Friday 08.30.13

Sarah B. got her first muscle up on Wednesday night! Party on Sarah B!

Sarah B. got her first muscle up on Wednesday night! Party on Sarah B!

2 rounds of:
200 Double-unders
50 Overhead Squats (135, 95#)
50 Pull-ups
1 Mile Run

Post times to comments.

Sometimes you need a hug from one of your buds.

Sometimes you need a hug from one of your buds.

Check out Kevvy Kev’s WOD demo of “Bull”


  1. Looking for Afternoon Help/Driver!!!
    Anyone looking for some extra hours from about 2:30ish-6? I am looking for someone who can help with afternoon driving. Kids are at Thayer (Braintree) and Carroll (Lincoln). We live in Wellesley. Kids are 12, 15 and 16… If you want more details or interested please email me at:

  2. michelle

    Pull ups tomorrow! Need Hand Protectors?
    Ashley is taking orders until 9:00 pm tonight (Thursday.) I will be bringing pairs in w/ me to the 8:30 am class Friday! $4.00 a pair Email me asap if you want a pair @ Thank you!

  3. Andrew E

    Good; I was hoping to coast into the weekend. Hope to see everyone’s smiling faces tomorrow!

  4. Rachy E.'s Neon Alter Ego

    HEY EVERYBODY make sure you wear NEON tomorrow!! Yayy NEON Friday!!!

  5. Yay Sara! Muscle ups!

  6. Time cap? 2 hrs?

  7. looks like Doc is a bit uncomfortable and Max has the lean-in going full throttle. seems very natural and accustomed.

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Sara Bell that is AWESOME!!!! Congrats on the muscle up!!!

  9. Sara congrats!

    “Yup, Max……that’s what it looks like after 100 OHS @ 135!”

  10. Colleen (c4!)

    Thanks to Big Mike’s post yesterday I have now ALSO become a big fan of Wilbur, the Tamil phenomenon. Here he demos how to exercise in a confined space. Ah, variety makes the world go round….

  11. Ronda Rockett

    Catch up post:
    Press 90 (ties my PR)
    Push press 115
    Push jerk 125

    Sugar Daddy 10:31

    Felt great to DL 155 in a big set/WOD

    So lucky to be able to workout with u all.

  12. Bull: 1:09.37…95# OHS, rest Rx

    Some days ya got it. Some days ya don’t. I like the days I don’t. I get to go to war with myself. I usually win.

    In way more important news, huge victory today for me. Big goal was shirt off in a WOD by September 4 (my 1 year class anny). Today was that day. Might not mean much to most, but this was a pretty big deal for me. A goat of goats. And if you were in the parking lot around my one hour mark, you got to see EVEN MORE…you know who you are, you lucky devils.

    Now, coma time. Auto bill clients in 3…2…1…

    • Yeah HO! You were rockin it this morning! Awesome work!

    • Man! Cannot believe I missed it! Anyone got pics? Ho, wanna Skype later? Do you have Snapchat?

    • Congrats!!!!! :)
      It’s like wearing a 2 piece for girls. (I am way past that happening but, I get it!)


    • Dave C.

      Yeah bud!

    • Big Mike

      What happened cannot be unseen…tried scaping my eyeballs but all I can say is that I can absolutely verify that he has not taken his shirt off this summer….not even a hint of a tanline…..oh I forgot….Ginger

      Honestly though….69 minutes…the last 20 or so completely alone….warrior.

      • Actually, that is my “tan.” Well, except for my butt. That might have been the first sun my fab booty has seen this year. I’ll check my diary.

    • missed the shirtless part, but saw some of the mayhemers tearing it up past the cap. reminded me of the song “the Distance” by Cake. nice work.

    • great job, Andrew!

    • Andy M.

      I had gotten over my nausea from the WOD but it quickly returned when I saw MORE.

      Way to gut it out Ho!

  13. Way to go Sarah B! Congrats on the MU! So exciting!!!

    Bull – 40min cap (minus 20sec – started late and forgot to go over at end)
    1rd + 200DU’s, 35OHS Rx DU’s, 35# OHS (focused on form), Kipping PU’s.

    Absolutely LOVED being up before the sun this morning. I need to do more early morning training like I used to.

    Awesome 0530 group. Great to meet you Devon and Sarah Wilson :-D

  14. Sarah Wilson

    I scaled the *pooh* out of this WOD:
    Bull: 44:08
    200 singles
    20 OHS at 55
    20 pull ups
    1 mile run
    200 singles and a 8 strung together doubles (aw yeah)
    20 OHS at 55
    21 pull ups
    2 3/4 mile run

    I worship Saint

  15. Dave C.

    Bull: 53:13…I think. Or a little over a minute slower than Andy. OHS @ 95#, the rest RX.

    First time I’ve been so spent at the end of a WOD that I have almost no recollection of my time.

    • Don’t worry, a 195 pound elf put your weights away. Don’t worry. I wasn’t tired or anything. I had plenty of rest during the workout.

      Way to kill it today.

      • Dave C.

        Dang. Forgot the weights on the patio. Sorry brother and thank you. I owe you one.

        And stellar performance on your part this morning. All heart!

    • Andy M.

      I was at 51:00 even Dave. Nice job.

  16. Big Mike

    Bull: 49:00 no where near Rx
    Scaled double unders to 200 singles (calf is still tender)
    First 25 OHS at 95# then dropped to 65# because I could not do anything more than an unstable single. Did second set at 85#
    Pull Ups….regular…second set was nothing but doubles
    Run-subbed two 6:35 1600M rows (see calf note above). Took everything that was left in the tank to match the splits.
    Went home and laid on the floor for a bit. Carpet is now ruined.

  17. Bull: 1 rnd + 172 reps

    SupaScale (for damaged Hammie) – 50 Push Ups, 100 dowel air squats, 50 pullups, 1600m row.

    Amazing how push ups fried my arms/shoulders and could barley hold the dowel over head more than five reps. buuuurrrnnn.

    mad respect for those who went beyond the cap.

  18. Maureen B.

    Bull: DNF – Jeesh this was tough, got 6 of the second round of pull ups. 45# OHS, 5 min. of DU attempts (basically 5 min. of whipping myself with a rope)

  19. Sugar Daddy – 9:58, 115#.

  20. Michelene

    Bull: DNF (100 DUs & 35#) – got through 42 of the 2nd set of OHS which were looking really bad toward the end. The WOD name should be changed to WTF which is what I said BEFORE I realized it was 2 rounds, not 1. Hats off to those who toughed it out past 40 minutes!

    • Tricia D

      Great job! What a workout! Sorry I missed this. We are in nj :( Have a great long weekend!

  21. Heather V.

    Bull: DNF, got through 35 of the OHS at 75# in the 2nd round. Brutal. Just had a hard time holding onto the bar today.

  22. Rachel E

    Neon Bull: 1 + 190 at the 40:00 time cap (100 DUs with singles mixed in, 55# OHS)

    Had to run to work but huge props to everyone who stuck around and finished! I had noodle arms for an hour afterwards…

  23. Sarah S

    Fight Gone Bad in Maine:

    Sarah (wearing NEON): 227 Rx – women only had to do 9′ mark, I stuck with our 10′ standard.

    Jared: 334 Rx

  24. Rick W.

    Bull: 48:18 95# OHS rest rx.
    Happy Labor Day all.

  25. Michelle

    Snakebite: 11:58 rx
    Snatch complex otm 80#

  26. Snakebite 9:59 ties 2011 PR

  27. Bull: 1:02:18 (95#, rest Rx)

  28. Bull 1:06.58 rx

    Next year sub one hour

  29. laura c

    BULL: 55:15 350 singles and 30 DU first round, 400 singles second round, 40# OHS, rest RX

    Holy Sh*&! That 100% emptied my tank. The hardest thing for me was the rope. Had to goto singles and I can usually do those with NO problem but after about 250 of them, I forgot how to jump rope! I could not even get off the ground to do a single! It was WEIRD … but I did them, by golly!

    OHS felt awesome – could have gone heavier for sure,.

    runs so slow…..

    SO glad I finished and did not stop but I think my blood sugar was about a 7 at the end….

  30. Just in visiting from Moncton, New Brunswick. Tried the WOD with the 8:30 class and loved it.

    Bull @65# OHS (rest rx’d)

    Thanks for the warm welcome Ben!

  31. Big Bri

    “Bull” – 59:44 Rx’d

  32. Sarah B. is the shiznit.

    ummmm yeahhh…
    Bull: 40 min time cap.
    200 single
    50 ohs (65#)
    50 PU
    1 mile
    200 single
    50 ohs (65#)
    1 PU.

    left quad held up “well” but it’s not liking life right now and it thanks its big bro right quad. ;-)

  33. Bull: 52:30 (100 DU with 5 min time cap & 115# OHS)

    Super tough WOD, but I enjoyed the 9:30 class. Glad I got to pull out the Beef Cake shirt today!

  34. Melinda

    Bull: 48:50 (did 1/2 PU – sub 25 GHD for 25 PU) rest RX

  35. 68:28 RX

    Things I learned/happy for today:

    1)working out with Big Bri is an honor! The dude is simply amazing!

    2)Coach Ben is THE BEST! HANDS DOWN!!! Thanks for the tips on the OHS the smallest advise makes the biggest difference.

    3) Last year master Comp my 3 rep max OHS was 135. Today I got 101 of the MOFO’s!!! Did an extra one for my Good Friend BULL. Who I never met or will ever meet but he deserves to be resting in peace!

    Lastly as I got a cup of coffee at DD on the way home I met a woman with ALS. Just a reminder to be thankful of the things we do every day!!

    Great job 8:30!

  36. Bull: 38:54
    2 rnds-100 du’s, 50 ohs-55#, 25 pu, 1mile run

  37. Bull (super modified division). 54:xx – had to finish it. 2 rnds: 400 SU / OHS @ 65# / ring rows (due to hand tear) / run Rx

    Big thanks to Kathy for running not one but the last two 400m loops with me. That’s a good sucker…I mean friend…right there.

    DU practice post WOD. Goal for September is 50+ in 2min.

  38. Sarah B that’s fantastic! It’s such an unbelievable feeling when you get that first MU. Moments in time like that are eternal. Channeling that feeling enables you to achieve other moments and inspires you when you need it most.

  39. Susan Stein

    Yesterday: Sugar Daddy: 8:39 at 105#

    Today: Bull: 52:39 (2x single unders, 35# OHS)
    Stayed light on the OHS, shoulders have not been happy. Spent most of my time staring at the pull up bar. They were all singles, but I got them done!

    Great job everyone!

    • Laura C

      Thats Amazing determination…. And thanks for the great reminder. Very very true. When we get caught up in our time and weights it is nice to come back to the simple things we GET to do:)!

      • Laura C

        That double posted… Damn phone

        Nice job susan is what I meant to say!

    • way to tough it through till the end, Susan!

  40. Wendy P

    Bull: 47:37. – sooooo happy I finished- tough

    300 singles… these were awful- couldn’t get the rhythm, 35# OHS… These felt great should have gone a bit heavier, rest RX

  41. Bull: 53:20 (with FS 115#)

    That was not a nice “welcome back WOD” after a month off! Holy sh!t that was hard.

    Sticking with the DUs was a big win for me today. Still have work to do, but I’m making progress.

    • Chris L. (Bruzzo)

      Great stuff JC!!!
      Psyched to see you sticking with the DUs!!!

  42. Bull: 53:15
    300 singles
    115# OHS
    Not pretty, but glad I “got to” do that!

  43. Bull – 1 Round. Then DNF. Not feeling well today. I will get you Bull next time

  44. Scott A

    Bull- DNF- (95#) 1 rd + 252
    Damn….what a grind. It was a great test to see where I’m at physically and mentally. Getting better every day.

  45. Curt V.


    125 DU’s, 50 OHS at 65#, 50 pull-ups, 1 mile run, then 10 DU’s then hit 40 min cap.

  46. Bull
    400 singles,35# OHS,RX PU’s, run 800,row 800
    300 singles,35# OHS, 2 PU’s

    keep trying to remember “I get to run”

  47. Bull with mods/subs: 38:10
    Aerodine-40 cal, 50 OHS with dowel, 20 strict pull ups, 1600 meter row
    2 rounds of that. Felt sooooo great to be at CFNE after 4 days off(which felt like a month). The energy was fantastic this morning–so many people and great WOD, even though I had to sub with all my injuries:-(
    Trying to be smart, so I can WOD, at all. Dislike having to sub, but, I also have realized how sweet it is, when you are not injured, and you can do just about everything. It definitely gives you perspective and appreciation when you are sidelined or have to substitute a lot of movements and scale the weight. The dowel….that was a big ego check for me today. Glad I at least got to do the movement of an OHS! I guess we don’t just build muscle at CFNE; we build character, too:-)

    • Susan Stein

      I saw you and was gonna say something about you needing to rest. So glad you made it in and did it smartly, the injuries aren’t worth it. You did great!

      • yah–I could not stay away a full week! I was nearing a depressive state….did it all smartly–no pain, no strain on those injuries. See ya tomorrow? Maybe abs will get all the work tomorrow.

  48. Bull: 40 min cap. 1 round plus ropes and 20 ohs modifications: 300 singles, 35#ohs. Not a good day. I thought about quitting every 5 reps or so, actually I thought about quitting the whole 40 minutes. It took all my mental skills to transform this to allow me to even get to the time cap. I walked for about 400 meters of the mile. I waited about 4 minutes between every 5 reps of the ohs. I almost started crying in a crazy attempt to validate the pity party I was having in my head. At the end my positive reframe was that doing 40 minutes of metcom was helping to train my engine and that was good.

    • laura c

      there is no crying in crossfit….well, yes there is:)! It was totally a mental game today. I wanted to stagle myself with the rope – which I almost did! Way to stick with it the full 40 min! You rock anyhow!

  49. Bull: 42:45
    55# – rest Rx

    Awesome energy at 8:30 today!

  50. Bull: 36:40, 2 rnds with 100 su/100 du, 50 push-ups, 50 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups…plus one 400m run that I wasn’t supposed to do (injury-wise) so I stopped.


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