Monday 08.26.13

"Wait...heavy thrusters AND bar muscle ups?!?! Is this like mutant Fran? Or possibly Fran on steroids? Luckily I've been practicing both these movements and feel fairly confident in my abilities to wreck this workout"

“Wait…heavy thrusters AND bar muscle ups?!?! Is this like mutant Fran? Or possibly Fran on steroids? Luckily I’ve been practicing both these movements and feel fairly confident in my abilities to wreck this workout”.

Ultimate Warrior
Thrusters (135, 95#)
Bar Muscle-ups

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This picture is from last week. Kev and I have been playing this game where he dresses up as Waldo and hides in large groups. Sometimes he makes it so easy... Come on Kev you can do better than this!

This picture is from last week. Kev and I have been playing this game where he dresses up as Waldo and hides in large groups. Sometimes he makes it so easy…Come on Kev you can do better than this!



  1. Ronda Rockett

    Happy Birthday Sean Rockett! Thanks for all u do for all us everyday. Love Ronda

  2. Geoff L

    Happy bday Sean

  3. Happy birthday Rockettman!

  4. The Ultimate Warrior – 14:44, 95# & pull ups

    3×1 squat snatch at 95#

  5. Happy Birthday Sean! How many burpees did you have to do today?

    The Ultimate Warrior: 11:26 (105# and C2B)

    3×1 squat snatch: 105#.

  6. Happy birthday, Sean!

    Ultimate Warrior: 18:58 (115#)

  7. Ultimate Warrior: 13:35 rx

  8. Ultimate Warrior: 13:25 (115/C2B)

  9. Craig B.

    Ultimate warrior: 18:24 rx

  10. Sammy B

    Fran: 5:51 (45#; 12-9-6 banded pullups)

    All I could manage today. Boy it’s hard coming back.

    Happy Birthday, Doc Rock!!

  11. DT Plus (modified to 3 rounds with 3 pull-ups after each round at 135#) 7:31

    Lots of work to do to clean up this rep scheme and drop the bar less.

    Thanks for the help Big Mike.

  12. 11:18 (95#, C2B)

  13. Michelene

    Ultimate Warrior: 11:33 (I think) 50# & PUs

  14. Big Bri

    “Ultimate Warrior” – did thrusters Rx, did 15-12-7 bar muscle-ups.


  15. Ashley R

    Happy Birthday Sean!!!

    Ultimate Warrior- 70# Thrusters 21,15,9 CTB Pull ups 12,9,6. That is the most weight I have used for a thruster and the most CTB I have ever done in a WOD so I am glad I made it through!

    Watching Kathy L get through those 95# Thrusters in front of me was awesome. Go Kathy!!

  16. Big Mike

    What Greg D did….5:17 (135#)

    Not sure if that will be the ECC workout but it was good to feel the stimulus and see how far I could hold on. Got the first round unbroken and most of the last round. This is all about the grip as I could not close my fist for about 15 minutes.

  17. Happy birthday, Sean!

    Ultimate Warrior – 24:04 Rx Loved this WOD even thought it took me a while!

  18. Kevin C.

    Ultimate Warrior- 13:27 Rx.

    Take care of those hands…Rip City!

  19. michelle

    Ultimate warrior: 13:09. 75#. 2 bar mu, then ctbs rest of wod. Got a handful more bmu before and after wod. Thanks for the tips, Ben.

  20. UW: 22:45 Rx.

    Happy Bday Doc!

  21. Ultimate Warrior 17:04 (95# + ctb)
    One of those days where the great coaches and awesome friends get youi through. Very grateful

  22. UW 15:39 65#, Pull Ups (med band)

  23. laura c

    ultimate warrior: 10:58# 65#, CTB
    glad I kept it light on thrusters – they just scare me and get in my head too much!!! Single CTB take a LONG time when you are tired:)!!!! Re-did some to keep standards…

  24. Not so Ultimate Warrior: 9:25 65# thrusters and doubled reps for sit-ups instead of PU hands are too messed up right now….must let them heal….

  25. Susan Stein

    Ultimate Warrior: 50# thrusters and pull ups

    Happy Birthday Sean!

  26. I wanted to be an ultimate warrior, but decided I needed to be a smart warrior, today……and over next week+. No more movements that involve the shoulder. Other body parts/joints are starting to scream at me. Taking time off.

  27. CFNE– NEED YOUR HELP. Fuel For Fire is growing and looking for new office space. We’d love to be in the Needham/Newton/Wellesley/Natick area. Doesn’t have to be fancy, casual is great. If anyone knows of space where you work (we will be awesome neighbors!) please let me know.


    PS– Happy Bday Doc Rockett!

    • Heather Bergeron

      Our basement is very spacious, and a “playful” shade of turquoise, which is very in this season…and, Hobart’s only there, like, a couple days a week at best.

    • Hi Cindy, I just sent you an email. I might be able to help you find some space.

  28. At United Barbell in San Francisco

    5 rounds / AMRAP3 – 1min rest
    3 power cleans
    6 knees to elbows
    9 KB swings

    10+3 (Shared barbell – 115# and KB – 1.5 pood)

    Good gym if you’re ever in the SoMa area of SF

  29. Ultimate Warrior: 11:13 (75# and PUs)

  30. Ultimate Warrior – 17:00 (115#, PU)
    the 20 minute cap certainly motivated me. it was 10:29 after i got through second set of thrusters, and i turned the negative thoughts down. very happy that I made it under the cap.

  31. 14:25? (135#, C2B)

  32. sarah wilson

    UW: 65# and CtoBar. I took what seemed like forever. 13:08. Loved being with the noooners today. Thanks Heather B. for being so awesome even without your beloved Starbucks. Also, a shout out to Jared for a gutsy warrior-like bar muscle up performance.

  33. Jared S

    Ultimate Warrior: 22:39 rx What a grind today. Thanks to Sarah, LJ, Max and Heather for a little extra push throughout this humbling wod.

  34. Ultimate Warrior: 10:03 (135#/C2B)

    I need to work on my MUs. I was able to do a few banded MUs, but just couldn’t figure it out once I put the band away. Better luck next time I guess.

  35. Ronda Rockett

    Warrior: 10:07 or something like that; I did 85# thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups
    I am happy I was able to link 3 chest to bar in a row and will work to increase that number.
    Post WOD: 3×1 snatch at 90#; I am thrilled that it felt easy. I will work on snatch balances to make them even better.

  36. Heather Bergeron

    Ultimate Warrior: 15:23 (I think…mid-15’s) Rx.

    Good times training with Isaac and The Ham :)

  37. Ultimate Warrior: 14:38
    21..15..9-Thrusters 95#
    15..10..5 Kipping Pull Ups

  38. Brian L

    Ultimate Warrior- 12:29 (135#,C2B)

  39. Ultimate Warrior: 10:04 (50#, pull ups)

  40. Sarah B

    Ultimate Warrior: 9:08 w C2B

  41. Ultimate warrior: 12:05
    115# w C2b

    Tore hand on MU practice.

    Good to see MDV “in the house” today!

  42. Nicole D

    Ultimate Warrior: 7:57 (65#, pull ups)

  43. Thank you all for the bday wishes. I love you and love to be around all of you except Max. Did birthday thrusters with KBS thrown in 21 15 9 except I am 46.

  44. Christian

    Ultimate Warrior – 135#, C2B – rep scheme rx


    Thanks, Rebecca for keeping track of when I finished!

    Ali, once again a simple little cue from you made the difference between what was actually my not tested for a while 1RM thruster, and hitting it for 45 reps. Awesome night!

  45. Andrea Frey

    Ultimate Warrior: 12:26 50# and green/red banded pull-ups

  46. Ultimate Warrior: 21-15-9 Thrusters @115# and 9-6-3 Bar Muscle ups.

  47. Ultimate Warrior: 10:00 (75#/C2B). Thrusters felt solid(best sets yet) unbroken last set.

    Great pre-workout speech Max. Very true.

  48. 11:47 (75#, GBPUs)

  49. Ended up being…Slow Fran: 12:52 (65#, regular pull-ups).

  50. dylan r

    Basically did Fran. Had a couple of C2B in the first round but those disappeared pretty quickly. 11:27 (95#, PU)


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