Saturday 09.28.13

Had to re-post this...too caption to comments.

Had to re-post this…too funny…post caption to comments.

Ace Duck
3 rounds of:
30 Squat Cleans (95, 65#)
30 Burpees
30 Abmat Sit-ups

Post times to comments.

Kev loves listening to books on this picture he's listening to the Chipotle Menu narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Kev loves listening to books on tape…in this picture he’s listening to the Chipotle Menu narrated by Morgan Freeman.




  1. these Kevin and Chipotle jokes make me laugh…and want Chipotle.

  2. Well, Max, you try crapping out an iced coffee without spilling it while doing Gwen at 135 and tell me what face you make!!!!

  3. Kev’s like………”DUDE! Don’t make me go all ninja on your A! It’s pronounced Chi-Pote-Lay not Chi-Pottle. GOT IT!”

  4. Ace Duck: 23:29…woof.

    That was exponentially harder than I thought it would be. But it’s over. And after this long week, I’ve earned my right to destroy the Rockett’s house and end up in a Wellesley detox unit. I bet they’re nice. See you soon, folks.

  5. “Ace Duck”: 29:37. Max pulled me off bar with 4 SC left. Back tweaked . .

  6. Heather V

    Ace Duck: 16:45 Rx

  7. Max. Funniest. Caption. Ever.

  8. Ace Duck: 27:03 Rx This was really, really tough. Fun chasin Braatz.

    This rhabdo article going around on huffpost has gotten more people asking me about crossfit than ever before. I couldn’t be more proud to be at cfne. I’ve been eager to share with people who ask what my experience with crossfit has been: professional coaches, a strong and amazingly supportive community, the constant drilling of standards, and challenging myself both physically and mentally. I’m grateful I get to do crossfit at CFNE.

  9. Ace duck; 24:21 RX RX!

    Really glad I grew a set of balls to do this rx and not strip the weight! Thx Max for the confidence and big thx to Neeb For the extra push.. It proved to me that I need to push harder and get more uncomfortable. It’s amazing how much faster your body can move when someone tells you not to stop!

  10. Ace: 24:31 (55#) started RX and dropped. Should have kept going it didnt make a difference quads burned the same either way!

    Butterfly pu practice after

  11. Ace Duck: 28:05 Rx

    This WOD owned me!

  12. Ace Duck: either 25:49 or 24:59 – all a blur. I was a mess in there today.

    Tried RX, but stripped down to 55# after first 10 reps. Last round did 15 cleans v. 30.

    HAAAAUUUUUUGGEEE props to Michelene who did complete this RX – you have incredible stamina for sticking with that beast, girl. WAY TO GO!!!!!

  13. Ace Duck with subs: 30 back squats(85#), 30 GHD back extensions, 30 sit ups
    Not as much of a metcon with the subs–particularly subbing out the burpees. But, my legs are fried none the less. back squats and GHD completely fried my gluts and quads.

  14. Ace Duck: 22:48 Rx

  15. Michelene

    Ace Duck: 25:43 Rx and it didn’t even take all day!

  16. Ace Duck: 25:43 Rx
    Just kept telling myself it is uncomfortable, not painful….and Ho looked horrible doing this….and ….. He beat me….now it hurts

  17. Axe Duck: 25:16 Rx

    That was the definition of a grind. Props to Heather and Sarah kicking butt on either side of me. And Maya just blew everyone away.

  18. Ace duck: 20:17 rx

  19. Ace Duck: 28:01 (50#)

    Almost ashamed to post this given some of the rockstar performances posted. This one had me trying to give up on rep 15 of first round of squat cleans, so really just happy to get through it. Rest of weekend will seem easy!

  20. Colleen (OC)

    Ace Duck: 23:47 with 50# and only 25 reps of the squat cleans. Legs are smoked! Back felt a bit tight this morning, so I cut back the reps a bit but still managed the squat cleans. I need a lot more squat cleans in my life.

  21. Bunch of masters stuff
    Ace Duck. 23:50

    Ho that pic is awesome!

    Shout out John G! Great job today!

  22. Ace duck: 21:04 rx
    Looking for a sitter tonight- any Needham wellesley HS daughters available tonight? Pls email me@ Tks!!

  23. Ace Duck – 19:44 Rx

  24. Ace Duck: 26:18 Rx

  25. Ace Duck: 26:02 Rx

  26. Ace Duck: 17:44 Rx

    Oh Ho, every time I look it gets funnier.

  27. Ace Duck: 24:20 45# squat cleans

  28. ace duck: 30-something. 55#. first 2 sets were 15 squat cleans, then i did 30 at the end to make up for it. Just wasn’t warmed up i guess. That was one of the hardest mental WODs ever.

  29. Maureen B.

    Ace Duck: 25:50 Rx
    Really glad I went Rx on this one, thanks for the encouragement Rachel M. It was actually the burpees that were the toughest mentally for me.

  30. Ace Duck: 20:01 Rx

    Not sure what was funnier, the pumpkin scented candle talk by Max or the turtle at the end of class – fun times

  31. 22:11 RX

  32. Ace Duck: 18:49 (Front Squats at 95#)

  33. Ace Duck
    22:38 — sub’d Front Squats @ 85# instead of the squat cleans.

    Max sets a higher bar for a CFNE coach each day – great 0700 Max! Good times w/ great people in the box today.

  34. Ace Duck: 25:49 Rx

  35. Ace Duck-19:47 RX

  36. Ace Duck: somewhere around 30:00 w/55#. So tired I didn’t even look at the clock for a few minutes! Thanks for great coaching & encouragement at the 10am class, Rachel!

  37. ace duck: 21:55 (55#)

    should have gone Rx. next time!

  38. L.J. DiCarlo

    Ace Duck (modified): 19:48 (3 Rounds of 20 Squat cleans @ 115#, 30 Pullups, 40 Abmat sit-ups)

  39. Ace Duck (modified): 65# DL, everything RX (haha). 17:18

  40. Ace Duck: 20:45 Rx

  41. Ace Duck 23:58 Rx on Bear Lane…

  42. Ace Duck: 22:13 rx

  43. Ace Duck: 26:20 rx :-D
    Psyched to get every rd of burpees straight – definitely getting better!
    Wasn’t sure about going rx, but glad I did.
    Thanks for the push Jen!

  44. Ace Duck: 28:38 Rx – This WOD felt like trying to walk up an icy hill for me. Not my day. But really happy to have spent a half hour getting humbled at CFNE. Great class 7am!


  45. Ace Duck with 20# med ball squat clean, rest RX 13:59.

  46. Ace duck: 15:58 rx. Great job Jen and Melinda in the back of the room who were driving tempo on this.

  47. Probably not even, unless one watch that CBS normal soap ie The Bold additionally, the Beautiful.

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