Saturday 09.14.13

Come to the Reggie Lewis Center this weekend and cheer on your fellow Crossfit New Englanders as the compete in the East Coast Championships.

Come to the Reggie Lewis Center this weekend and cheer on your fellow Crossfit New Englanders as they compete in the East Coast Championships! It’s going to be a blast!

***Weekend schedule: Saturday 7am-9am and Sunday 8am-10am (open gym both days)***

**No kids class or high school class today**

From Dusk til Dawn
12 Toes to Bar
12 Burpees

Post scores to comments.

Oooooooooh fancy!

Yup! This place looks sweet!

Want to come out and cheer on your pals this weekend? Silly question, of course you do! The ECC kicks off at 9am both days this weekend and is $6 at the door for one day or $10 for both days. Come on out, bring your kids, bring a friend, bring your mom, DO NOT BRING YOUR DOGS.


  1. Good luck gang!

  2. Good luck all!!

  3. Can I bring my dog?

  4. Colleen (OC)

    From Dusk til Dawn: 5+9, Rx.

    Just Ronda (playing her showtunes), Missy, Dan T and I this morning, good times!

  5. Thinking of all the CFNE athletes who are competing today. KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!!

  6. From Dusk til Dawn: 6+3

  7. “From Dusk til Dawn”: 5+7

  8. From Dusk til Dawn: 6+12

    Thanks to Ronda for the coaching and push to stay on the bar! The showtunes… not so much.

  9. Michelene

    Can’t make it to the event but wanted to wish all the CFNE competitors good luck this weekend!!! Go CFNE!!!!!

  10. Ronda Rockett

    Had a ball with you all this morning at the box.
    DTD: 7+10
    then I did 10 sets OTM 30 DUs and I am very pleased to say that I got 4 of the rounds unbroken; got 3 points yesterday; maybe I should read the habit book after all; will..I will read the Habit book.

    For all y’all that had a problem with my music, I am working on improving the list. for tomorrow. I was thrilled I knew how to buy a song on itunes and then make it play at the gym!!

    Toni and Charlie were Bad Ass today. Nice meeting you two.

  11. Fun morning with OC and Rhonda
    5 +7 – not all rx TTB- TOUGH…
    Good luck Competitors!

  12. 5 sets:
    5 Bench Press 205#
    25 weighted sit ups

  13. Got to see some amazing stuff from Big Mike, Ali G, Rachel E, Heather V, Sara B Katrina, Melinda, AK, Rick, JC, taxi, Michelle and others today. Sorry I couldnt stay for the whole show. Congratulations to all for all the training you did and strength you demonstrated. Ho and Greg D.- sad to have to miss your heats. I’m sure you laid it out there.

    • Ahhhhhhhh…hate that I missed you. But rest assured, I must’ve laid it out there cause I can barely move right now. Oy.


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