What's your favorite Quest Bar? Ever take a cookie dough and a chocolate brownie bar, heat them up, and smoosh them together? Ya...neither have I...

What’s your favorite Quest Bar? Ever take a cookie dough bar and a chocolate brownie bar, heat them up in the microwave for 15 seconds, and smoosh them together? Ya…neither have I…

***Remember today is bring a friend day!***

The Good Life
3 rounds of:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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Rachel E aka Firebreather of the Month for August!

Rachel E. aka Firebreather of the Month for August!

I sat down with Rachel and got the lowdown on her favorite WODs, foods, and which president she thinks would be best at Crossfit.

1. How did you get involved in Crossfit? I was working for lululemon back in 2009 when Ben and Heather hosted an intro to Crossfit class for lulu employees. I love pretty much any activity that involves running around, so I pulled into the CFNE parking lot that Tuesday night to check it out. I remember being scared to go in, since it looked like some intimidating warehouse! (I think I was expecting something like Fight Club to be happening inside, haha.) Ben and Heather were so friendly, of course, and stayed late to take us through a quick team AMRAP. I had to wait a few years to fully join, but after that night I always knew I’d be back! Every day I walk into CFNE I feel tremendously lucky that I fell into such a special place by pure happenstance.
2. What is your favorite WOD? People will probably commit me for this… but I’d have to say The Admiral. Maybe because it’s both mentally challenging to hold onto the bar for the squats, and burpee pullups are just kind of fun, right? …hello? Guys?
3. What is your favorite movement? If dodgeball warm-up isn’t considered a “Crossfit movement” (though really, when else are all of our ninja skills really tested under pressure?) I have to say snatches, especially for OTM workouts. I love how powerful it feels if you get the movement just right and the weight flies up overhead.
4. What is your least favorite movement? I think I speak for everyone under 5’4” and most definitely all T-Rexes when I say wall balls. Woof.5. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Homemade chicken enchiladas with tons of cilantro and limes and hot sauce…and a side of Buffalo chicken pizza. Toootally counts as one meal.

6. Rumor has it your hair is really straight and you curl it everyday…any truth to that rumor? It’s true, but don’t ask where I buy my 800 tiny curlers. A lady never tells.

7. Is your alter ego really a scary neon clown? Oh don’t worry, she’s harmless…as long as you wear neon on Neon Friday. Keep an eye out, Max.

8. Let’s play a game called “Tickle, Hide and Seek, Cook”. I’ll give you three people, you decide which one you’d tickle, play hide and seek with, or cook a meal with. Your people are Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and George Washington. GO!

Easy peasy. Ben Franklin is the obvious tickle-target because he doesn’t look too fast (sorry, Ben – less inventing, more Crossfit!) and would be easy to catch, AND he’s got a little belly that’s just asking for a tickle fight. Abe Lincoln would be my hide and seek buddy because I think he would have a hard time hiding that giant top hat behind furniture, trees, horses, buggies, cannons…pretty much anything. Plus, if he changed hiding spots while I was looking, he probably wouldn’t be able to lie about it in good conscience. That leaves George for my cooking partner! I’ll have to think up some new recipes for mashed things so he can eat them with his wooden teeth. Maybe Bode knows some good ones?

9. If you could be any Care Bear who would be? If you need help click HERE.

Probably Bedtime Bear, so I could help out those of us who always stay up way too late watching YouTube videos/cooking vegetables/doing cool stuff and then roll out of bed for the early morning classes. You’re welcome, 5:30am mayhem!

10. You’re trapped in a giant pit filled with pasta. Oh no! Do you eat your way out or stick to your paleo guns and wait for help to arrive? I’m not sure how eating the pasta would help me get OUT of the pit since I’d just sink lower as I ate…but who cares, my answer is: enjoy being trapped in the pasta party pit instead of the Indiana Jones snake pit and MANGIA!

11. Which U.S. President would be best at Crossfit and why? Teddy Roosevelt. He’d have to wear contacts instead of those little glasses on a chain, but I think his sense of adventure and stubborn drive to see things through would make him a tough competitor. Plus, I think when he said to “speak softly and carry a big stick,” he was talking about a barbell.

12. Would you rather be a squirrel or a chipmunk? I’d rather be a chipmunk – they’re better singers and don’t spend their days running in front of cars or trying to get into birdfeeders. Have some self-respect, squirrels!

13. Who is your Crossfit crush? Hey! That is top secret! (He DOES love to wear American flag short shorts, though.)

14. What if Lululemon only made grey and black clothing, would you still wear it? Wow, a little piece of my heart died just thinking about that for a minute. If such a terrible future were to happen, I think I’d have to bleach that gloomy moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabric and dye it neon!

15. How long would you let coffee sit in the fridge before you drank it? One week? Two weeks? One month? Hahahaha coffee never makes it past my mug and into the fridge! This question is bananas.

16. You have to choose, either being too hot or too cold. Too hot, for sure — it’s a million times more fun to pick up an iced coffee and go to the beach to cool off than to walk around your house with a hat on, wearing a blanket like a cape, and clutching a thermos of hot chocolate…I’d imagine. I mean, if I were cold maybe I would do that.