Saturday 08.31.13

What's going on here?

What’s going on here?

***Two classes today at 7am and 12pm***

Freddy Krueger
Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)

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  1. Nothing to see here…..

  2. Rachy E.'s Neon Alter Ego

    Nice hot pink shortsies Maxy Waxy

  3. Scott M

    What if the hokey pokey IS really what it’s all about.

  4. Big Mike

    FK: 4:16 Rx (8 second pr)
    There has to be some physics that will prevent me from going sub 4. Can’t imagine where I would get another 17 seconds.
    Great class this morning Max and Harry

  5. Freddy Krueger
    5:42 @53#
    way off PR – evidence of an August being everywhere but here….Good times partnering w/ Dave this morning though.

  6. Michelene

    Freddy Krueger: 4:41 (35#)

  7. Freddy Krueger – 3:57 rx (pr)

    Bob R – you are amazing doing those one armed KBS!

  8. Felt guilty about not doing Bull yesterday.
    Bear lane Bull
    200 DU’s, OHS 95, strick PU’s off the deck, 1 mile run bear lane

  9. Freddy: 4:22 with 35#—decided to go easy on shoulder, so did not attempt a heavier bell.
    However, it gave me a basis to compare notes/times from 10 months ago when I did this. PR of 1:27
    Great noon class—so much energy!!! It was awesome. Thanks for being a great partner Toni!

  10. Nicole D

    Freddy Krueger: 3:52 (35#)

    40 second PR from June. Great class Max and Harry!

  11. Freddy Krueger: 4:31 (35#). :01 off from pr

  12. “Freddy Krueger”: 5:50 Rx

  13. Freddy: 4:22 (1:08, 17# PR)

    Everything I had. Never felt worse after a WOD. Turns out Bota Box Merlot, not a good pre-WOD fuel. Deposited most of it out back. Sorry.

    It was good to hug the bear today. Usually I just hug the computer screen at night when he posts.

  14. Freddy: 4:48 (45#). Same time as last time but 10# heavier. It’s a PR!

  15. Freddy Krueger: 4:33 Rx

    6 seconds off PR.

    Max and Harry – the best of CrossFit coaching on display there, from the warm-up to the corny jokes to the pep talk to the mid-WOD encouragement.

  16. Christian

    3:56 rx – first time so PR

  17. FK: 6:48 rx

    1st time Rx, so I’ll call that a PR. Last time 55# at 6:08.

  18. I hate/love this workout.

  19. Rachel E

    Freddy Krueger: 5:47 Rx (first time with the 53# bell . . . last time was 4:04 with 45# in June)

    Thanks for all the encouragement, guys! And Max, sorry I dropped the kettlebell all over the place despite your instruction not to — does it help if I tell you it was an accident and I love those hot pink shortsies for real??

  20. Awesome Rachel!

  21. Christian

    Ben, you need a series of slasher WODs like you have wrestler WODs.

  22. Mash-up day…

    Track WOD – 1 mile @ 9:00

    FS 1RM 100#

    “Freddie Krueger Plus”
    (No pull up rig for comp WOD)
    KBS 35#
    Burpee BJ

  23. Maureen B.

    FK: 4:24 (35#) sadly not a PR

  24. Casey T

    FK: 4:24 Rx. (PR 23 sec PR). Mudslides were a bad choice.

  25. Rasheed

    Still out of town. Did competitors stuff today. 1 mile run 7:20 – Crossfit PR; lifetime PR is 7:06 (when I was 19!). Did some front squats and 1 rep’d at 325#. No way to do toes-to-bar so subbed a mix between Freddy Krueger and competitors:

    FK “Plus” – 10:10 Rx
    Kettlebell swings 70#
    Burpee box jumps

  26. brittney

    FK: 6:03 or something. 35#. First time back after doing NOTHING for 2 weeks. It showed. There needs to be a CFNE outpost in Nantucket next summer… Thanks to Cheryl for counting for me! Also thank you to Michael Trosen who got me up and running today after being blocked from the website for awhile!

  27. FK: 5:05 (45#)


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