Monday 09.02.13

In memory of

In memory of

***Two classes tomorrow at 6am and 9am***

Hotshots 19
6 rounds of:
30 Air Squats
19 Power Cleans (135, 95#)
7 Strict Pull-ups
400m Run

Post times to comments.

19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013 while fighting a fire in Yarnell, AZ.

Click HERE to donate to the “Hotshots 19″ fundraiser. 100% of your donation will be distributed to the families of the fallen firefighters.


Mike Burnes doing "Hotshots 19" in full firefighting gear.

Mike Burnes doing “Hotshots 19″ in full firefighting gear.



  1. Can someone remind us of the classes for Monday? Is it 7 and 9? Thanks!!!

  2. 6 and 9 for Labor Day.

    Let’s get out there and crush this work out. Donate what you can to help the children and families left behind when these heroes were taken far too soon.

  3. For those who were wondering:

    6 rounds starting with 30 air squats –> the date the hotshots were killed 6/30/13
    19 power cleans –> the number that were killed
    7 pullups/400m run –> both requirements of the physical fitness test to join the squad

    Let’s get after it.

    • Thanks for sharing Andrew. Definitely going to get after it for these heroes at 6am

  4. Hotshots 19. 45:15. (75#)

  5. Michelene

    Hotshots 19- 40:14 (60# & sm band PUs) Great group at the 6am!!

  6. Hotshots 19: 52:47 Rx

  7. Hotshots 19 46:21 105#
    Great class this morning Max and Harry! God bless these brave men and their families.

  8. Hotshots 19: 40:26 Rx’d.

    Harry thanks for sharing their prayer with us. Very fitting tribute to these heroes. Great showing 6am.

  9. Hotshots: 34:35 with 95#

    Awesome 6 am class. Great way to start the Labor Day Holiday and the month of September. HEROES and families are In our thoughts and prayers, today. Thanks, Harry and Max and for reading that very nice tribute.

  10. It is truly a privilege to honor these heroes and all of the others that serve – awesome crew at the 6am


  11. hotshot: 50:0something. 65#clean. banded strict pullup

  12. Hotshots: 46:08 @ 95# Proud to honor these heroes. Great class Harry and Max.

  13. “Hotshots 19″: 54:50 (reg PUs)

  14. Heather V.

    Hotshots 19: 38:57 Rx

  15. Hotshots: 43:19
    Started with 95 on the cleans but ended up hopping around to different bars on rounds 4-6
    Banded pull ups

    Amazing morning at CFNE. Pretty sure the whole gym was at 9am. Great tribute to the fallen.

    • Also first time in a long time during a wod where I thought “do I have asthma?” Haha.

  16. Hotshots 19 45:00 Rx

  17. Hotshots 19: 37:45 Rx…privilege and honor. Rest well.

    Snatch: 145…felt poopy. Went home.

    I. Love. This. Place.

  18. HS: 43:55 75# first 2 rounds then partner stripped bar to 65# which I think was a WISE move!! Rest RX

    That was Hard, hot and worth it! That sounded bad!

  19. Hot Shots: 50:15. 55#, 4 strict PU per round.

    Decided at 40 minutes and 5 rounds that I was done, and rested for a few minutes…until Lynne reminded me that if I didn’t finish the last round I would regret it for the rest of the day. Not only was she right, but she finished the last 400 with me. Thanks :)

  20. Hot Shots 19:
    That was the biggest class I have ever been in! Harry- you did a great job managing everyone.

    43:30 75#, green then red band pull ups, rest rx
    strict pull ups are humbling for me!

    Great way to kick off September!

  21. hot shots 19: 46:30 (85#, green band)

    such an honor to do this workout for these heroes, and to do it with the enormous 900 crowd. thanks harry for keeping us all organized and safe! and thank you DEB R for being such a fantastic partner!

    happy september!!!

  22. Hotshots: 44:47 (115#)

  23. Hot Shots 19: 45:55 with 65# in rep scheme 19-19-19-15-15-9 (for the cleans only); banded pull-ups, rest Rx.

  24. 48:42. 85#, kipping pu

  25. Hotshots 19: 43:34 – green band PU, 65# , rest RX.

    Great (big) class at the 9 am… Love the energy….Thanks Harry! Cary, you did awesome today- thanks for being my partner :)

    I feel a nap coming on!

  26. Hotshots 19: Finished

  27. Hotshots 19 – 40:07 75# blue banded strict pull ups

    Way to push through Cheryl! ;-D

    Every Hero WOD seems to bring the best out of everyone. Which is really saying something considering the amazingness that happens daily at CFNE. Call it what you want, there is certainly something in the air on Hero days. Firefighter WODS are particularly special to me since my dad was a volunteer fireman for 20 years. He passed away in 2004, not in the line of duty, yet I always draw from his spirit to honor his fellow brothers and sisters.

    9am was incredible. Harry, thank you for sharing the Hotshots prayer. What an incredible tribute. To all the CFNE members who pushed through the mental, physical and emotional challenges of this WOD – what a way to celebrate the lives of the fallen and honor their loved ones.

    This community is like no other. So grateful to be a part of it.

    • WORD!! Sorry to hear about your dad!

    • Beautifully said words about CFNE, AK. And in reflecting on your Dad, it’s a type of “heaven on earth” to fondly remember him.

    • Thanks for the encouragement as you were on your way out! And ditto on the CFNE community.

    • Always a pleasure to share a barbell with you. Thank you for the push at the end.

    • Wow are you a FAST runner! You sped right by me…I was very impressed (not that it takes very much to speed by me, of course)!

  28. “Hotshots 19″ – 37:24 Rx’d

    Truly an honor to celebrate these heroes, and every other American that protects us.

  29. Hotshots 19: 46:54 (115#)

    An honor.

    Snatch work: 95 up to 135 (145F)

  30. Hotshots: 40:26 rx. An honor to do this today. I am so grateful for the men and women that serve and protect us in this great country.

  31. Hot Shots 19: 47:24 85# (had to do a few 55# cleans in round 5 because I was feeling dizzy) green band PU (expect one round did black band).

    Thanks Marissa for being the best partner as usual!

    Thanks Harry!

  32. Hot Shots: 33:53 w/ 12 unbroken 95# PCs per set. This time includes a potty break, I just had to!!!! Mother Nature was screaming at me louder than any voice in the box!

  33. Hot Shots 19 41:44 with 55# and weird jumpy pull ups.

    Great place to be at 9:00 today. Loved it.

  34. HotShots: 34:50

    Good company. I was honored to be a part of it and cannot think of a better place to be this morning.

  35. Hot Shots: 41:55 Rx
    Great to be part of such a special Hero WOD with such an amazing crew.

    DU work continues:
    1 min: 47
    1 min: 49 (PR)
    1 min: 43

  36. Awesome effort from everyone at the box today. It was great to see such a huge turn-out (80+!), and that it was a source of camaraderie (look how many people are here!) and not negativity (ugh, there are too many people here).

    Hotshots 19: 34:34, 65# power cleans, moved from strict to large band to XL band.

  37. Susan Stein

    Hotshots: 43:52 (green banded pull ups, 65#)
    Thanks for sharing the barbell with me.

    Amazing class today! Thanks Harry for managing all of us.

    As always, it was a privilege to honor the 19. Thank you and RIP.

  38. Andrea Frey

    Hotshots: 39:58
    The barbell situation was a bit chaotic so I did KBS instead of cleans and did green banded pull-ups. Today marks my one year wedding anniversary to Kelly, and we couldn’t think of a better way to start off our anniversary than with a great hero wod! Great to see so many familiar faces at the 9am :)

  39. Hotshots 19: 40:29 rx

  40. Hotshots 19 (scale2, 4 rounds 115#) 36:15
    Did one more round so total time for 5 rounds 50:40

  41. Hotshots 19: 36:01, kipping pull-ups, rest RX

    I have Harry’s great speech on video, will post a link to it soon for those who couldn’t make it.

  42. Hotshots – 35:48 Rx

  43. Hotshots: 4 rounds, no clue on time. Had to leave at 10 for a kids bday party. Lots of mods: 65# cleans, 9 per round to avoid bunching. Green banded pullups.
    I think I might’ve preferred to finish the workout vs chuck e cheese with a bunch of 5 year olds…
    Thank you to Maureen and Amie for letting me jump in on their bar at the last minute!

  44. Hotshots 19: 34:56 Rx

  45. WODing from Switzerland, 6RFT 30 sit-ups, 19 air squats, 7 strict push-ups, 400 m. In 38:13. During this kept on thinking of those firefighters must have insured.

    Found out there is a box here in Basel and will try to swing by some evening.

  46. Harry great job taking control of a HUGE class! Awesome Tribute too. thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Clean and Jerk Complex…. 3 sets @ 215lb
    2. Oly Pause Squats 6 x 2 @ 255 lbs
    3. Hotshots…..36:06RX

    Ever notice how many great looking couples work out at CFNE? Feel free to add/correct my spelling but this is what I came up with:

    Tam Fam
    Bergeron’s (DAH)
    Andy and Deb R
    Fake Doug Bell and Sarah (I think)
    Big Mike and Wendy
    Coach Max and Kate
    Derek and Nicole
    Meg and Dan
    Paul and Michelle P

    Who am I missing??? You all should have a FRAN off!!

  47. 34:51 Did this at home with Nicole. not sure of our 400 distance and probably not the smartest thing with my shoulders right now but it was an honor to be able to do this wod anyway

  48. Hotshots: 43:46 (115#) – great class and a privilege to honor these Arizona heroes with a wod.

  49. Fake Doug Bell

    My left untied and right untied shoelaces…

  50. 38:14 (75#, 4 strict PU/round)


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