Thursday 09.26.13

A photo of the photographer...MIND = BLOWN!

A photograph of the photographer…MIND = BLOWN!

2 rounds of:
Run 800m
Run 400m Backwards

Post times to comments.

JC "the real deal" del Real

JC “the real deal” del Real



  1. Colleen (c4!)

    Funny how “Grif” backwards is almost “frig.” This is gonna be interesting, real interesting.

  2. Colleen in Knee-Lock spelt backward. Be careful

  3. L.J. DiCarlo

    Great photo, JC!

    • Thank goodness someone took the pic with the bar over my head. The lunges got a bit spicy right after this was taken!

  4. Griff: 12:48 (1:22PR)

  5. Griff: 13:26

    Big Clean Complex: 95 / 115 / 135 (PR)

  6. CompWOD open stuff:

    1) 12 OHS @ 135, 12 burpees, 9 power snatch @ 135, 9 burpee box jumps @ 20″, 6 squat snatches @ 135, 6 burpee C2B…

    30:35 Rx (completely blew the stimulus but I need to attack a heavier snatch bar. Time for progress).

    2) 4×7 high bar back squat @ 235.

    then, Griff: 15:58…legs were toast so didn’t push here.

  7. Comp WOD: 16:21 (85#)

    3 x clean complex: 95-105-115#

    4×7 HBBS: 135#

    • Oh, C2Bs were actually regular pull ups.

      The Comp WOD was painfully difficult.

      Clean complex went up to and tied my PR weight for the complex.

      By the time I got to the back squats I was tiiiiired.

  8. Griff: 12:07

  9. Griff: 13:41, that was gruff. Will be using elevator today, provided I can actually stand up. You would think I had not used my quads or hamstrings in the last month. But, now I know that functionally I can survive a zombie apocalypse while running uphill, backwards, and shooting.
    Felt sorry for the poor guy driving to work on Tech Circle…people running at him, people running away from him, people running at him away from him and people running away from him at him. Bet he went for the double shot of espresso.

    • I was going to question the functionality of the backwards run. Thanks for clarifying.
      Great post.

  10. OMG, I’m on the website! Mind=blown.

    Nursing a bum knee that I can’t mess around with because of my job so you might not see me for a bit (don’t all cry at once). But I need to give a shout out to the fabulous Dr. Rockett who is basically the only doctor in history to go out of his way to find out my phone number (thanks to CFNE “concierge extraordinaire” Ali) and call me personally to fit me in for a same-day appointment. Everyone who has been to him already knows he rocks, but to those that have not…don’t mess around, if something hurts, go right to the Rockett Man.

  11. Yeah Juan Carlos!! Nice Pic!

    4×7 HBBS 215

    Rest in Peace SSgt Travis L. Griffin. Thank you for supplying the fun at CFNE this am!!! 12:25RX

    2 Rep Max TNG Powerclean 225

  12. Nice, JC.

  13. Griff: 13:03 That.Was.Quadtastic.

    Then, nailed my Sept goal of 50 DUs in 2 min with a whopping 56. 100 here I come. It’s a good day.

  14. 9 mile training run-Felt good! :)

  15. Griff: 14:02 I wasn’t setting any records today running forwards or backwards but at least I didn’t fall :)
    CTB work, butterfly work and a mile run with Ali P.
    My legs are tired!!!!

  16. I love it when someone gets a picture of Sara C!!!!

    Great photo JC way to work hard!

  17. Kristin R

    Griff 17:32
    Shelli, nice running with you (forwards and backwards) this morning! Looking forward to seeing you on future Thursday mornings…

  18. Heather V.


  19. Griff 14:19… Now that was interesting.

  20. Griff: 11:50

    I did a class wod rx! Woo hoo!

    Good times 6:30!

    Neeb was taking it to another level in the warm up. Made my day!

  21. OPEN COMP WOD: 12:26 55# – kept it light for the squat snatch and was glad I did b/c I got the proper stimulus – which is the goal so I did not let my ego get in the way (which is not very big at CFNE!!)

    Got 18 DU in a row (with singles in between) Damn chalk bucket got my 19th one (that is what happens when you travel as you jump) BIG PR!!! YEAH ME!

    Good times Ronda, Pete and Kathy!


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  23. Comp WOD: 17:23 (115#), Rx on high bar burpee C2Bs
    Clean Complex: 115/125/135#
    4×7 Back Squat: 185# across

  24. bebop and rocksteady

    will someone at 630pm be my running guide for the backwards portion of this? you all know how amazing of a runner i am forwards, wait till you see the backwards version :-)

  25. Griff: 13:16 rx
    3 x cc. Up to 100-missed jerks
    4 x 7 Hbbs: 135#

  26. Grif 13:52

    Time may be a few seconds out, my quads were burning so much they detracted from my brain.

  27. Jonathan M

    Griff: 15:46

  28. CWOD Open
    1. Metcon 16:30 Rx (felt spent this morning)
    2. Big Clean Complex – 135-145-155 (grip felt used up)
    3. Backsquats – 4×7 @ 255#

  29. Susan Stein

    Griff: 15:43
    Holy quad burner! Great job 9:30!

  30. Patti Jeanne

    The big clean complex 55, 65,75,80,85,95. No overhead.

    Skipped the running workout but I did jog in the warm up. Achilles is healing up!

  31. Griff: 13:29

  32. Griff-15:11
    Open Comp WOD-11:33 (65#-went light after Griff)
    Big clean complex-95-105-(115F on pp)-105
    4×7 HBBS-135#

  33. Comp WOD: 11:18 @85#

    Clean Complex: 95/105/125#. Failed PP @125# but finished rest of set(s).
    4×7 Back Squat: 135# across

    Lil toasty after this…!

  34. Ronda Rockett

    Comp WOD: 12 something

    Clean complex:85 across

    Back squats: up to 125

    1hr bike ride with Kim. Doing charity ride this weekend.

    I am smoked! Love this feeling. What a gorgeous day for a bike ride!

  35. Griff – 10:59 Rx fun noon class

  36. Griff: 15:12…. Backwards up the hill- OUCH!… I did a 5k yesterday- legs are definitely fried!

  37. Griff: 14:08, I think. Never again will I think running backwards isn’t a workout!

  38. Griff: 15:32 Rx

  39. Comp WOD: 14:13 (75#)
    Then Griff with the 6:30: 13:04

  40. Griff: 15:53

    I <3 running!

  41. Comp WOD – 14:30 Rx’d

  42. Griff: 13:20 Rx’d

  43. Griff: 15:25

    Gotta love them wobbly knees on this one.

  44. Bebop: 4:35 Rx

    I liked this one! Wheelhouse WOD!

    Strict pull ups OTM, increasing: completed round of 4, got 3 more. Green band.

    Baby steps.


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