Tuesday 09.10.13

Ally B. lifts things up and puts them down.

Ally B. lifts things up and puts them down.

Deadlift (225, 155#)

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The Mohamed Family.

The Mohamed Family.

A note to the CFNE Community from Derek:

It is with a lot of emotion that I need to let all of you know that I am stepping down as CFNE Competitor’s coach.

About three years ago I walked into Ben’s office looking for a way to give something back to the CFNE community that had given me so much. With the responsibilities of being a dad, a husband, a head hockey coach, and running a wealth management practice, I knew there was too much on my plate to take on the responsibility of coaching classes, but at the same time I knew I had to do something. Ben and I decided to give it some thought and see what we could come up with.

A few days later, we figured it out- I would become the CFNE competitor’s coach. It was perfect- it wouldn’t require me to teach classes, but at the same time I could have an impact helping the community in competition. While I didn’t have the background or expertise in coaching movement that our top coaches have, I did have a lot of experience in competition, and might be able to provide some advice—whether it was getting ready for a scaled division in a local throwdown, the open, or the regionals.

So- fast-forward 3 years, and as this time comes to an end my hope is that in some small way, my cheat sheets, pointers and advice have been helpful to at least a few of you along the way. However, right now I feel pretty clearly that its time for me to spend a little less time in the gym and little more time with my family, and I just don’t feel right about calling myself a “coach” at CFNE and putting myself in the same category as the rest of the world-class coaching staff that Ben has assembled if I can’t make the same commitment. I will always be willing to answer a question after class or an email about a workout as best I can, but I just can’t formally accept that role any longer.

Which brings me to an awesome piece of news:

Kevin Montoya is the new CFNE Competitor’s coach!!!

This is a huge win for the CFNE community. I can tell all of you first-hand that after competing and training side by side with Kevin on Team CFNE for the last 2 years, you will never meet a more dedicated, more committed, and more thoughtful competitor and teammate than Kevin. In addition to being a world-class athlete, his mental and physical preparation for competition is second to none, and I know that he will take this same approach in getting all of our CFNE competitors ready as well.

Please join me in congratulating Kevin in his new role!



  1. Donny: 12:15 (175#)

  2. Donny: 12:14 Rx

  3. Donny 11:27 Rx

    10 RND 30 unbroken DU 10:40 ouch but definitely needed the work

    10x OTM Squat (high bar) 275 felt heavy post WOD.

    Derek, Thanks for all you’ve done – I’m still going to bug you :)

  4. 13:15. 185#

  5. Donny: 22:42 rx

  6. 9:00 rx

  7. Donny: 11:48 (105#)

  8. “Donny” – 11:29 Rx’d

  9. Donny- 18:58 Rx

  10. Thank you all for the kind words. It means more than you know!

  11. Donny: 15:35, 135#

    So diiiirty

  12. Donny scaled: 11:34. 65# deadlift with 25 sit ups in between all sets. Shoulder tweaked fom Jake the snake :(. Fun to see all my 5:30 pm friends!!!

  13. Donny: 12:21 (125#)

    Heavier next time — deads are finally clicking for me. Fun watching Daigle and Geoff smoke this one!

  14. Donny: 19:42 95# (at home). no excuses for the slow time other than my burpees are about 10x slower than the average human. gotta get on that.

  15. Donny: 14:35, 75#. Burpees almost gave me a heart attack.
    Bummed to miss tomorrows tribute. Was living in downtown manhattan then, I remember every second of that day like it was yesterday.

  16. Christian

    1/2 Donny – 4:34 rx weight

    double under work in the back. They were not with me tonight.

  17. Donny – 8:36 Rx

    God Bless

  18. Maureen B.

    Donny: 14:33 (115#)

  19. Donny: 16:09 (155#)

  20. Half Donny: 135# and only 21-15-9 once (competing this weekend). 4:34, great to witness everyone laying it all out there.

  21. 19:48 (162#)

    2# in 162# was not to try to beat anybody Andrew Ho’s style, just wanted to DL my bodyweight for the first time! I guess tomorrow morning I would tell if it was such a bright idea to do 90 times :-)

    P.S.: Nice seeing Mr.Doole!

  22. Donny – 21:20 (205#)

    First DLs in a long time, but it felt pretty decent. Glad we got to finish up after the 20 min. cap.


  23. Donny – 18:47 rx


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