6:30am!!

  23. Metalhead: 10:13 (95#)

    Happy B-Day Heather!!!

  24. Happy Birthday HB!

    “Metalhead” – 10:09 Rx’d

  25. Happy Bday HB!

    Metalhead – 23:03 Rx (total meltdown)

  26. Happy Birthday, Heather!

    Metalhead: 10:45. Subbed 95# back squats for snatches, and did 100 singles each round.
    shoulder and foot slowly getting better……

  27. HBD to the one and only HB!

    metalhead: 6:49rx

  28. Big Birthday wishes Heather!!!

    Metalhead on the patio: 55# and 30 D.U. (oops! read the board too quickly!)

  29. Metalhead – 6:59 Rx
    C&J Comples – 185-195-205

    … the best “batches of squat snatches” have ever felt …

    Happy Birthday Heather.

  30. Happy Birthday, beautiful Heather B!!!

    Meathead: 15:02 75#
    C&J w pause: 125#

    Cleans felt so good I tried to pr my sc & got 140#!
    I got 135# twice last oct but have been stuck at 125 since. Pumped!

  31. Happy Birthday, Heather!

    Metalhead: 13:39 55# 25 DU’s

  32. Happy Birthday Heather! Have a beautiful day! Miss you guys at CFNE :)!!!

  33. HBx2!!!(Happy Birthday, Heather B!!!!)

    Metalhead, “Easy on the Old Knees” Version: 12:00 with 35# hang power snatches and 250m rows in between rounds. Thanks to Harry for the excellent mod suggestions. Still got a great workout but no squatting or jumping required today.

  34. Susan Stein

    Happy birthday Heather!

    Metalhead: 8:10 (65# squat cleans, 100 singles)

  35. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    metal head: 14:05 (60#, 25 DUs)

  36. Metal head: 11:38 rx

  37. Colleen (c4!)

    Happy awesome Birthday wishes to the Queen of the Naughty Nooners!

    Metal head: 11:08 65# stoked to get 36 unbroken DUs on one round. Love this workout for forcing perfect snatch form.

    SC, 3 sec. bottom pause, split jerk 3×115#. Not my best work.

  38. Happy Birthday Heather!!! Hope you have the best day!

    Metalhead: 12:30 55# front squats off the rack- easing my way back- 25 DU … Mostly attempts but I was able to get a few :)….. New rope left some nasty rope burns!!!

  39. Metal head: 13:08 35# 25du
    Did 20/8/6/4/2 rep scheme. Don’t ask

    Went super duper light per Ben’s “order” to us.. Was I the only one who listened? So snatches were a breeze…. The DU a shit show. BUT, the most I’ve ever done in. Wod. Amazing how much harder they are to do in a wod then just practicing them:)!

    HB to HB:)! Xo

  40. Hey Hey Happy Birthday Heather!

    Metalhead: 17:29 95#

  41. Metal head: 15:17 (55#), 25 DU per round

  42. Metalhead-9:51 RX
    Clean complex-115#-125#-135# (Failed 145 on the jerk twice)

    Happy birthday Heather!

  43. Happy BERF-DAY, HB!! I hope Maya, Jonah and Bode cook a nice meal for their Mommy :)

  44. Happy happy happy HB!!!

    Pre WOD lifting with LJ
    5 x 5 Strict Press (worked to 130#)
    3 x 5 DL (300#)
    Max shoulder to overhead in a min @ 95# – 43 reps

    Metalhead-ish (subbed hang squat cleans 115#): 14:05
    Did all the DUs, but had SU in between (so, 250 of each) which is a lot of wasted effort.

    After the WOD I got some inspiration from EC, Rachel and HB to lose the SU’s and just see if I could string a few DU’s together. Mind you I had NEVER strung more than 2 together…ever!

    I got 2, then 5, then 12, then 30, then 40 in a row. I decided to try max DUs in a min. I got 82 in 1 min, with 60 of them consecutive!! Holy DUs Batman!

    Thx EC, Rachel and HB for the encouragement….

  45. Happy Birthday Heather! Hope it’s a great one!

    THANKS Rocketts for the party on Sat. Fun time!

    Metalhead @ 9:30. 14:58. 15# 100singles with DU attempts

  46. Metalhead: 11:22, 40# no squat, 25 singles, 25 dus
    First wod in months with snatch and jumping and no worse for the wear this afternoon, so hopefully progress.

    Happy Birthday Heather. Love all the family pics….radiating happiness.

  47. Happy Birthday Heather! Great Pic !

  48. Metalhead 17:00 65# singles

  49. Metalhead 14:29 (I think) with 45# and 25DU – even managed to string a few together

    Happy Birthday Heather!

  50. Charlie,

    Please shoot me an email @


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