Saturday 09.07.13

Jonah, king of the jungle.

Jonah, king of the jungle.

Homeward Bound
5 rounds of:
400m Run
30 Wall Balls (20, 14#)

Post times to comments.

Doole practicing his Lamaze Breathing.

It’s always good to practice your Lamaze Breathing.

Remember it’s a new month! Think up some new monthly goals and put them on the board! Yipppeee GOALS!


  1. Saint's Inner Voice

    My goal is to continue to ignore all these crazies who think I will do the air dyne test anytime before I’m ready to demolish the leader board time. Or Fake Doug Bell. Whichever comes first.

  2. “Homeward Bound”: 20:29 Rx

  3. Homeward Bound: 23:58 (10#)

    Brutal. Thanks 7am for helping me through the last 30 WB’s.

  4. Homeward Bound: 17:11 Rx

  5. Homeward Bound: 19:50 with 14#

  6. WOD 4 ECC scaled (Quadzilla): 3:25

    WOD 5 ECC scaled (Quest): 6:56…2 drops

  7. Homeward Bound: 20:29 Rx

  8. Homeward Bound: 20:20 (10#)

    Went light and glad I did. WB’s still a big mental goat for me.

    • Bob R – Homeward Bound: 14:13

      • Flying today bob…very cool!

      • That’s unbelievable! I saw him sitting on the ground when I was going out for my 4th rd!

      • we were neck and neck. (disclaimer – on the first round and I was on rower)

        Bob lapped me. think he did unbroken wall balls every round.

        funny. how you post for Bob and under another post – supa secret transparency.

    • Nice to meet you today and nice job!

  9. Saturday is the new Thursday.

    The Good Life – 14:48 Rx. I did this by myself in the back room. I felt really slow.

    Snatch complex (power snatch, hang squat snatch, squat snatch, OHS) 5 across – 75#

    4×6 Front squats – 145# (across)

  10. Homeward Bound: 18:12 (subbed 25# thrusters for WBs)

    Homeward bound literally (as in, can’t go to CFNE), so did this at home. My guess is 25# thruster = 10-12# WB, so scaled.

  11. Susan Stein

    Homeward Bound: 16:52 (30 air squats)

    Day 6 on, so per Kevin and the team challenge used this as an active recovery day, thus the air squats.
    I’m still trying not to do too much with my bum shoulder, so no more overhead movements for a little while.

    • Look at you showing up on Saturday!! Nice work! I couldn’t do it today….

      • Susan Stein

        Wish I had actually shown up, but I did this at home. Kevin says it still counts.

  12. Homeward Bound: 20:24 Rx

  13. HB 19:44 14# medicine balls
    reluctant not to go RX …but going down to 14 helped me do these unbroken for the 5 rounds. Great 0700 Max.

  14. Away on business travel. Sorry to have missed these last couple of WODs!

    Today – 5K run. Did not time it, worked on perfect pose form.

  15. HB: 22:4x. 8#
    Being smart about bicep.
    2 goats all rolled up in one awesome WOD!
    Thanks Dave C and Harry for the push for the last 30 wb… Totally helped:)!

    Now to take my 9 year old in her training run! Love it!

  16. Homeward Bound… 19:03- squats with 8# medicine ball- took it easy because the shoulder feels a little overworked this week.

  17. Homeward Bound- 21:04 Rx (row)

    Thanks Max for great class. You should take your “warm up” dialogue in the road. Hilarious!

    “For those of you who have witnessed seeing your kids born, that doesnt even hold a candle to the feeling you will get from volunteering at next weeks CFNE games…trust me, i dont have any kids, but I know Im right. Plus you get a free t-shirt.”

  18. Homeward Bound: 16:28 Rx

  19. Homeward Bound: 15:36 Rx

  20. Homeward Bound: 21:29 rx

  21. Goat World: 20:21 with 8# ball

  22. Homeward Bound – 17:10 Rx

  23. 17:39 rx

  24. Homeward Bound-19:59 RX

  25. Homeward Bound – 18:36 Rx (although some of the wb were suspect..)

    5×5 dead lifts – 185#

  26. Messy Homeward Bound: 21:21 with 10# ball and some running around mid-wod looking for another one. Sorry I stole yours, Rae!

  27. Homeward Bound – 21:29 (400m Row)

  28. Homeward Bound: 24:01 (10#)

  29. Hey all, a few of us will be at Morse Tavern tonight in Natick. Low key, watching football and talking about our muscles. Come one come all if you’d like. Should be there around 7:30. Otherwise, keep killin’ it.

  30. Homeward: 28:15 (14#) thanks to my defacto wall ball coach who helped me rip through the last 30

  31. 5 rft
    400 m row. 50 ab may sit-ups. 19:15.

  32. Homeward bound (to hell):25:30
    30 cal on airdyne, push press 8# wb then Rob took mine ;) so I ended up using 6#. No worries….150 total calories on airdyne made the wb feel like they were 50#.
    Taken me several hours to recover…

  33. Squat 3×5@195
    Bench 205(5,5,4)

    Homeward bound – 19:06 subbed 25 cal aerodyne for run

  34. 11:13 (only three rounds and I rowed in place of the run.)

  35. Colleen (OC)

    Homeward Bound: 20:19, with 10#. I also only did 20 reps per round. Haven’t been around for two months so I was trying to be careful. My back felt great though and 12 hours later, my legs do to, so that is good.

    Awesome job 7 am!!! So fun chasing Sam and Andy! (Uh, but they did 30 reps!)

  36. HB 21:31 RX

  37. HB: 22:07 (10#)


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