Wednesday 08.28.13

Question: Is it the eye of the tiger or the lone wolf?  Answer: It's both actually

Question: Is it the eye of the tiger or the lone wolf?
Answer: It’s both actually

Strict Press
5×1 climbing

Push Press
5×1 climbing

Push Jerk
5×1 climbing

Post loads to comments.

Climb from set to set and from movement to movement.

What's Geoff looking at? I know I know...calves...besides calves what is he looking at?

What’s Geoff looking at? I know I know…calves…besides calves what is he looking at?



  1. Kevin C.

    Max, he is clearly checking out your booty!

  2. Ben, thank you so much for programming my favorite WOD on my last day but, I’m not leaving til TH!

  3. Maureen B.

    He’s definitely looking @ paleo chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk…

  4. Mike G's Six Pack

    We all know what he’s looking at…AHEM!!!

  5. Big Bri

    Well, not sure how to follow up THAT post, but i’ll give it a try.

    Got 4 seats for Sox game Wed night, right field roof box. No charge, first come first serve. E-mail me – if interested. i’ll figure out how to get them to you.

  6. Christian

    If anyone from the 530/630pm crew wants to take a shot at the ECC versions of either FGB or DT before or after class let me know here or on fb or message if you have my number. I’m leaning towards DT with the ghosts of ugly power cleans from black and blue in my head, but I’ll give either a shot!

    Not doing any sprinting until this weekend as I’m sort of nursing an angry quad right now.

    Wods are listed here:

  7. Strict Press: 95-155
    Push Press: 160-185
    Push Jerk: 190-215

  8. Strict Press: 145-185 (10#PR)
    Push Press: 190-210 (f225)
    Push Jerk: 215-235

    Great lifting with you, Chad. Stand up dude that will be truly missed.

  9. Press – 125
    Push Press – 165
    no jerk (shoulder a little crunchy from not dropping weights)

  10. Heather O

    Happy Hump Day everyone! WODing at the YMCA in Worcester this am with my mom.
    2K row: 8:07. This was my first time doing this. Not so happy with the time but I was unsure how to pace myself for it. I def think I started off too fast but tried to end strong though it was tough. Oh well I’ll be glass half full and happy to have it in the books to improve on next time.
    Then 2 mile run and 50 push-ups.

    Then Annie: 7:20 (with 2xSU) which is + 20 off PR. I can blame it on the bad plastic jump rope or the Pre-Annie working out but I won’t. This is why I’m looking forward to the team challenge to get back on my woding and eating better routine! Icecream and other delicious summertime not so good for you treats don’t help with the WOD times! Nor will they help with how happy I was with how my wedding dress fit and looked last weekend. :) No time to gain now.

    Have a great day everyone! :)

  11. Mike R.

    SP: 85-125
    PP: 125-155
    PJ: 160-175 (f 180)

  12. Scott W

    SP: 65-125
    PP: 130-150
    PJ: 155-175

  13. SP 85-125
    PP 125-150
    PJ 155-180

  14. Thanks for having me 5:30 class. Saint and Doug thanks for lifting with me.

    Strict Press: 95-145 20#PR
    Push Press: 145-165 (I suck at push press, can’t stop from dipping under the bar…)
    Push Jerk: 165-195 (this felt super solid, thanks for the bar placement lesson Harry, something for me to work on)

  15. SP: –>80#
    PP: –>85#
    PJ: –>95# on rep 4 (failed 100# at rep 5)

    Fun to crash the 6:30am. Rachel, you rock!

  16. Kristin B.

    Strict Press: 75-105# PR
    Push Press: 105-135#
    Push Jerk: 135-170# PR

    Had never push-jerked outside a C&J (with a max of 145#) so this was fun — had no idea where I’d land. Great way to start the morning.

  17. Big Mike

    Strict Press: 95-135
    Push Press: 145-165 (10#pr)
    Push Jerk: 155-185 (30# pr)

    Started the Push Jerks at 170 and failed twice so backed down to 155 and went back up the ladder. Last jerk PR was split jerk.
    Always a workout with Cotter (the pretty one) switching weight. Did you guys know he has a 500lb deadlift?

  18. Rachel E

    Strict Press: 65-80 (5# PR)
    Push Press: 90-115 (PR, not sure by how much)
    Push Jerk: 115-130 (f 140)

    Had nooo idea how much lack of ankle mobility was affecting my lifts. Thanks for the video, Harry!

  19. FGB (ECC – scaled version): 14:27

  20. Strict Press: 75/85/95/105/110 (10# PR)
    Push Press: 115/125/135/140/145
    Push Jerk: 155/160/165/f (10# jerk PR. more there. shoulder felt tweaked so stopped)

  21. Strict Press. 145-180 (5# off PR, wanted to get it but knew I didn’t have it)
    Push Press. 190-210 (according to those that watched it was an EPIC fail @ 225)
    Push Jerk. 215-235 (sucked that I wasted my 1st attempted at 235# and had to get it with my final lift, 240, you’re mine next time.
    It was great working on that platform with you Ho, I was just shocked that there was no shit talking with the platform next to us!

    • Big Mike

      I did see a slight knee bend but shouting no rep would have been rude.

    • Talk shit about what? The poor guy could barely get the bar out of the rack…(go ahead, Mike, tell me about your rowing).

      Also, for what it’s worth, best fail I’ve ever seen. Hands down not close. Also, the closest I’ve come to seeing someone drop 225 pounds on their neck. Given that you survived, I’m really glad it happened. Solid entertainment.

      • Yikes! Guys remember this is a PG page…no swearing please…

        • Ug…it’s like school all over again. Big Mike hurts my feelings and he never gets in trouble for it. Feel free to edit my comment and say “Talk [doody] about what?”

          Also, I miss you. Do you miss me?

          I left a note at the desk…feel free to circle the appropriate answer.

          • Big Mike

            I was actually talking about Chad’s slight knee bend and how rude it would have been for me to no rep him on the last day that I will see him before he heads to AZ…were you lifting on that platform? Oh yeah, didn’t I fist pump you after your 225….why the venom? Did I start the (insert really bad swear word) talk?
            I know there must be some inner demons…that fifth grader back in elementary school that stole your lunch money…well he’s probably old and fat now…the CEO of some really big company with several homes, cars and 24 year old wife….but you have a strict press of 185#.

          • Miss ya big time bud! Although waking up at 7am is pretty darn (see no swearing) sweet! Nice job today! BIG NUMBERS! Unfortunately I have a date to the prom already :-( also did you ask Big Mike’s permission to go to prom and extend you curfew? Also Big Mike are you still volunteering as a chaperone?

            DOUBLE BURN!

      • crazy stunt by Chad doing a bit of acrobatic maneuvering, where the bar was way, way, way past his center line to the back. thought that he was a goner with massive weight over head. like a cat though, he ended up on his feet. a full backwards roll, with weight crashing on platform and rolling back towards him. he stumbled and rolled all the way to the pull up bars. wish we had a video.

        that is the way to leave.

    • I just realized I started the expletiving, sorry CFNE (and Max specifically). OK OK, lets keep this positive, we all ended up with good numbers. Can’t we all do Fran and vomit together?

  22. Came over right after Bikram Yoga and did this on my own.

    Strict: 85#
    Push: 105# (had more I think)
    Jerk: 115# (definitely just didn’t practice form on this enough)

    I’m 10# under my PRs right now.

  23. Ashley R

    Strict press: 85#
    Push Press: 105#
    Push Jerk: stuck at 105#..thought I would do better with this one but all those lifts wiped me out!

    Felt good to do some lifting!!!

  24. SP: 95# (25# PR)
    PP: 105# (20# PR)
    PJ: 115# (10# PR)

    Thanks to my lifting buds Jen and Terri! Great job today!

    • Just realized it was a 85# SP only a 15# PR (couldn’t read my own writing…ha)

  25. Patti Jeanne

    sp: 75:
    PP: 100
    PJ 105 failed at 110

  26. Shoulder is a bit tender pressing overhead, so I had to mixed it up at the work gym today.

    500M row – 1:36

    3 x 10 leg presses @ 235 (yeah I said it, leg presses!)

    5 rft: 5 strict pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 Russian Kettlebell Swings @53# – 8:58

  27. SP: up to 70#
    PP: up to 76# (6# PR)
    PJ: up to 70#. Yup, not a typo, I could PP more than I could PJ. Would like to blame it on being beat from the SP and PP, but I know it’s a technique issue. One more thing to work on!

  28. Strict Press: 115# – 145#
    Push Press: 150# – 185#
    Push Jerk: 187# – 200# (Failed 205#)

  29. Molly C

    SP: 65# (didn’t make 70#)
    PP: 90#
    PJ: 95#
    Great 8:30 class – thanks for the help Ashley and Patti!

  30. SP 155
    PP 185
    PJ 195

  31. Laura c

    I was beat up from “black and blue”…. Weird spots just hurting on arms/LT BAND so took a gentle 3 mile run after dropping kids off at BUS!! Yee haw!

  32. Colleen (c4!)

    85/110/125 failed 135 & 130
    Black and blue 6:04 rx (2:07 PR and 10# heavier)

  33. SO nice to be back! Fun times with Iris, Judi and Jan

    SP 53# ? could have gone higher
    PP 73# (PR)
    PJ 93# (PR) failed at 98#

  34. Congrats Sarah B on your first ring MU!!! Many more to come!!!

  35. SP: 85
    PP: 115
    PJ: 150 (5# PR)

    Fun night on the platform with Sarah B!

  36. 5×5 back squat – 95, 105, 115, 125, 135
    5 rounds 10 ghd and back extensions not for time.

  37. StrictP- 150
    PushJ- 205 (failed 215×2)

  38. Christian

    Progenex Force – 8:03 (135#, PU)… Too fast on the burpees, dropped the bar too much in round 1, round 2 was better, and 3 was unbroken

    Great to give this one a try.

    Max, thanks for the tips on rest/recovery approaching a competition, and great bit on getting out of your head in regards to weight and times during the 730 class.

  39. Maureen B.

    SP: 70
    PP: 90
    PJ: 100

  40. Press: 155
    Push Press: 195
    Push Jerk: 215

    Great to working with Brad. Hell yeah Sarah for your muscle-up! Your smile was awesome. Well done!

  41. Sarah B

    Press: 65-85
    PP: 95-115
    PJ: 125-145, failed 155, then 150
    Got my first muscle up!! Thanks to max for the extra help…I am so happy!

  42. dylan r

    Strict Press: 125
    Push Press: 160
    Push Jerk: 215 (PR)

    Pre WOD: 2 minutes of “OMG get me the F off of this thing” AKA Airdyne for calories: 54. Max thanks for keeping me going dude.

  43. Thanks CFNE for a great drop-in, the box is awesome and I hope to come back next time I am up this way. If you come down near DC come visit us at CrossFit Arlington.

    PP – 135-155-165-175-185
    PJ – 185-205-215-225-235

  44. Krystle

    Press: 85 (5# PR)
    Push Press: around 100? Forgot to track that one.
    Push Jerk: 125 (20# PR) failed 130#

  45. SPress: 155
    PPress: 185


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