Saturday 09.21.13

Maureen is PSYCHED! Super PSYCHED! She must have just seen some neon. Yup that's it.

Maureen is PSYCHED! Super PSYCHED! She must have just seen some neon. Yup that’s it.

30 Clean and Jerks (135, 95#)
1 Mile Run
10 Rope Climbs
1 Mile Run
100 Burpees

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Click HERE for more information about Glen Doherty and The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation.

On October 6th there will be a 5k or 10k run/walk in Winchester for The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation. Click HERE for more details.

Cannot believe those are extensions...

Cannot believe those are extensions…


Glen WOD demo.


  1. Glen – 46:36 (95#; 3 of 3/4 rope climbs, 2 rope pull ups, 25 pull ups)

    Did the C&Js faster than my first Grace time. Plugged away at the runs and burpees.

  2. “Glen”: 46:03 (50 pull ups for rope climbs)

  3. Glen: 39:32 Rx

    Great 7 AM class!

  4. 27:46 Rx

  5. 34:15 thanks Max for the motivation

  6. Glen: 42:12 (55#, 50 pu’s).

    Max, thx for the pre-WOD speech. I did keep thinking how lucky I was to be able to do each part of this WOD in honor of Glen.

    Kate S., WOW!!!!!

  7. Glen: 43:23 (115#)

    Not in Hawaii.

  8. Glen: 34:43 Rx

  9. 46:51 rx Great 7am crew– Great to be able to workout w/ Heather V!
    pr’d Grace by :33 @ 4:56 rx. Rope climbs took 13+ minutes- need to work on these!
    It was an honor to get to do this workout today.

    • Great job on PR Grace. Thanks for the push and motivation to do the rope climbs. I had planned on doing 50 pull ups, and if it were not for your push before I started, I would not have attempted the rope climbs at all. thank you, Michelle!

    • awesome michelle!!

  10. 44:16 Rx (failed 3 rope climbs)

  11. Nancy at DAYBREAK CF: 14:41 Rx And 3:52 second PR!!

    So nice to wod with Mel at the helm:)!

    Was sorry to miss glen…

  12. Glen: 41:52 Rx
    My hands are still shaking from rope climbs.

  13. Glen: 40:41 RX(except did 95# for C&J)
    Most proud of doing 10 rope climbs. A few were only 3/4 way up.

  14. 30 minute cap. 45# C&J, 1 mile run 2X, 50 pull ups with black band, and 30 burpees

  15. Glen: 44:37 Rx

  16. Glen 38:28
    Sub’d 53# KB FOR THE C&J
    Sub’d seated rope pulls for the rope climbs.

    This was an honor to get after this WOD named in the memory of Glen Doherty.

  17. Colleen (OC)

    Glen: 40:18, 55#, and half rope climbs. I was climbing with Doole and he was so fast, I felt like I was slowing him down, so I switched to half climbs. This was an awesome WOD. Thanks Glen.

  18. Glen: 43:06 (modified in my parent’s backyard in TX)

    30 dumb bell clean and jerks (50# dumb bells)
    1 mile run
    100 KBS (w/50# dumb bell)
    1 mile run
    100 burpees

    God bless you, warrior.

  19. Glen 40:00 (scaled 40:00 min) 95#, pullups (med)
    Made it to 65 burpees

  20. Fight Gone Bad (@ River North Crossfit – Chicago)
    –> 227

    Over a year since I’ve done this one. Felt goooood to get the lead out.

  21. Glen: 41:31 Rx.

    Honored. Privileged. Thankful.

  22. 5×3 Back Squats 250
    5×3 Deads 300
    Glen: 35:59 RX

    Glen rest in peace my man! Thanks for protecting this awesome country!

    Great Job 8am’rs!!

  23. Glen: 38:58 (75#, 5 climbs)

    First time doing rope climbs so only did 5. Love doing hero WODs. Awesome 10 AM class.

  24. Glen WOD: 36:17 75# and subbed 50 pull ups for climbs (rope wound still active from 9/11 WOD). I’m so grateful to just move today. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Glen Doherty. Freedom isn’t free.

  25. Glen: 33:43 (75#, half rope climbs)

  26. Glen: 38:30 Rx

  27. Ronda Rockett

    Glen 41:22
    Psyched I got my rope climbs back!

  28. Maureen B.

    Glen: 42:32 (75#) couple full rope climbs, 8 half rope climbs

    You nailed it Max, I’m waving to Rachy E.’s Alter Ego in that pic.

  29. 43:20 Rx

    Great physical and mental test.

    Today was all about grinding it out.

  30. Glen. 36:04
    Great wod. Love all the 10am hustle.

  31. Glen: 43:01 (65# clean and jerk, 10 sets of 5 p/u in place of rope climb)

  32. Glen: 42:12 RX

  33. Glen 31:35 (85# Power Cleans, 50 pull ups)

    Both miles at 7:14 pace – felt strong. I want to start really pushing my runs since it is where I make up a lot of time.
    Psyched to get 8 of the 10 rds of 5 pull ups strung together.

    One of the most sobering and inspiring phrases I here constantly at CFNE – “We GET to do this.” Thinking of you Glen.

    • Nice job! Was trying to keep up with you on a couple of the running laps, but no dice :)

  34. Glen-41:17 RX

    Never again will I forget socks for rope climbs!

  35. Glen: 37:48 rx

  36. Glen: 37:35 with 95# C&Js

  37. Glen: 40:16 – 115# C&Js, and 10×5 pull ups

  38. Glenn – 28:38 – 20 med ball clean and jerk, 50 pull ups, rest RX. Tam and AK, thanks for keeping me running after you!!

  39. Glenn: 41:38 rx


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