Friday 09.13.13

CFNE is the lead sponsor of Natick Football and Cheer. GO GET EM GUYS!

CFNE is the lead sponsor of Natick Football and Cheer. GO GET EM GUYS!

Team Tosh
3 x 200m – 400m – 600m Run
One person works as the other rests.

Post times to comments.

Paleo Power Meals is sweetening the pot for the Team Transformation Challenge! Click HERE for more details.

Love Fuel For Fire? Not sure how to zone it? Check out this awesome little cheat sheet for zoning your favorite FFF flavors! Click HERE! Thanks FFF!

Come out this weekend and cheer on your fellow Crossfit New Englanders at the East Coast Championships on Saturday AND Sunday at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston! First heat goes off at 9am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday. It’s $6 for one day or $10 for both.

***Weekend schedule: Saturday 7am-9am and Sunday 8am-10am (open gym both days)***

DJ Fresh Cat Doole will be spinning on the 1s and 2s this weekend at the ECC! Unfortunately he will not be cooking up any of his world famous's ok Doole we still love ya.

DJ Cat Nip will be spinning on the 1s and 2s this weekend at the ECC! Unfortunately he will not be cooking up any of his world famous bacon…it’s ok Doole we still love ya…a little bit…we’d love ya more if you’d share some of that bacon with us.


  1. Natick Football?!? – Boo – Raider Pride all they way baby..

  2. thank Heather and Ben. very much appreciate your support for Natick Football.

  3. “DJ Cat Nip” hahahaha!!!

  4. thanks for the fff zone cheat sheet. perfect timing. I was just asking about that.

  5. can’t run. thinking of grace at mayhem time anyone interested?

    • Ronda Rockett

      I’d do it at 8:30…

      • went in 5:30 mayhem intending grace. did 12 warm ups and did not feel it.

        row’d with Bob and Saint. was 15m behind Bob on every round. they are fast.

  6. Does anyone else think that Heather looks young enough to actually BE a high school cheerleader?

  7. Team tosh: team Susan, Rae and Erin: 33:30. Nice job ladies!

  8. Suzanne H.

    I do not post often on this site but wanted to shared that I achieved two of my personal Crossfit goals yesterday. I finally conquered my fear of doing handstands and did them yesterday during the workout and held them for 15 seconds each. I also achieved the ever elusive double under. It was not pretty but during my 15 attempts, I achieved several of them and actually did 3 in a row. I want to thank Kevin for having us do cartwheels a couple of weeks ago which really put me in a place to overcome my fear of upside down! The double under – I don’t know – it just happened! Loving Crossfit!

  9. Michelene

    Team Tosh with Trcia D: 33:08 – great partner & tons of fun!!

  10. Sarah Wilson

    Monsters, Mean Pirates & Shadows: 5:16 (am). Had one foot out the door to actually do this WOD but called back to do some explaining about the dark being not so scary.
    I will do some version of Team Tosh on my own.
    Good luck to all CFNE competitors this weekend. I really wish I had a sense of when our athletes will be out there showing their stuff. Will try to get out there Saturday pm for some action.

  11. So much fun this am. Good luck to all of the competitors this weekend! Looking forward to bringing the girls to cheer you on!!! Have fun!

  12. Team Tosh with speedy Brian: 29:27 Love running in the rain with you maniacs!

    Good luck to all the competitors this weekend!

  13. 1. “Tosh Sprints” (Solo)
    R1 – 0:35 / 1:25 / 2:09
    R2 – 0:37 / 1:20 / 2:10
    R3 – 0:36 / 1:18 / 2:06

    2. OTM12
    Odd: 4 MU
    Even: 5 Squat therapy

    Fun to run.

  14. Team Tosh:

    29:13 with Jen! She is fast so I didn’t get a ton of rest :)

    Can’t believe Bob and Saint got 25 something this morning! I have made the mistake of being his partner before…

    Best of luck to all those competing this weekend. We have company this weekend and kids sports but we will be thinking of you all!!

  15. Team Tosh with Kathy! 32:46 (I think)
    Nice job Kathy – you keep us going as my running is just not speedy!

    Good luck to all competing this weekend!!!

  16. PR’d slowly warming up for the comp…

    Can’t wait to see you guys out there tomorrow. Let’s get it!

    • I want to see you on the podium and your lunch on the ground. #freddykruegerstyle #dowehashtagonthecfnesiteorno?

    • ganbatte kudsai!

      • Thanks…googling that distracted me for a couple of minutes. Ok, back to being a nervous wreck :).

        • Don’t be nervous-I’ll be there, in the same heat, right next to you probably, holding your hand/bucket.

          (Pre-Excuse in the event he crushes me…my entire left hip feels like its wrapped in concrete…but I will not throw up)

          • I think “set in concrete” is more appropriate. I’m no concrete-tition, but I don’t think you wrap it. Have you looked to see if your tighty whities are just too tight?

  17. Team Tosh with Brad: 33:08

  18. Team Tosh with Kevin and Ken- Not sure of time.
    I did Airdyne(sp?)
    Great effort from the nooners today!

  19. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Team Tosh with Kaitlyn – 33:06. Good job nooners – we crushed it!

  20. Team LJ/Big Bri – 27:33

    Great WOD. Nice work today, LJ!

  21. Team Tosh at Noon with Paul B: 31:28

    I dig this WOD. Just what I needed today.

    • Good luck CFNE competitors and to our amazing coaches and staff who are working so hard to host a world-class event.

  22. Patti Jeanne

    Team Tosh with Rob C. we rowed 250, 500 and 750. I think our time was 31:24?

    Lots of fun working with Rob C.
    Great job today everyone.
    Good luck CFNE’ers who are competing!

  23. Didn’t manage to get up in time this morning but I did get the dishes done instead.

    @ HS this afternoon:

    TOSH: with biking 1/4 mi, 1/2 mi, 3/4 mi – Failed to keep running time but hit :30ish on the 1/4 miles, :58 on the 1/2 and 1:35ish on the 3/4 miles.

    HEAD START: 3 + 5 with 25# plate and abmat and 60 singles.

    Contemplated DT but the football team showed up so I had no room and had to work :/
    Finishing up with some squat therapy, push ups and sit ups.

  24. Susan Stein

    Team Tosh with Wendy: 35:03
    Great job Wendy, fun partnering with you.

  25. Team Tosh with the Wife: 31:05

    Great job Tati, a treat to have you as a partner :)

  26. Ronda Rockett

    Tosh by myself: 30:00 ( may have missed 1;15 of rest; really hard to do math during Tosh)
    got all 5 Challenge points yesterday and I will get 4 of 5 today (woke up at 3 and started paying Scrabble on my phone so didn’t get 7 hours of sleep). I am psyched I was able to run without any issues after being side lined with back and knee issues over the past several months. So many amazing performances. One of the best was watching Nicole Zajec tear the thing apart on the last 200 meters. Holy Cow, that girl’s got it going on!

    OTM 6 GHD dips and 6 squat therapy (alternating rounds); stoked I was able to do all those dips; squats felt great

    Here’s my point scheme since I couldn’t remember it all yesterday:

    WOD or stretch daily
    say, do or post something positive each day
    sleep 7 or more hours
    eat 2 veggies (lunch and dinner)
    eat paleo (I allow myself one Quest and 2 truvia each day)

    Random positive thought: Ben is an amazing coach and inspiration. Somehow without even talking directly to me he got me to eat clean yesterday and today. Tips about retraining the cycle of habit totally worked and I didn’t even read the book yet.

    Good luck to those competing and come to OPEN GYM if you aren’t.

  27. Ronda Rockett

    OMG, I’m one of those people that writes so much that people automatically skip over it for lack of time.

  28. The support of local sports and activities is the next level. Yet another reason why CFNE is world class. Well done!

  29. Maureen B.

    Team Tosh Track WOD w/ Amie: 31:12

    So fun doing this with Cheryl, Brad, Georgia and Martha!!

  30. Team Tosh with Susan-33:06. Great job Susan!!

    odds-7 pullups
    evens-4 squat therapy


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