Tuesday 08.27.13

"Power cleans and burpees! Oh no! I can't look!"

“Power cleans and burpees! Oh no! I can’t look!”

Black and Blue
5 rounds of:
10 Power Cleans (135, 95#)
10 Burpees

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"Milk was a bad choice"

“Milk was a bad choice”

Holy cow there’s a lot going on at CFNE!

  • Team Transformation Challenge starts September 2nd! $35 per person! Get psyched!
  • Prom tickets are on sale! $65 per ticket (cash/credit card/charge your account/quest bars)
  • Labor Day schedule: 6am and 9am

Below are the best ways to ask someone to CFNE Prom:

  • During a WOD
  • Hide behind their car, jump out, scare them, ask them to prom (my favorite)
  • With a note that says “Will you go to prom with me? Circle one YES/NO/MAYBE”
  • In the middle of class during warm ups
  • Call their mom and ask if you can take them to prom
  • Post-WOD when their lying on the floor gasping for air
  • Write them a note on the white board
  • Have one of your friends ask them for you
  • Private message on Facebook (a classic and sure-fire way to get the answer you’re looking for)
  • Surprise them in the shower (not advised)

This works too


  1. Kevin C.

    Black and Blue- 5:39 Rx.

  2. Big Bri

    “Black and Blue” – 6:06 Rx’d

    • Black & Blue – 8:37 rx I’m going the wrong way dammit. 20 seconds off my PR.

  3. Nicole D

    Black and Blue: 8:02 (80#)

  4. Black and Blue: 7:22 RX

  5. Rachel E

    Black and Blue: 9:14 Rx (slower than October but 10# PR)

    C&J 3 x 1: 120# across

  6. Black and blue: 9:09 @ 85#
    4 seconds slower but 20lbs heavier than October

  7. Black and Blue: 8:19 RX ( :19 PR)

  8. 8:32 rx

  9. Christian

    Black n Blue – 9:41 rx (first time rx’ing totally blew up. Started too fast, but a great learning experience and quite an unexpected asskicking)

    3×1 Squat C&Js 195# – felt light, smooth. No hip, back or quad pain – but heavier has been easier than light weight for reps lately. Either way, felt great.

  10. Maureen B.

    Black & Blue: 9:26 (85#) – 1:12 slower than October, but 25# heavier

  11. “black & blue” 6:40 Rx

    i usually hate 5 rounds of anything… this wasnt so bad! (i probably did something wrong. haha.)

    C&J 3×1 135#

    BSq 1×2 195#

    started out feeling pretty sore from the last couple days and was really thankful to get moving. : )

  12. Black and Blue: 10:43 (Women’s Rx) (*)
    First time doing PC 95# (10# PR)

    (*) Just borrowed from nice comments exchange from last Monday’s WOD:

    AUGUST 19, 2013
    Amanda: 13:01 (Women’s Rx).

    AUGUST 19, 2013
    Lol! I want to do kids RX!

  13. Annmarie

    Black and blue 9:41 80#

  14. Black and blue:5:48 rx

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