Thursday 09.12.13

Harry "Hot Bunz" Palley

Harry “Hot Bunz” Palley

10 Handstand Push-ups
30 Double Unders

Post scores to comments.

***Weekend schedule: Saturday 7am-9am and Sunday 8am-10am (open gym both days)***

Coach Rachel likes to work on her penmanship in her spare time. She also enjoys making pillow forts, playing leap frog with her friends, and watching old home videos on mute and narrating her life.

Coach Rachel likes to work on her penmanship in her spare time. She also enjoys making pillow forts, playing leap frog with her friends, and watching old home videos on mute and narrating her life.

Coaches Corner with Coach Rachel

“Competition!” It is a word that can be very scary. I’m sure you read that word and a few thoughts came into your head; maybe a time you competed in an event, maybe you thought of the person you compete against every day at the gym, or maybe you got nervous when you read it. In reality we are all scared of competition but at the same time it drives us. It is what makes us go faster, work harder, and why we keep going at it day in and day out.

With the competition approaching this weekend at the Reggie Lewis Center some of you are competing for your very first time and some of you are pros at this. Both athletes, the first timers and the pros, are all nervous in their own way. You are all so lucky to get to compete and I want you to keep that in mind. You don’t have to compete, you chose to and you get to compete, and for that you should be so proud of yourself.

I remember my first competition. I had just started Crossfit and swore I wouldn’t compete. I was a competitive gymnast so it was in my nature to compete but I was doing Crossfit just to “get in shape.” When the owners approached me and asked if I would do Beast of the East I was hesitant but decided to go for it. Going into it I remember only thinking, “what if I don’t do well?” I realize now and through experience the focus and thought should be “how awesome is this going to be!”

My advice to you, whether it is your first competition or your 100th competition; remember why you are doing it and why you signed up! You have worked hard and YOU ARE READY. Ready may mean coming in the top 10, it could mean you can do each movement at the weight in your division, but it could also mean you are simply ready to be in a competition with other athletes. Have fun, have no expectations, and do YOUR personal best. If you give it all you have you have already won. And also….. you get to do 5 workouts in 2 days, it doesn’t get much better than that!

My tips:

1. Sleep well Friday and Saturday night, you will be nervous and it may be tough but try to sleep and be calm.

2. Do not change your eating because you’re competing, your body is used to the way you eat so don’t change it now.

3. Warm up just as we do at the gym in class, don’t change anything. Again, your body is used to that so don’t get yourself ready an hour before an event when in class we get ready 20 minutes before.

4. Be confident, don’t let any negative thoughts creep in and when they do, push them away.

5. Control the controllables and let the other stuff go. You may have a “bad” “unfair” judge or an un-preferred spot on the floor. You cannot control that, stay focused. If you hear no rep, it IS a NO rep and move on. The longer you argue it the longer the workout will take you. Just make each movement perfect from the start to avoid this!

6. Have fun! This sounds silly and childish but it’s true. You are so fortunate to get to compete, people would kill to have the confidence and skill to be in your shoes. Enjoy and soak up every second of this weekend!

Good Luck to all those competing!



  1. Thanks Max. Truly forever yours. Hahahah

  2. great tips Rachel

  3. Ben Bergeron

    Great coach’s corner Rachel. Some great advice that athletes on every level can use.

  4. Great advice, Rachel!

  5. “Headstart”: 2 + 17 (7-5-3 on HSPUs)

  6. Headstart: 4+3 Rx

  7. Headstart: 3+1 Rx

  8. Michelene

    Headstart: 2+6 (2 AM & 15 DUs) hand stand PUs were more like attempts, but I finally got the kip, woo hoo!!! Thank you Harry & Kevin for teaching me the kip!!!

  9. Fortunately for me today is a rest day….

    This is not a solicitation for money but rather a request for your teenager! I happen to know these two Wellesley teens that have put together a charity mountain bike ride and they are still looking for riders. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday morning and a great way for them to help raise money for life saving cancer research. Details below.

  10. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone! Great job today 5:30 and great partnering with you Sam! :)
    4 mile run after work last night
    Pre-WOD today: 1 mile run
    Head start: 3+10 with box hspu and 15 doubles and 15 singles per round. Got frustrated last round of jumping bc shoe lace came untied and kept getting stuck in the rope but I didn’t want to stop and lose time to tie it, prob should have though! Oh well the double singles felt pretty ok today. :)
    1 mile run post-WOD.

    So I’m sure those of you who are interested know but reg is open for the 2014 Boston marathon. Those that qualified are obv their own separate breed, but us common folk can register to run with a ton of amazing charities that are participating. I know each one may have a different application deadline but the one I’m going to apply for, Dream Big!, is accepting until 10/31. I know it’s a shot in the dark with getting selected, but I thought I would submit my app anyways and hope for the best! :) We’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

    Have a great day everyone! :)

    • Good luck!

    • sarah wilson

      I was just online last night looking marathon application for my charity of choice. I’m still not sure if I will do it, but seeing your post makes me feel like I should. Let us know if you get a number. Can we send letters of reference speaking to your dedication and spirit???

      • Heather O

        Oh you are so sweet Sarah. Haha, I wish you could. But you should def apply! It would be so great to do it together. :-) I will keep you posted for sure. xo

    • Good luck!!!

  11. Comp WOD – 2+10, 16#

    3 x 3 C&J complex – 105# across

    7×3 – 175#

    • 7×3 was back squats.

      The C&Js felt heavy.

      As for the double unders, they finally decided to make an appearance towards the end of the first rounds. So the first round took me 3+ minutes and then I sped up.

  12. Headstart: 2+8 Rx Counted a couple HSPU that didn’t fully lock out but I’m happy to be doing these with no abmats. Fun class this morning 530!

    • sarah wilson

      Andy, your KHSPU (thanks to Andrew for helping through this acronym this morning) looked so solid. Also, your DU’s are smooth. Thanks, partner.

  13. Headstart: 2 + 13 Rx

    Clean complex: 135#

    7 x 3 back squat: 205# – 225#

  14. Kristin R

    Head start: 3 + 6
    2 abmats for the HSPU, and my rounds were 8,8,6,6. At the beginning I thought I should stick to 10 but by the end I was feeling good about cutting back a little. First time on the wall in a whole – had been doing pike PU on the box for a while.
    60 single unders per round
    Thanks for the encouragement Sarah!

  15. sarah wilson

    OK, 1 + 6 Rx, but, like Michelene, this was my first time kipping. Kevin gave me the key to KHSPU right before the WOD, and for the first time, I was able to do these suckers off the mat.
    Kristin, GO BIG GREEN. I remember you doing those pike PU’s in the spring. That is a huge accomplishment.

  16. Head Start 3+8 (pike PU & singles)

    2 minute Airdyne 43 Cal
    Thanks for the encouragement Jen and Harry

  17. Headstart: 2+4 (5 KHSPU per round). First time kipping so kept it at 5. Thank you Kevin for the great tutorial, I think it clicked for many of us today.

    Great job today Kristin, very impressive KHSPU!

  18. Head Start: 2 + 9 RX

    Love the advice Rachel..I will carry it over to the Masters Comp in October!

    Poor Harry- he will be constantly watching his back (literally) for cameras now :)

  19. Headstart: 2+31 (2 abmats/5#plate)

    3K row 14:34 recovery speed

  20. Head Start: 3 + 2 10 DU attempts and HSPU RX
    I am glad Ben informed us we were doing DU attempts NO MATTER what!

    I am so glad I GOT TO do that WOD today and I WILL be back tomorrow:)!

  21. Head start: 3+ 5- medicine ball cleans #12 instead on HSPU and 10 DU attempts.

    I am so glad I was forced into working on DU’s ( thx Ben). I always choose to do singles. I am sure I have a look of shock when I actually get a few DU’s… I “WILL” not going back to doing only singles in a WOD- Great talk this morning Ben!

  22. Ronda Rockett

    Comp Wod today: 2 + 39 (Happy Rachel and Ben were able to fix my double unders yesterday)
    3 position clean and jerk: up to 95
    7×3 back squat: up to 145

    So glad I get to work out and do what I enjoy each day.
    Today I will eat clean and wake up feeling great tomorrow.
    I will work to retrain my habits by resisting the temptation to gobble up everything I see. Instead I will read something inspirational, do something to help others or grab a jump rope when tempted to reach for that instant gratification.

    Today I posted my 5 goals for the month:
    sleep at least 7 hours nightly
    say, do or post something positive each day
    eat only things I would be proud to report
    Wod or at least stretch everyday
    I forget the other one (but I’m so glad I remembered 4 of them!)

  23. Head start: 2+1 Rx
    7×3 BS up to 155#
    3 position C+J 85#

  24. Head Start: With injuries I had to sub a little.
    Did 55# strict press off the rack–10 of those per round.
    And did 60 singles
    4 rounds + 10

  25. Susan Stein

    Headstart: 4 + 24
    Subbed 20 ab mat sit ups for HSPU and did 60 singles. Still trying to be good to my shoulder.

  26. Heather Bergeron

    Head Start: 7+5 Rx.

  27. Rachel, thank you, I love this!!

  28. Headstart- 3+2 RX
    Clean complex- 95-115-125
    Back squat 7×3- 135-165-185-185-185-185-185

  29. DU work at home. September’s goal on the board is 50 in 2 min. Got 45 in 2 min today (up from a high of 18 at the beginning of the month). Single / double / single is coming around, so that’s a start.

  30. Headstart: 3+ 4 Rx
    I WILL work on DU’s!

  31. Did a variation of the Comp WOD

    AMRAP 6
    20 Wall ball 30#
    40 Double under
    3 + 12

  32. Headstart: 3+3rx

  33. Maureen B.

    Headstart: 2+3 (2/3 abmat hspu, 15 DU attempts)

    You could easily rename this wod “The opposite of Maureen’s wheelhouse” but hey that’s why I went.

  34. Headstart: 3+10 subbed HSPU’s with pushups (had to drop to my knees 1/2 way through the second round). Had a blast practicing HSPU’s though.

  35. 4+10 (10 WB 16#, 60 SU)

    A lot of fun @ 7:30pm having ever-dancing “visiting” Coach Ali!

  36. 5 Rx. Thanks for letting me join the nooners! Had a blast

  37. Andrea Frey

    Head start: 3+12 (did push ups and double unders)

    Thanks for coaching tonight Ali–definitely a treat having you at the 7:30 :)

  38. Head Start: 2 with band assist full ROM HSPU


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