Wednesday 09.18.13

Awwwwww besties!

Awwwwww besties!

Split Jerk
1 rep max

3 rounds not for time:
10 Strict Toes to Bar
15 GHD Sit-ups
20 Abmat Sit-ups
25 Back Extensions

Post loads to comments.

Ali G. lunged her way to a 2nd place finish in the scaled division. It's gotta be the shoes!

Ali G. lunged her way to a 2nd place finish in the scaled division. It’s gotta be the shoes! Or all of her hard work…or the shoes…or the knee wraps…probably the hard work.


Nobody loves Weightlifting Wednesday more than this guy.


  1. ALL DAAAAAAAAYYY!!! I need this job.

    1RM split jerk: 250 (PR)

    Core stuff done. Double under and butterfly work.

  2. 1RM split jerk: 215 (20# PR)

    3 rds of core work

  3. Excellent video Harry!

    1RM Split Jerk: 190 (15# PR) Did the core work too. Fun time with Doug and Brad. Have a good day all.

  4. Hahaha that video is priceless!

    1RM split jerk: 150 (15# PR)
    Core work

    Thanks for the tips, Rachel and Harry! (and the MJ soundtrack)

  5. HAHAHHAA that made my day. Great work Harry!

    1RM Split Jerk: 175. Form felt solid. (slightly lower next time) Doug and Andy: nice work guys!

    Core Spanking not for time…

  6. Love the video Harry!

  7. 1 RM Split Jerk: 215# (20lb PR)
    Core Work: Run to Revere Beach immediately after and take selfie to post on Facebook while I still had a 6-pack (actually more like a 2 pack)

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Boy, I kind of wish that I had seen that video BEFORE we did WLW… priceless!

    1 RM split jerk: 75# (thought it was a PR but it wasn’t). Stopped when the split started hurting my back.

    Kept going with a push jerk up to 95# (tied PR). Failed 5 (yes 5!) times on 100#. I’m a sloppy mess with an arching back and knees going inward. Thanks for the tips Harry and Kevin.

    1 round of ab abuse. Had to catch my train.

    • Michelene

      There truly is no one more persistent than OC, I can attest. Great job today girl, you should be proud of the 95# push jerk!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Despite your and Sarah’s pleas for me to stop!

  9. 1RM split jerk- 195. Felt pretty solid. First time doing this movement since injury, so didn’t push weight to failure.

    Core work done, although back was more sore than core.

  10. Michelene

    1 RM split jerk: 95# (15# PR) T2B on core work was “mostly” T2B and 1st time actually doing GDH (GHD?) sit-ups. I have always been a little scared of that contraption.

  11. Heather O

    Haha I love this video! Thanks for the laughs Harry! They were much needed this am. :-) Got in a 4 mile run this am and 100 situps, pushups and squats. Look forward to seeing everyone in the am. :-)

  12. WLW: 1 mile run instead of split jerk, no TBT, 15 GHD, 25 ab mat sit up, 25 hip extension . Ouch- the abs will be sore tomorrow :)

    Awesome video Harry!!! Love it!

  13. Funny, I don’t really like the commercial at all, but I LOVE this video. Right on Harry!

    Speaking of WLW, I figured I’d ask this group. Is anyone interested in selling used weights (bar, weights, squat rack), or does anyone know of anyone selling that equip? Respond here or email me: joe (at) 1BandID (dot) com. Thanks.

  14. LOVE it, Harry!!!

    1rm sj: 135# pr
    Great working with you, Kim p!

    • 1 rrm sj: 135# 2#PR.. Great working with you Michelle!! We’ll get 140 next time!! Your lifts were solid today!

  15. split jerk-250pr

    finished 3 rds of the other WOD.

  16. 1 RM Split Jerk: 185#

    I can’t say enough about how great the ECC at the Reggie Lewis Center was this weekend. The CFNE staff, volunteers and judges did a phenomenal job running this event. That combined with a huge turnout of CFNE athletes (that crushed it!) made this an event to remember.

    Thanks for taking the time and attention necessary to create such an unbelievable experience for all of the athletes that participated.

  17. What day? Made my day.
    CSA Crossfit today in Dublin CA.
    Fran mods for shoulders 2:56
    Front Squats and pushups
    85# coulda done more but did squats yesterday too.

    Cashout: 2000 yd row 8 ish minutes, missed time…feeling CFNE wiped….

  18. 1RM split jerk: 130# I think this is a 5# PR

    Video is hilarious!

  19. Harry, that video got me so fired up, I may have to break for a few bicep curls with my stapler and tape dispenser.
    Like the photo of Ali G. looking so strong on the lunge. Also, notice the intensity in Judge Andrew. Just ask him about his clipboard injury…

  20. Split Jerk: 115# (5#PR). Been kind of off my game lately so it was nice to PR something.

    Great lifting with OC and Michelene!

  21. I am cracking up at that video..didn’t see it until just now! JUST like the commerciall..nice acting Harry. You have found your calling.

    Split Jerk: worked up to 100# and stayed x3.

    made some attempts at those pesky strict T2B. Actually hard to hang completely still and not create a kip!

  22. Split Jerk: got up to 110#. This is my new favorite lift!

  23. Split Jerk- 215# PR
    not much split
    3 rounds of core work

  24. Hotel Wod in Mumbai

    5 Rounds of 10 DB Thrusters 18KG, 20 Push ups, 400M Run – 17:30

    3X10 DB Bench press 25KG DB’s

  25. 1RM Split Jerk: 215#

    Not a PR today. I wanted to try to work on form. I think it’s getting better, but it’s tough to tell.

  26. Hour ez mtb ride
    5×3 front squats 225
    5×3 OHS 175
    Split Jerk 2fitty!
    Abs Abs Abs!

    Hope everyone gets outside today! Absolute gorg-E-us out!

    Nice job 830! Led by amazing coaching by Ben!

  27. Split Jerk: 185#

    Tummy (not for) Time: Hoping I don’t sneeze tomorrow!

  28. Ronda Rockett

    I did Krong or whatever yesterday’s WOD was called: 9+3

    So thrilled to be at CFNE and feeling great. Eating for fuel.

    Afterward I did 10 sets of 20″rebounding game style BJs. First time rebounding in a long time and my back felt totally fine. So glad I got to have baby Crabbe today to remind me about the most important things in the world.

  29. hahaah! Come on Come on Come on.

  30. Split Jerk: 120# (I counted wrong and thought it was 115#, so happy I was wrong!)5#PR Nice lifting with Jen M and Heather B today.

    BIG shout-out to my girl Terri for getting the awesome T-Shirts for the 9:30(winning)class….It’s like a little piece of H’evin!

  31. Amy Brooks

    @ HS today
    1. Bike pyramid 15 minutes total
    2. 1 rm split jerk: 115 failed at 125 bar was out in front too much.
    3. Core work:
    1 x 10 of an 8 exercise an circuit.
    2 x 20 weighted decline bench sit ups (15#)
    2 x 20 weighted sit ups (15#)
    4 x 20 supermans between the rounds of sit ups

  32. 1 RM Jerk: 100# (15# Pr)

    3 rounds of core

  33. Kristin B.

    1 RM Jerk: 170#. Failed 175 a number of times.

  34. Maureen B.

    That guy from the video totally waved to me when he was leaving the cfne parking lot *OMG*

    Another WLW where I totally psyched myself out, 105#, thanks for the tips for next time Max

  35. 1RM: 120# (10# PR)

    Core work done

  36. 1RM split jerk: 160 (PR)

  37. Sj: 115#

  38. Split Jerk: 120# PR

  39. Split jerk: 205 (10lb pr)

  40. Split Jerk – 225#

  41. Split jerk 235# had more in the tank but ran out if time. I’ll take the 10# PR any day.

  42. Split Jerk: 85#. Due to babysitter schedules, this was only the second wednesday I’ve made it to in almost a year of coming to CFNE, so likely a PR. Psyched to add Wednesdays to the rotation now. Thanks Cheryl and Nicole for being such good sports about taking weights off every attempt! :)

  43. 185#
    Hump DAyYYYY

  44. Ran 1.5 miles with Ali and then worked in back room.
    Split Jerk – #135 (matched Very old PR – moving back in the right direction)
    Ab workout

    Thanks for making me run, Ali!!!

  45. Harry you’re a dork!


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