Tuesday 09.10.13

Ally B. lifts things up and puts them down.

Ally B. lifts things up and puts them down.

Deadlift (225, 155#)

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The Mohamed Family.

The Mohamed Family.

A note to the CFNE Community from Derek:

It is with a lot of emotion that I need to let all of you know that I am stepping down as CFNE Competitor’s coach.

About three years ago I walked into Ben’s office looking for a way to give something back to the CFNE community that had given me so much. With the responsibilities of being a dad, a husband, a head hockey coach, and running a wealth management practice, I knew there was too much on my plate to take on the responsibility of coaching classes, but at the same time I knew I had to do something. Ben and I decided to give it some thought and see what we could come up with.

A few days later, we figured it out- I would become the CFNE competitor’s coach. It was perfect- it wouldn’t require me to teach classes, but at the same time I could have an impact helping the community in competition. While I didn’t have the background or expertise in coaching movement that our top coaches have, I did have a lot of experience in competition, and might be able to provide some advice—whether it was getting ready for a scaled division in a local throwdown, the open, or the regionals.

So- fast-forward 3 years, and as this time comes to an end my hope is that in some small way, my cheat sheets, pointers and advice have been helpful to at least a few of you along the way. However, right now I feel pretty clearly that its time for me to spend a little less time in the gym and little more time with my family, and I just don’t feel right about calling myself a “coach” at CFNE and putting myself in the same category as the rest of the world-class coaching staff that Ben has assembled if I can’t make the same commitment. I will always be willing to answer a question after class or an email about a workout as best I can, but I just can’t formally accept that role any longer.

Which brings me to an awesome piece of news:

Kevin Montoya is the new CFNE Competitor’s coach!!!

This is a huge win for the CFNE community. I can tell all of you first-hand that after competing and training side by side with Kevin on Team CFNE for the last 2 years, you will never meet a more dedicated, more committed, and more thoughtful competitor and teammate than Kevin. In addition to being a world-class athlete, his mental and physical preparation for competition is second to none, and I know that he will take this same approach in getting all of our CFNE competitors ready as well.

Please join me in congratulating Kevin in his new role!



  1. Derek,

    Thanks for all your advice as I dipped my toe in the pool of local competitions this year.

    Kevin, welcome to the new role!

  2. Susan Stein

    Congrats Kevin!

    And Derek, thanks for all you’ve done for CFNE!

  3. Congratulations, Kevin! Well deserved:-)

    Derek–you have been an amazing leader and role model for CFNE—from beginners just starting out, to the competitors. Thank you for all you have done and accomplished to help make CFNE the BEST. Best of luck to you and see you around in the box!

  4. thanks for all your help Derek, you’ve always been someone I could look up to and strive to be like and I appreciate your advice and help over the past few years.

    thanks for being a great leader

  5. little background on today’s WOD


    RIP to a true Hero

  6. Thank you D and Kevin

  7. Derek and Kevin – thanks to both of you for the incredible contributions you make to CFNE, and congratulations on all that you have achieved, and helped others to achieve. There is a lot of hardware up on that shelf outside Ben’s office, thanks in no small part to you guys. Derek – as you know, I have achieved things beyond what I could dream, and you have been a big part of that. Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Derek, and congrats, Kev!

    It’s an amazing gift to have you both as role models and coaches…we love you!

  9. Donny: 14:41 Rx

    Thanks Derek and congrats Kevin!

  10. Good luck Derek and congratulations, Kevin!

    Donny: 14:18 (85) think I wrote 14:21 on the board, not sure where that came from.

    Rae you def kept me moving this morning

  11. Donny: 12:53 (125#)

  12. Donny: 16:46 (185#)

    Thank you Derek and congrats Kev!

  13. Donny: 15:45 (185#)

    Congrats Kevin!

  14. Donny: 17:12 (185#)

  15. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! :) Congrats Kevin on your new role! And best of luck to you Derek!
    1.5 mile run Pre-WOD
    Donny: 18:02 with 105#. Yikes! Tried to push myself today but it might have been too much bc it’s no fun doing 21 single deadlifts for your last round. But happy to have it in the books. :)
    Funnily tried to run a mile after that and made it 1/2 and stopped. Legs were mush after that and two track workouts this past weekend. So opted for some du practice and got 10. :)
    Have a great day everyone!

  16. Donny – 17:53, 145#

    Double unders: did as many sets of 15+ in 15 minutes as possible (up to 10). Got 5. A very frustrating session.

  17. Thanks Derek! I’ve really appreciated your coaching advice. And I’m glad this role is continuing – congrats Kev!

  18. Donny: 14:58 (155#) Unbroken on DL set 2-6

  19. Michelene

    Donny: 13:02 (85#) Fun partnering with Sarah S. today! It def kept me moving!

  20. Colleen (OC)

    Booo Derek! Yay Kevin!

    Donny: 16:26 with 50# hang power cleans instead of deadlifts.

    My back doesn’t hurt too bad, so I didn’t want to mess with it. Jen W asked me, “Deadlifts hurt you, but hang power cleans don’t?” I don’t know why, but nope… they don’t. It was only 50#, maybe that was why (although my grip was fried by the end of that!). Being semi-permanently injured is very frustrating because I have days where I have to substitute and the sub isn’t challenging enough. But that was not the case today.

    So thanks for the suggestion Harry. I accomplished all I wanted to this morning. Get sweaty and wind up in a heap on the floor.

    • “Sweaty.” Your definition is a bit dewy. Meanwhile, I’m over here dripping all over the place. 😛

      Excellent work today.

  21. Donny: 16:30 165# (scale 2 15,12,9,9,12,15)

  22. 1/2 Donny: 5:43 225#
    Harry suggested I might actually need my quads and hamstrings this weekend for the ECC so go half but go fast. Done.

    HAAAUGGGE class this morning…..happy to hear because I bragged at the CF Frankfurt that we have about 20 people every morning at 5:30…today was 30+. Nice work mayhemers….might be time for a new t-shirt.

  23. Donny:17:48 (125#) Jenny…thanks for partnering up with me!

  24. Derek is one of the finest people I’ve met in my entire life. Thanks for all that you’ve done for this community brother!

  25. Joan Preston

    Hi Derek and kevin;

    Derek, will miss seeing you around on a regular basis and the inspiration your presence provided.
    Kevin, a terrific coach and a natural athlete,- wish you both great success in your new roles.

    My best;

    Joan Preston

  26. Donny: 19:27 Rx
    Lots of people sipping lemonade while I was still on the bar. Dave C made it look too easy.

  27. Derek you’re a true leader in and out of the gym! One impressive individual!

    Kevin, looking forward to your advice and guidance in the future.

    3×5 OHS 155
    Donny 13:56RX 21, 15, 9, 9 sets unbroken.
    10 sets 30 du’s

    For all of you reading this pre wod. Take a look at the link from coach Geoff. Donny died at 21. A hero and young kid who will never do a burpee or deadlift again. Keep him in your mind the whole wod and I guarantee you a PR. Get after it!

    Donny your the man……may you rest in peace!

    Great job 6:30!

  28. Donny: 12:52 (85#). Went light today to go easy on my back and make sure that my form was good on each rep.

    Great working out with Michelene today!

  29. 1. Donny – 14:50 Rx
    2. 10 RFT 30 DUs unbroken – 6:31

    … felt stuck in the mud this morning – little to no “get after it” ness.

  30. Donny: 12:29 or something like that (125#) Erin and I paced each other well :)

    Ran 4.6 miles around the neighborhood after. Lots of good honks from the Mayhemmers heading home, thanks guys!

  31. Donny – 14:58 Rx

    Thanks Derek for all the advice over the years! And Kevin, looking forward to the help!

  32. Donny 15:18 RX
    10 Sets of 30 Du’s unbroken

    Derek – Thank you – you have helped me so much over the past few years. Welcome Kev!

  33. Derek, I really appreciate all of your help! It has made a huge difference to me.

    By the way, I have been nursing a sore back but my plan is to be back at 6:30 am tomorrow.

  34. Donny: 15:38 Rx

    Thank you Derek for all you have done – you truly are an inspiration!
    Congratulations Kevin – such a great role for you!

  35. Donny:

    13:14- 105# DL

  36. Donny 15:?, 115#DL

    Thanks for all your Crossfit wisdom Derek! Good luck in your new role Kevin!!

  37. DONNY: 10:01. 90# Air squats and sit ups for burpees.

    Trying so hard to behave with this bicep… URGH

    2 min DU drill.. 28. Awful but a 6 rep PR in year….

  38. Donny: 20:24 Rx. Probably should have gone with a lighter weight, was happy to just get through this one.

  39. Donny: 13:32 105#

    25 GHD sit-ups (instead of 50 regular)

  40. Donny: 14:35 (105#)

  41. Derek, thank you for all you have given to CFNE and me. You have been a great leader and touch stone for me!

    Kevin- Congratulations!

  42. Susan Stein

    Donny:12:53 (95#)

  43. WOD 3 ECC scaled (the DT one): 6:01 (:57 PR from Friday)

    WOD 2 ECC scaled (500m sprint) x 3: 1:42, 1:41, 1:41…it is what it is.

  44. Donny 13:10 105# with walking burpees

  45. Derek – thanks for everything you have done for CFNE and for me as a competitor over the years. Your patience, positive attitude and confidence in our athletes has made you a wonderful coach. Kevin – good luck in this additional role. I am no longer a competitor, but know that many will be very fortunate to have you!

    Donny at home – 115# to preserve hammies, so kind of a metcon for me. Not sure on time, around 11 mins.

  46. Donny: 19:51 @ 185# for 81 DL reps (and then Ben stripped my bar down to 135# in order to make the cutoff – thanks to you and Kathy for the help).

    That. Was. Rough. Lot’s of negativity in my head on this one. Taking it as an opportunity to learn what to work on even more.

    • Derek, the hardware on the shelf and the pride we all feel when we walk into another gym knowing they know exactly who CFNE is due in large part to your dedication and leadership. Thank you.

      Kevin, Congrats. I’m sure we all agree that the baton could not have been passed to a more worthy recipient. Excited to see where you, your knowledge and amazing skill takes us next.

  47. Donny: 12:33 rx
    Post Wod 1500-1000-500-250 row to stretch the back out a bit after this one…

  48. Donny: 14:40 @ 205.

  49. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Donny – 13:48 – 85#

  50. donny: 14:15 @ 125#


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