Tuesday 08.27.13

"Power cleans and burpees! Oh no! I can't look!"

“Power cleans and burpees! Oh no! I can’t look!”

Black and Blue
5 rounds of:
10 Power Cleans (135, 95#)
10 Burpees

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"Milk was a bad choice"

“Milk was a bad choice”

Holy cow there’s a lot going on at CFNE!

  • Team Transformation Challenge starts September 2nd! $35 per person! Get psyched!
  • Prom tickets are on sale! $65 per ticket (cash/credit card/charge your account/quest bars)
  • Labor Day schedule: 6am and 9am

Below are the best ways to ask someone to CFNE Prom:

  • During a WOD
  • Hide behind their car, jump out, scare them, ask them to prom (my favorite)
  • With a note that says “Will you go to prom with me? Circle one YES/NO/MAYBE”
  • In the middle of class during warm ups
  • Call their mom and ask if you can take them to prom
  • Post-WOD when their lying on the floor gasping for air
  • Write them a note on the white board
  • Have one of your friends ask them for you
  • Private message on Facebook (a classic and sure-fire way to get the answer you’re looking for)
  • Surprise them in the shower (not advised)

This works too


  1. Mike G's Shirt

    Mike, will you take me to the prom?

  2. Krystle

    OH hayyy guys wouldn’t it be super fabulous to see Fuel For Fire advertised during the Super Bowl this year? You could tell all your bros at the Super Bowl party that you know us personally. Who knows… maybe YOU could even be in the commercial. We’ll see.

    It’s super easy to vote, no sign up required https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/ma/Fuel-For-Fire/377311

    Thanks for your support!

    • And you can vote again and again…once a day for FFF!

    • Given that CFNE is the BEST-LOOKING crew in the world, if we win we would look no further than 15 Tech Circle for our casting call.

      No promises, but Big Mike may even do his “Jazz Hands” in our commercial. How can you not vote for that??

  3. Arr !! I was gonna ask Max

  4. B&B: 9:03 (115#) 3 sec. off PR

  5. Black and Blue – 10:17 Rx, (0:38 PR, 11 months ago)

  6. BB: 7:44 Rx

    3×1 squat clean & jerk @ 215…jerking like a jerk

    Good to be back.

  7. Scott W

    Black and Blue: 9:29(115#) 1:01PR from 3/12

  8. Black & Blue – 9:12 Rx (0:12 PR from October)

    3×1 Clean & Jerk – 140#

  9. Brian L

    Black and Blue- 7:55rx

  10. Big Mike

    Black & Blue: 6:43 Rx (40 sec PR)

    Good to have my buddy back in the house. Need to crush a soul once a week or so. Was tempted to turn around and face him on the last round but that would have just been mean.

  11. Kristin B.

    Black & Blue: 9:01 RX. 10 sec PR and 15# heavier from last time.

  12. Tricia D

    Black & Blue: 8:48 (65)

    Thx for your help on form, Harry. Tried to use a lighter weight and focus on getting faster elbows. Much appreciated!

  13. Black and Blue. 6.36Rx (42 second PR. Wow, Harry’s right. If you don’t drop the bar as much you will do better. Thanks Harry!)

    • Michelene

      Holding on also prevents you from dropping the bar on the person in front of you doing burpees, so an extra big thanks to Harry! Smokin’ fast Chad – I think you were done when I was on like round 2!

    • Duude. Nice PR.

  14. Black and Blue: 9:13 Rx (first time)

  15. Michelene

    Black & Blue: 9:18 (75)

  16. Black and Blue – 7:30 rx (pr)

  17. 5:20rx

  18. katrina

    black and blue 6:37 rx pr…:22sec

  19. Black & Blue: 9:47 (115#, first time)

  20. Heather V.

    Black and Blue – 6:30 Rx (PR by 1:45’ish)

  21. Black and Blue: 9:11 (85#)
    8:30 crew allowed me to crash their party today. Weird working out after just having breakfast. Luckily I didn’t lose it all over Michelle.

  22. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone. :-) Had an early morning meeting this am so I got in a 4 mile run and 50 pushups, situps and squats. I guess these pushups are paying off as I am sure they are what helped me to PR my snatch and clean complexes this past Sunday! :-) Look forward to getting back at it at the end of the week. Have a great day everyone :-)

  23. laura c

    Black and blue: 8:03 (I think)…. 75#
    5# heavier and 30 seconds slower – grrrrr

    Im fitter today.

  24. Craig B.

    Black and Blue: 6:38 Rx

  25. Ronda Rockett

    Black and Blue: 6:36;

    this is a one minute PR from 2011 and I am so grateful to have 2 PRs this week after a long stretch without one. Could have tried a little harder if I’d known Heather V was only 6 seconds ahead of me:)

    3X1 C and Jerk @ 115

  26. Susan Stein

    Black & Blue: 7:48 Did first round with 75#, shoulder was not happy at all so I dropped to 55# and continued. Not a great day and I’m hoping my shoulder’s just a little tweaked. Luckily I know a great doctor, cute too.

  27. Sarah S

    Black and Blue: 8:30 at 75#. 43 seconds faster and 10# heavier than last time.

  28. Black and Blue: 7:24 RX

    (10#/1:34 PR from July 2012)

  29. Jim Bleakley

    Black and Blue 8:00 Rx

  30. Sammy B

    Black & Blue: 8:41 (75#)

    A good time for me but light. I’ll take it given it’s day 3 of getting back. “It’s a long way to the top if you wannna rock ‘n’ roll”.

  31. michelle

    B&B: 8:13 rx :30 off pr- I am excited to start the team challenge- a lot of summer indulgences- I am ready/need to clean up my act.
    3 x 1 C& J: 115#

  32. 35th wedding anniversary wod @ las Vegas hotel gym:buy in: too much alcohol and ice cream the night before. For time 100 air squats, 75 sit ups, 50 burpees, 25 push ups: 14min. 5×5 on the cybex weight machines circut. With wierd techno music. Cash out: steam room with too many naked bodies.(where is mike g’s shirt when you need it?) Frozen protein shake pool side. Couldn’t feel better.

  33. Black and Blue: 6:13 Rx

  34. Georgia

    Black and Blue (hotel version) 9:24 60# dumbbell squats b/c it became very clear that I don’t know how to dumbbell clean. Road WODing is really tough – just can’t muster the same intensity…

  35. sarah wilson

    B&B: 7:30 at 75#. Tough to have lots of RX’ers around me this morning, but 75# was the right weight.

  36. Black and Blue: 5:39 RX

    • Damn….

      oh and…..so nervous…..Will you go to Prom with me? Sadie Hawkins Style!

  37. B&B: 9:24 85# wow, that was harder than I thought…legs are tired!!

  38. Patti J

    Black & blue 8:20 with 75#.

  39. Rick W.

    Black & Blue: 10:07 Rx – not an easy one to do solo at the work gym…

    Row 4 X 750 1 min rest Pace: 208, 208, 205, 203

  40. Black and Blue: 12:30 Rx

  41. Well, I said I would be better about posting, but it isn’t the same when I’m not there. But I have been doing a bit and I’ll see you next week.

    Fri: 100 burpees for time – 9:20
    Sat: 5×5 back squat @185 and bulletproof shoulders
    Mon: 5×3 back squat @205 and bulletproof shoulders
    Today: Black and Blue – 12:34 @ 120# (slow and steady)

  42. Sorry 630 am’rs……felt the urge for a nooner!

    BandB 645 Rx. Squat Clean and jerk 3×1 @ 215. 3×5 deads 275.

    Great Twerkn’ with the nooners today!

  43. Black and Blue:
    Oct. 2012 65# 7:44
    July 2012 85# 0nly 6 reps/clean 10:27
    Today 2013 85# all reps RX 9:37

    Just coming to class=this stuff works :)

  44. Black and blue. 7:48 Rx
    If I ever try to do heavy cleans before my wrist is healed again, yell at me.

  45. Wendy P

    @ CrossFit Eagle Rock (Calif)
    Skill: GHD 3x 10 , 3 bridges held for 10-20 sec

    WOD: 13:13 – red band, 18# x 2

    400 m run, 21 CTB, 12 KB thrusters
    400 m run, 15 CTB, 9 KB thrusters
    400m run, 9 CTB, 6 KBThrusters

    Nice people!!!! They have the biggest fan I have ever seen!

  46. Heather Bergeron

    B&B 5:00 Rx.

  47. 10:56 Rx. Thanks Harry for pushing me to do Rx!

  48. Black & Blue: 8:48 (75#)

  49. B&B: 8:23 rx
    Good news: 15# pr from last time
    Not so good news: Trying to get used to heavy weight + fast pace = struggle keeping track of reps

  50. Black & Blue”: 10:30 Rx


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