Tuesday 09.03.13

Some people like to roll out post-wod...some people like to play with dolls...

Some people like to roll out post-wod…some people like to play with dolls…

Satan’s Whiskers
3 rounds of:
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Front Squats (165, 115#)
10 Burpees

Post times to comments.

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Vin's sleeping

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Vin’s sleeping


Congratulations to the Committed Club for the month of August! You have to attend 15+ classes during the month to make the Committed Club. Keep up the good work CFNE!

Michelle Marshall


Robert Leonhardt


John Giannuzzi


Richard Vatcher


Katrina Shafer


Susan Stein


Sam Landau


Mike Dunlap


Mike Piispanen


Ronda Rockett


Mike Rich


Rachel Engelson


Katie Trosen


Michelene Flanigon


Edward Steele


Christian Pepicelli


Andrea Winterer


Jack McCullough


Andrew Hohenstein


Abby Giannuzzi


Toni Indresano-DiRuscio


Kevin Jay


Andy LoPilato


Steven Dillberg


Colleen Neutra


Eugene Lee


Brian Curley


Susan Weiss


Kathy Langen


Tara ODonnell


Scott Assencoa


Nicole Dillberg


Allison Giorgio


John Edwards


Debra Renzella


Richard Wanstall


Kevin Griggs


Kyle Toto


Melinda Keegan


Sarah Bell


Scott Sylvester


Travaun Bailey


laura cohen


Maureen Becker


Kimberly Phillips


Mike Braatz


Heather Vitti


Corey Furdon


Giovanni Stein


Mike Cotter


Andrew Crowley


Dina Papernow


Saint Aufranc


L.J. DiCarlo



  1. Will this Thursday be a “bring a newbie friend to CFNE day”?

  2. Hi guys

    I’ve got a pair of awesome seats for tonight’s sox game. Second row behind the sox dugout. Face is $130 each. Selling for 200 for the pair.

    Email me derekmohamed1@gmail.com

  3. Ben Bergeron

    I love the committed crew. BIG props to Michelle, Robert L, John G.,Richard V. Katrina, Susan S. Sam, Mike Dunlap, Big Mike and Ronda for being over 20. Love it!

  4. Switching to Metric system for the week

    3-2-1, Let’s get a move on ole chap!

    Crossfit Thames
    3-3-3-3-2-2-1-1 Back Squat (105/110/120 kilos) heaviest 3/2/1
    4×12 alternating forward and back lunges (60 kilos)

    Great box, and a couple of weeks here we would destroy the leader board.

    Realized last night that I forgot to pack shorts so hopped on the DLR and went to Asda at 10 pm (UK Walmart). Pretty much what you would expect at any Walmart at 10 PM Choice was a pair of jean shorts or sweat pants (size 91-104 cm). Fucking metric system. Guessed on the sweat pants and was off by about a cubit so I needed tape to hold them up. Looked like a homeless guy that peed his pants as I walked back to the hotel.

    But I was carrying a brand new CF Thames Tshirt for my boy Max!

  5. Satan whiskers
    5:37 135#

  6. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:20 (95#)

    Welcome back Colleen! Great working with you!

  7. SW: 5:27 Rx (48 second, 30# PR from Jan 2013)

    2 times OH lunge for 50 ft at 105#…whoa!

  8. Satan’s Whiskers
    8:42 115# — Great working w/ you Andy this morning.

  9. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:42 (I think) 75# and kipping pull ups. Thanks Jamie for counting!

    Ran 3 miles after. Thanks Heather for letting me run with you for a bit. Sorry I scared you later! Best part about the run, I found 2 quarters! Yes Megan, I stopped and picked them up.

    • Heather O

      You really killed your split times for those darn quarters!! Haha jk! Great seeing you today and thanks for running with me bc you made me do a full mile instead of the half mile I would have surely quit at! :) And sorry about the bathroom and giving you a heart attack too! :)

  10. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:45 (85#) 2:30 faster than last time but also 80# lighter… I really felt the left leg engaging this workout.

  11. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:18 (155#)

  12. Satan’s Whiskers: 8:15 (155#)

  13. 4:07 Modified (53#kbs for c2b, 175#fs from rack). Good time with the 6:30. Great job by my partner, Rita, this morning. Awesome!

  14. 6:31rx

  15. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! :) So great to be back at the 5:30 with everyone! Great to see you Colleen! :)
    1 mile run Pre-WOD
    Satans Wiskers: 9:40 with 70# and thin green banded pull-ups. So good news is this is the heaviest I’ve ever done during a WOD but the bad news is is that it felt like it took me 250 years. :( I just couldn’t catch my breath for some reason? But I’m happy to be getting back on my routine and to have it in the books to improve on next time. Thanks Tricia for the push on the weight and for being a great partner. Thank you also to everyone for the cheering at the end! :) And Amy for the cash out running afterwards. :)
    1 mile run post -WOD.
    Have a great day everyone! :)

    • Michelene

      Awesome job! Great to see you this morning!!

    • great work this morning, heather! way to stick with the 70 and hold on to that bar. so glad you are back!!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      I almost passed out on the 6th front squat in the third round. I hear ya! Great job pushing through!

  16. Michelene

    Satan’s Whiskers – 6:53 (80# & KPUs) Great working with John!

  17. Colleen (OC)

    Satan’s Whiskers: 5:48 (PR of 4:38 with the same modifications) 55# front squats and kipping pullups.

    Before you get all excited about that PR, the last time I did this WOD with any sort of weight on the bar was May of 2011. I’ve done it a couple of times since then, but substituted something else for the front squats because of my back.

    Damn it’s good to be back. Awesome job this morning Erin!!

  18. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:40 (115#) 1:44 PR Up in weight next time. Dan, great working with you today. Nice job!

  19. Satan’s Whiskers 9:10 95# Med band pullups 1st round

  20. The one-year anniversary post:

    Grocery bill for a family eating clean = $250/week (at least)
    New sneaks, headbands, lulu shorts/tanks, handgrips, jump rope, new clothes, etc. = $$$$ too much to post (Greg D reads these :) )
    Monthly membership at CFNE = $200/month
    Savings on booze, lattes, and going out to dinner/breakfast b/c it just isn’t worth the money (would rather spend it on gear above and new clothes), being able to do a real push up, an unassisted pull up, and touch my toes to a bar while hanging from it, being a stronger, fitter, healthier woman for my girls to look up to, wearing pants that are 2 to 3 sizes smaller than last September, and meeting a really great group of people all trying to make themselves better every day and having a whole lot of fun doing it = PRICELESS


    Thank you to all of the coaches for your patience and guidance –special thanks to Ashley & Max for sucking me in through the elements course and to mdv, Kevin M. , Kevin, C. and Harry for your help this year. You are incredible athletes and your ability to convey the movements and make just the right tweak to each of us is true talent.

    Also thanks to the crazy mayhemers for keeping me motivated to chase new goals and to “try” to keep up with all of you and to all of the members of the September elements crew (michelene and Kristin R., I’m including you in with this crew ) – you guys are awesome and so many of us are still going strong – YES!! I really don’t know if I could have stuck with this without you guys supporting me when I barely made it through wod’s (still happening) and encouraging me to continue to push myself. Really lucked out starting with such a great group!

    Finally, a very special thank you to Greg D. who told me I could do this. I would see him come home literally soaked and talking about thrusting, snatching, pull ups, etc, and thought you are kidding me, babe. I don’t even know what that shit is and I haven’t exercised in pretty much three years given bed rest, nursing, two babies, etc. I could NEVER do that. I had two months left of maternity leave after Mia was born and new I needed to do something. The September elements class was just about to start and once I got into work I knew I wouldn’t want to leave the girls at night to go through elements. It was now or never so I just said, okay, I’ll see what the elements course is all about. I mean it when I say this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has changed my life in so many positive ways – I even like the new scares on my shins from hitting the box a couple of times.

    Ben & Heather, you are doing a great thing here. I hope you lay down at night and think, wow, we have such a positive impact on so many lives and we make our living doing it. You really can’t ask for a lot more than that.

    • Awesome awesome awesome! So cool! Congrats!

    • Congrats Tricia! Btw, those scars on your shins never really go away…

    • Heather O

      I LOVE everything about this!! :-) You are amazing and look incredible and I am so happy to have shared this past year with you. Keep up the incredible work pretty! I hope I am half the wife and mom you are! :-) xoxo

    • The Mayhem is a better place with you in it! Can’t wait to continue to watch you kick butt for years to come…awesome sauce for everyone!!!!

    • Heather V.

      Yes! Love this! It is so awesome seeing your progress, u r on fire!

    • Sarah Wilson

      Happy Anniversary! Straight out of the maternity ward to the box (I could have made a great play on words here, but won’t). Tricia, your presence is much appreciated at the 5:30!

    • Awesome post, Tricia! Congrats on the anniversary, but more importantly, on all the amazing progress.

    • Michelene

      What a fantastic post, congrats! It has been so fun to get to know you and work out along side you this year and I look forward to many years to come!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      HECK YEAH! Congrats on a VERY successful year!

    • Awesome post and awesome job Tricia. Like I said this morning, you and Heather looked very hardcore finishing the WOD this morning – we’ve come a long way since last September! I really appreciate the sense of humor you bring to the class too – keep working hard and keeping it fun.

    • Great post!

    • Thank you guys so much for your very kind words. Love it here!

      Also, scars v. scares – second flippin typo in two weeks!

    • Kristin R

      Woo hoo! Well said, Tricia – and nice work this year!

    • Ronda Rockett

      Where do you shop for groceries? We spend $250 every 2-3 days! Cool post.

    • Susan Stein

      Happy Anniversary Tricia. Great job on everything!

    • Love this! Eugene is right about the shin scars… think of them as a branding as part of initiation into CrossFit. Congrats!

    • Congratulations on your progress! great post.

    • Woo hoo! Happy Anniversary and congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I remember when you started — so glad you are here.

    • Great post! Looking forward to many years ahead. You know I’m not good at posting, but I couldn’t miss this one. It has been a great year getting to know you and Greg. Keep up with the journey.

    • Loved reading that. Good stuff!

    • Congratulations to my bride, loving wife and mother of my children! I always had complete faith that you would thrive and excel in this environment.

      What a complete change this represents for our lives and the brightness it brings to our future.

      Love you!

  21. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:04 (70#, pu attempts)

  22. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:58 Rx (20# PR over January, and first time doing C2B in a WOD, yay!)

  23. Satan’s Whiskers – 6:23 Rx (1 minute PR)

  24. Satan’s whiskers 7:07 Rx
    OTM 20. Odds: 10wall balls 2@14#, 8@16# / evens 40 DUs.

  25. Satan’s Whiskers 5:37 with 165# back squats from the rack as I can’t do heavy cleans yet.

    Probably should have done front squats, but wanted the heavier stimulus to help build back leg strength. Got everything unbroken.

  26. Heather V.

    Satan’s Whiskers: 5:57 Rx PR

  27. Satan’s Whiskers – 6:33 Rx

  28. Satan’s Whiskers 7:33 Rx

  29. “Satan’s Whiskers” – 5:17 Rx’d

  30. Sarah Wilson

    SW: 8:22 at 95# . Lots of chatting and staring at the bar during 2nd and 3rd round of squats.

  31. Satans Whiskers 7:25 (115#)

  32. Satan’s Whiskers – 7:35 (45#)

    started at 115 and hammie said; “No!!! WTF are you doing idiot?” (What The Frankenstein)

    was okay with FS, but cleaning it up in deadlift movement was too much. Thank you Doc for stripping the bar.

    5-6 reps of C2B should have been no rep.

    in summary – mess…but very happy that i came in. bad days make the good days that much better.

  33. Satan’s Whiskers: 9:48 (95#)

    Thanks Hare for encouraging me to get sub 10 had to dig deep!

  34. SW: 5:34 with Kip PUs and 45# ppress

  35. Santans Whiskers-7:57

  36. Satan’s Whiskers -5:53 Rx
    Last time 75#, kipping pull ups – 6:49

    Thanks Karen & Kristen!

  37. SW: 5:31 75# DID 35# KBS for CTB …. bicep killing me:(!
    Really tried to be smart today about my bicep that is buggin me..URGH!

  38. Satan’s Whiskers: 6:07 (145#) 1:07 PR and + 10# from Jan.
    OTM 20, 8 30# Wall Balls, 30 Du’s

  39. Satan’s Whiskers:

    Had to modify the air dyne for squats..let’s just call that Satan’s exercise contraption. Thanks Harry..I think :)

    8:30- 10 CTB, 10 cal airdyne, 10 burpees
    CTB were slow but I eventually got them all in!

  40. Satan’s Whiskers 7:28 Rx. C2B need some work.

  41. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:20rx

    Happy to get thru C2B/FS today – thanks Deb for seeing I needed a push/cheer!

    OTM x 20
    Odd: 10 Wall Balls 20#
    Even: 40 DU

  42. SW- 8:43. Happy to be back.
    95# and green band pull-up.

  43. Satan’s Whiskers: 8:03 @ 115# (some of the C2B were questionable)

  44. Quick question – Front squats from the floor or the rack?
    Great posts on this one – PRs all over the place

  45. Satan’s Whiskers: 7:00 (135#)
    OTM 14: 10 Wall Balls (30#), 30 DU’s

    An extra 100 DU’s for fun

  46. SW: 8:10 75# 35#KB for pu (still letting my hands heal). Wow, I did not think I could finish this one today (after yesterday’s WOD), thanks for the push Terri(you did awesome today) and everyone that cheered me on at the end!

  47. Satan’s Whiskers: 4:36 Rx (1:17 PR)

    Thanks Todd for keeping count and a big thanks to Kevin for pushing me when I wanted to drop the bar during the last round of squats.

  48. Santans whiskers: 8:56 rx. Looked at bar for fs too long- need to just pick it up! Last time did 105# @ 7:57.
    Great class, Kevin Harry!

  49. Satan’s Whiskers-8:08 (Pull-ups, 80#)

  50. Susan Stein

    Satan’s Whiskers: 6:02 (60#, kipping pull ups)

    Thanks for partnering with me Molly, it was great to meet you!


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