Sunday 09.08.13

Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Front Squat
10×1 OTM

Weighted Pull-up

Weighted Sit-up

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  1. Heather Bergeron

    The Good Life
    3 rounds of:
    500m Row
    12 Burpees
    21 Box Jumps (20″)

    10:10 Rx.

  2. Haha! Zoolander… of my fav’s!

    “Blue Steel……’s my trademark!”

  3. Susan Stein

    Done at home again:
    Front squats at 75#
    Pull ups- skipped due to bum shoulder
    Sit ups with 20#

  4. Michelene

    Front squats: 4@105, 5@110, 1@115
    Pull-ups: small band 5-5-4
    Sit-ups: 15#

  5. Colleen (OC)

    Front squats: 4@ 85#, 6@ 90#. Thanks for the push Jill! I would definitely have used less weight if it wasn’t for you!

    Weighted pull ups: started with 13#, only could do two. Dropped down to 10#. Again, only 2. Then I went to 7.5# and was able to get them all.

    Sit ups: 15#. These got spicy by the end!

  6. Front squats: 100#
    Weighted pull ups : 13#, 13#, 14#, 15#, 18#
    Weighted sit ups: 20#

  7. Front Squat: 5 @ 165#, 5 @ 175#
    Weighted pull ups: 35#, 53#, 53#, 45#, 45#
    Weighted sit ups: 35#

  8. Andrea Frey

    Front Squats–100#
    Pull-ups–skinny blue band

  9. Fs: 100 1-4, 105 4-10
    Strict pu with red bands
    15# sit ups

  10. Christian

    Just came in for a little stretching an mobility. Quads are immovably tight today.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Glad to hear you decided not to do the lunges. Oh, and… WAR EAGLE!!!!

  11. Front squat – 10 X 1 @ 250#
    Pull up – 4 X 3 @ 53#, 1 X 3 @ 58#
    Sit up – 3 X 20 @ 25#

  12. Front squats – 4 x 1 @ 205, 6 x 1 @ 225#
    PU – 5 x 3 climbing from 30 to 63#
    Sit ups – 2 x 20 @ 40, 1 x 20 @ 45 #

    Great lifting with you, Jeremy!

    • You too! Good to give each other a little push in a Sunday morning. And naming me in that post just pushed me to post on here for the first time (happy Max?). So while I’m here… FS- 155, Weighted Pull-ups- climbing to 63, weighted sit ups- climbing to 50#.

      • Andrea Frey

        Yay Jeremy! Welcome to the posting club :) So great to find out we’re neighbors! Amazing job today!

  13. Front Squat: 10 x 1 (5@205 & 5@ 215)
    3×5: strict pull ups
    5×20: weighted sit ups-45#

  14. Front Squat: 10×1 @ 195#
    5×3 weighted pull ups:36,44,53,58,58
    3×20 weighted sit ups 30#

  15. Ran 4 miles this morning. It went better than it did two weeks ago. It was slow, but I made it.

  16. A HUGE CONGRATS to Amie, Sara C and Heather V for their Title IX tri accomplishments today!

    Vineyard Warrior Olympic Triathlon: 2:56:11…wicked slow for the distance, but everyone suffered on the swim with a monster current…and red jellyfish, watch out!

    The good thing about Mother Nature is that everyone is dealing with the same conditions. Not everyone is a CFNE crossfitter though. Mental toughness and pushing through the challenging physical spots earned a first place finish in the 21-30 age group! Again, I would never have achieved this accomplishment without my CFNE family.

  17. FS: 5 @ 105, 5 @ 110#.
    PU: first set at 10#, last sets at 7#
    Sit ups: 15#

    Fun lifting with you today OC!

  18. FS: 10 x 95# and 1 @ 105# for good measure (happens to be a PR for me, too!)
    strict PU’s with blue band equivalent
    Sit Ups @ 15#

  19. Did my first tri today — the Hopkinton Title IX for women. This was actually my FIRST EVER organized athletic competition (unless you count high school swim meets in which I’m pretty sure I came in DFL every time). 400m swim, 10 mile bike, 5k run. I finished in 1:35 am and super happy with that. I am absolutely blown away by how much my CF training helped me with this race. I’m pretty sure that prior to CF, I would never have even thought about doing a tri, nor would I have had what it took to finish, let alone finish strong. Not only does CF make our muscles stronger, our running faster, etc., but it also teaches us so well how to push through pain (it’s temporary…) and to be comfortable with odd transitions between movements. When someone asked me my motivation for doing this, I said it’s because I wanted to prove to myself that I am an athlete after all. And, as Greg Glassman says, I wanted to use my CF training to “learn and play new sports.” Mission accomplished!

    HUGE congrats to Heather Vitti and Amie Stowe who did the tri as well and kicked my ass in the process. And to Amanda Klein, who did a brutal tri today on the Vineyard and came in FIRST in her age category. Way to rock it, ladies!

  20. FS: 215#
    Pull up: 30# first set, 35# remaining four,
    Sit Up: 30#

    5×3 banded HSPU


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