"What'd you say about my mudda?"

“What’d you say about my muddah?”

Sugar Daddy
Deadlifts (225, 155#)
400m run after each round

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Super rare picture of Mike G with his shirt on. Save this one folks! It's going to be worth a boatload someday.

Super rare picture of Mike G with his shirt on. Save this one folks! It’s going to be worth a boatload someday.

Coaches Corner with Coach Heather

From the www.hbunfiltered.com VAULT (9/20/13):

Big shift from yesterday’s post.  I think it’s time we clean it up for a bit and prove that we actually are civilized humans with a heart…that just happen to fart and queef.  MAN, I canNOT belieeeeeve how hard it is to stay clean.  ANYways…
I was thinking the other day about how out of all the people in the entire world…everyone…I have more respect for my husband, Ben, than anyone else.
That’s a pretty loaded statement, because I am surrounded by very, very good people: my parents, my in-laws, incredible friends, amazing elite and world-class athletes, even my ex-husband is one of the most stand-up guys I know.  I am SO lucky to have this impressively long list.
But, truly, the one person that stands far above all the rest is the man I’m married to.  How lucky am I?  I ran into a woman who knows of Ben the other day, and ten minutes into the conversation, she says, “He really is too good to be true, huh?”  I thought about it for a second, and said, “In every way.”  I mean that.  He spends more time at CFNE than anyone else (well, Harry’s probably sabotaging that statement right now, but you get the point).  Ben is the most committed father I’ve ever known or known of.  He never, ever tries to cheat the system.  Anysystem.  I can’t remember the last time he said a bad word.  He cried once when he yelled at Jonah because he was so disappointed in himself.  Ben takes care of his employees as if they were his own children.
And, then there’s how Ben cares for me.  He gives me zero reason to ever be jealous of other women.  He helps clean up the kitchen at night so I can write for this blog…and, I don’t have to ask him to do it.  He never questions what I spend our money on.  He doesn’t mind AT ALL when I take off for a couple hours to hang out with the girls.  And, one of my favorite ways of knowing Ben cares for me is when I hear from other people about how he was talking about me to them.
All of this got me thinking about how while I’m lucky and all, I think this is how it actually should be, right?  I mean, you shouldn’t be settling for a place in your relationship where you don’t fully respect your significant other for the person they are.
But, just because you don’t completely feel that way about that person in your life, doesn’t mean you can’t get there with them.  If you’re really with the right person, the person you truly believe you were meant to be, you need to sort of lead by example.
Good people eventually follow good examples.  It just sort of happens that way.  Some people need more time than others, but it does happen.
I do believe that Ben cares for me so well in part because it is my mission to let him know he is cared for.  He knows how I think he is the most attractive man on the planet.  I try to bring him food at the gym because I know he works so hard all day that most days he never steps foot outside the gym door. I am very careful with our money because it’s just that: our money…not mine to spend as I wish.  I know it’s important for him to have time to hang out with the guys and go to Bruins and Patriots games whenever they invite him.  And, I never…ever…talk badly about this man.  Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about him.
We will occasionally read back over our wedding vows.  They remind us about how important all of this stuff is.  Respect is in there…for sure.