Wednesday 09.11.13

Never Forget

Never Forget

Always Remembered
Teams of 2:
Start with… 2001m Row
4 rounds of:
9 Rope Climbs
11 Bear Complexes (135, 95#)
Finish with… 2977m Row

One athlete works at a time.

Partition as needed.

Rows bookend the four rounds.

Post times to comments.

We will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001. We are starting a new tradition today by doing this workout to remember those that lost their lives twelve years ago.

2001 – The Year
4 – The Planes
9 – The Month
11 – The Day
2977 – The Casualties

The Heroes of 9/11

The Heroes of 9/11



  1. The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom. –Rudolph W. Giuliani. December 31, 2001.

    • Thank you for sharing this Harry.

    • Sir,

      Our spirit will never, ever be broken. We shall never forget.

      For Bill Weems.

      Yours, Taxi

      PS – Even though I cannot climb a rope I know this is going to hurt.

      As it should.

    • Great quote, Harry. Here is another:

      “Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat.” President George W. Bush

      Sorry I’ll miss this one. God bless those who protect us.

  2. Will not be there to do this WOD tomorrow. Thank you to all the heroes who gave their lives and to those who continue to put themselves in harms way for freedom!

  3. Classy move CFNE

  4. Touched again by the whole crossfit community. We are blessed. Let’s represent!

  5. Love this. So that second row is done after the 4 rounds of rope climbs/bear complex, or is part of the 4 rounds?

  6. I had planned to take a rest day but am going to do my hardest to make it to the 630 pm class…. How can you not? I sat 9 1/2 months pregnant on sept 11, 2001…. Crushed my spirit to bring a child into the world that week… But, it was the BEST thing that week to do! This week I celebrate my daughters 12th birthday.

    We will NEVER forget!

    • Colleen (c4!)

      I was in the same condition. The terrorist attacks occurred 9 days before my due date. I hugged my belly while watching the towers fall knowing my child would never know the same world I knew.

      We are now making it better.

  7. I’m sorry to miss this Tribute today. My stomach still drops when I realize it is 9/11 and my memory immediately goes back to the horror of that day. I am forever grateful to our troops, firefighters, police officers, emergency response personnel and democracy for protecting this country. God bless America.

  8. Andrew Ho & Dave C

    Always Remembered: 48:45 Rx

    Honored to join up with a fellow veteran to honor the fallen. Thanks, Dave. For the push, for your service and for your sacrifice.

    Rest in peace. I will remember you always.

    • Andrew Ho & Dave C

      Oh yeah…

      God Bless America…jean shorts, mullets, flannel, the dirty south, the snooty north, the country west, the Cali cool…#MericaForLife

      I love this land.

    • Awesome to do this with you this morning Andrew.

      This one is very special. That one event immediately changed the trajectory of so many lives and dramatically shaped the next decade of my own. Brings back a little of memories. Semper Fidelis.

  9. Mike R. & Andy L.

    Great new tradition. Inspiring pre-wod speech this morning, Harry. Truly a day none of us will ever forget. Nor will the sacrafices made and lives lost on that day, and in the days that followed, ever be forgotten.

    Always Remembered: 57:??

    Congrats to Andy for overcoming a phobia and getting his first 4 rope climbs! Also, thanks Andy for being an absolute workhorse down the stretch, awesome job today.

    • Love how you guys stayed to finish that. Big props.

    • Proud to be a part of this new tradition. Proud to honor those who were lost and those who sacrificed on this day in this small way.

  10. Always Remembered: 50 something (115#)

    With Tam.
    Longest workout I can remember but great to ham & egg it with the giant from Scotland.

    I don’t always write sentimental stuff but can’t help thinking back to that day and standing in the neighborhood looking up in the sky in the late afternoon and seeing passenger jets escorted by fighter planes. I knew the world had changed forever that day and that it was going to take the greatest sacrifices that anyone can make to change it. Today I got to wake up, work out with the greatest community of people I’ve known in my life, and see my kids off to school. So many families sent their sons and daughters into the towers 12 years ago, sent their sons and daughters of to war to exact justice, and still today send their sons and daughters into harms way to protect these simple things. Thanks to all who serve. I am grateful, and I will Always Remember.

  11. Chris Freeman

    There is a 5k that is held in NY called the tunnel to tower race on 9/29 to remember fire fighter Stephen Siller and the 343 first responders that died in 9/11. He got off shift that morning but was called back in once the planes hit the towers. With the battery tunnel blocked, he threw on his gear and ran through the tunnel to meet up company. This 5k is one of the most impressive, inspiring 5ks to run. You run through Battery tunnel, then along the water and finish at ground zero. Close to 20,000 people participate in the run. This will be the 2nd year I am running in it.
    If anyone is interested in running or learning more, I posted a link.

  12. Colleen (OC)

    Always Remembered: 39:03, but DNF. Did not get to the second rowing, but did manage to finish the four rounds with John S. I used 45# for the bear complexes. Great working with you John!

    Did the first three rope climbs, already burned my foot so I switched to 5 pull ups. I actually was surprised how much I struggled through the pull ups. Two months off will do that to ya. After I left, John went out to do the row! Yeah buddy!

    Like Big Mike, I’m not really a mushy person. And I know it’s been repeated, but I cannot remember before or since ever being more terrified than I was that day. Every year on this day, my brain is a mess of emotions, so many that I can’t even begin to write it all down. But like the rest of you, this day always brings a heavy heart.

    To quote my favorite band (REM)… “Living well is the best revenge.”

    • Thanks for partnering with me Colleen. I went out and did a 1500m row. I wanted to do more to finish, but did not have time.

      I did pull-ups and 50# for Bear Complex.

      2 days in a row at CFNE…I’m going for 4 this week!

  13. Always Remembered (95# & banded pull ups instead of ropes for me)- Finished, not sure of the time but was impressed with my partner Stephan who battled through strain to complete the row. Big Ups, my man.

    Harry & Rachel, as always, thanks for the push.

    630 AM crew – BLOWN away by the drive and momentum.

    Never Forget.

    • Thanks Taxi. Not happy with myself this AM. I had planned to kill this one on such an important day. Maybe a good slap up side the head to buckle down and get serious about the workouts again.

      God Bless everyone who lost someone to this tragedy.

      Most remembered quote from that day 12 years ago.

      “Are you guys ready?” Let’s roll!” Todd Beamer, victim UA 93

  14. Sam and Lisa: 48:30
    Sam: subbed 85# power cleans(3 for one bear complex)
    regular pull ups
    Lisa: bear complex with 35# and green banded pull ups.

  15. Always Remembered: Annmarie & Rita: I DNF had to drive my daughter to school. Rowed about 1/2 of the fianl row. 55# Bear Complex (liked these alot), 5 pull ups for 1 rope climb.

    I will always remember that day and how the world changed forever!

  16. Susan Stein

    Always Remembered: 58:49
    Partnered with Rene.
    My mods were: full and some 3/4 rope climbs, 2 x 70# power clean + front squat for bear complex. (Still trying to be good to my shoulder, so no overhead.)
    Rene: 5 banded pull ups for rope climbs and 35# bear complex

    Never forget! Forever in our hearts!
    Way to bring it 9:30 and honor those lost on 9/11!

  17. Always Remembered with Rob G. 52:30. 95# Bear Complex. Rob did the rope climbs and I did the 5 pull-ups. That dude has one hell of an engine.

    I still remember so much from that horrible day. From the email I got from a friend that simply said “suicide sucks” right after the first plane hit (little did we know what was to come), to walking into our conference room the moment the second plane hit, to sending everyone home from our office across from Logan and then sitting outside directly across the harbor to the most deafening silence I’ll ever imagine, which would last for days.

    A thought that always comes back to me when I think of this day is one of my grandfather, a WW2 veteran who loved this country dearly. He passed away in June of 2001 and didn’t have to experience his country under attack again. I honestly think he would have suited up that moment if he were around on that day. With that, I just want to say thanks to the heroes that answered the call that day and in the days that followed. You have my never-ending gratitude and respect.

    • Way to work through this with me, Joe V.

      It is a privilege to be able to show up and get inspired by the others around us at CFNE.

  18. Always Remembered w/ Doole – 49:04 (I think) Rx

    Great class this morning Rachel & Harry.

    Great WOD.

    God bless.

  19. Always Remembered: 52:05 with Cary (great partner)! 55# Bear Complex, some reg and mostly green banded PU’s. Thank you Harry for the tape! You rule!

    So grateful that I got to do this WOD today! Never Forget!

    • Great work, Deb! Loved partnering with you for this one! I am grateful to be able to honor those who serve and those who were lost that day. RIP, two of the best, RM and TC.

  20. Always Remembered w/ LJ – 48:12 Rx. Much credit to LJ , especially on the rope climbs.

    • Thanks Andy. Awesome job rowing. We had great team work today!

      Sorry for the double post below.

  21. Always Remembered with Andy R.: 48:12 Rx

    I really like the Bear Complex. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of those in a WOD.

    9/11 is always an emotional day. It was great to be in class and do this WOD today!

  22. Always Remembered: 55:00 w/ Susan C. (75#, PU) She carried our team… rowing machine!

    Lost my rope climbs in the first round, then I lost my pu, then I lost my shoes & socks for the final row.

    Heather reminded us to think of those who lost their lives when they going got tough, kept me going. Grateful to WOD today!

    • Susan Celli (Subie)

      Great time working with you Krystle! This WOD was awesome. I kept thinking of the father that lost his life in one of the planes that crashed into the tower. He called his wife and left a message “Tuck and Roll!”

      • Susan Celli (Subie)

        ok, so tuck and roll is what my husband tells me when he drops me off at the airport. I meant LET’S ROLL.

  23. Always Remembered: with Molly 50 something.. Great to share this day with the CFNE community.. Will never forget.. God bless..

  24. Always Remembered with Gio: 47:08 (65# and mix of rope climbs and pull-ups.
    A great honor to get to do this WOD today with a hero….great work Gio and thank you for your service!

    • God Bless our Marines, all our Military, heroes and all who love and serve our great country. A special wod to me Jonathan, thanks for pairing up with me and chipping away at this one together, OORAH!

      Sempri Fi

  25. This day really hits me hard year after year. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing for that whole day. (and for those who know me I am lucky if I can remember what I did today)
    Two of my clients were directly impacted that day, one lost her Mom and the other lost his wife. (they called and asked me to wash their dogs for the guests who came to the funeral)

    I was honored to be able to do this workout today to honor all of the fallen. Every time I got tired I just thought of the firefighters and policemen running up those stairs trying to save people. Or the people on the planes who battled the terrorists knowing that they would probably die but sacrificing themselves to save others.
    So, it will get hard but it is SO worth it!
    This WOD is certainly a perfect eXample of a workout we “GET TO DO”.

    • Thanks for the push as I’m sitting here about to change for the 630 class thinkin how hot it’s gonna be…. Do I really want to leave my 12 year old home alone to do it (legit) but I CAN.

  26. Always remembered: 51:20. Great job to Sam for sticking with the WOD while recovering from being sick. Sam is training for boot camp and all i can say is there is no quit in this guy. Thanks for your committment Sam!

    115# and pull ups

  27. Always remembered: with E.C.: over 50 min. I have no idea about the exact time actually. Do you know EC?
    What a great experience to partner with EC. I felt like I had my own private coach. Thanks so much. Great working with you. That was a HARD wod.

  28. Always Remembered

    Team: “Ali/Palley”- 36:42 (135/75, pullups)

    Loved every second of it.

  29. Always Remembered

    Team: Toni/Jill – 52:00 (45#, rope climbs most of round 1 then pull-ups)

  30. Always remembered: with Maureen … Great partner!!
    50:32 60# some rope climbs and pull ups
    Liked that wod…
    Thanks 630 for letting me crash!!

  31. Always Remembered with Rachel: 56:04, 75#, mix of pull ups and rope climbs

    Like most, ill never forget this day. My dad had a close call and was in the air when the towers were hit. It was 9 days into my freshman year at college. And I was terrified. That day changed my life in so many ways.

    It was an honor to do this WOD today. Never forget.

    • Great work tonight, partner. What a privilege to do such a suitably tough workout with the 6:30pm crew in the best place, on a gorgeous night.

      Thanks to everyone who kept little Busby company outside!

  32. Christian

    Progenex Force – 8:24 (I think I used too much time on the step ups need to make them speedier)

    Hang power clean, push jerk, and OH lunge work with Steve. Good night.

  33. Always Remembered with Elaine 56:30
    85# + ropes. SUPER happy that I got to do 18 rope climbs without fear or burning lats and grip. I am so darn happy about this I smiled all the way home. The bear complex was kind of fun. First time doing that. Next time will attempt Rx. No, next time I will DO Rx.

    We are so lucky. We’re Americans. We live in a region of the country that has every thing we want (except for powder skiing) nearby. We get to choose what we do for income and livelihood. We get to exercise. And we get to be part of the CFNE community.

  34. Always Remembered with Seth 43:52 (75#, Seth did rope and I did pull-ups w/green band)

    Good working with you Seth. Always fun work as a team.

  35. Always Remembered with AK: 58:24 (I think?) PU/Push Ups 55#

    A fitting tribute to those we lost.

  36. Always Remembered – w/ Nick and Nick: 51:07 (pull ups and 95#). Great workout to pay tribute to the 2,977 casualties of 9/11. Thanks to CFNE for providing a great way to honor them.

    • Awesome work tonight, Brook.

      We definitely had some late finishes tonight, but a GREAT effort by the whole 7:30 crew tonight. Proud to see everyone support each other throughout for this WOD.

  37. Always Remembered with Cheryl: 58:27 55# and Kipping Pull Ups. I can honestly say doing this workout was the thing I was looking forward to most today. One of my students and field hockey athletes lost her Mom, a flight attendant, when she was VERY young. This day brings very mixed emotions for me as I reflect on the events, remember the sacrifices made by sooo many, and celebrate the start of a new year. Getting the chance to go to CFNE tonight was a privilege and honor.

    I can’t express how much I have gained by joining CFNE. It is the best life decision I have made in my life. P.S. Thanks for all the bday wishes!


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