Sunday 08.25.13

This is a picture of the rare and elusive ECizzle in her natural environment.

This is a picture of the rare and elusive ECizzle in her natural environment.

Snatch Complex
5 sets climbing
Snatch Dead
Hang Snatch
Low Hang Snatch

Clean Complex
5 sets climbing
Clean Dead
Hang Clean
Low Hang Clean

Do not drop bar during complex.
Low hang snatch/clean starts at mid-shin without letting weight touch the floor.

Post loads to comments.

I feel like Tam is keeping an eye on other athletes to make sure they don't pass McD. Tam's such a good friend. Hope you said thank McD.

I feel like Tam is keeping an eye on other athletes to make sure they don’t pass McD. Tam’s such a good friend. Hope you said thanks McD.

Just a reminder that the Team Transformation Challenge starts September 2! Get PSYCHED!

Also…Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman…discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. Batman with a gut. It’s like Adam West all over again

  2. Squeeze

    New to the Box…can you please tell me what the Team Transformation Challenge is?

    • Andrew E

      The Team Transformation Challenge is a really cool part of CFNE. It’s a month-long period of sustained effort for everyone to work on their nutritional and fitness goals. You can have one of the coaches take your skin-fold measurements to determine your body composition before and after, and the class that improves the most gets major bragging rights, plus some other neat stuff. The coaches can also help you focus on things to improve on in sessions after class, like gymnastics skills, strength work, etc.

      Basically, the challenge is a great way to “turbo-charge” your results because you and your fellow CFNE-ers are all focused on a common goal. Hope that helps!

      • Squeeze

        Sounds like fun! Do the coaches put together the teams? How many people are on each team?

        Thanks Andrew!

        • Andrew, great description of the challenge! Squeeze, what class are you planning to attend? Whichever class you go to that will be your team. The coach will decide what nutrition plan you’ll follow and maybe even some extra work. Hope that helps!

  3. Matty Noits

    Adam West is a genius, Ben Affleck consciously took and played the part of Dare devil…Nuf Said.

  4. Sammy B

    Snatch Complex
    35, 45, 50, 55, 60

    Clean Complex
    65, 70, 75, 80, 85

    In barn. I hesitate to say that “I’m back” cos it feels like I have never been fit before! After a month in Australia and some time in Duxbury, feel out of shape and over weight. Anyway, today is first step back. Complex WoD was perfect. Kept weights light to keep form. Hoping to start making it into classes once the kids get back to school.

  5. Snatch complex: 55/65/75/75/85
    Clean complex: 75/85/95/105/105

    That was way harder than I thought it was going to be. Really forces you to focus on technique when you dont have the power of the full pull from the ground.

    Great class Harry!

  6. Snatch Clean: worked up to 75#. Did not have time
    To attempt more weight, but kind of glad, as this
    Was just enough tension on my not so good
    Squat clean: worked up to 120. Again, not to
    Failure, but it was good to work and focus on form
    And it was much harder not having that 3rd pull be
    From the ground.

    3 mile times run. Still not improving over past few weeks, so I guess
    I’m at a plateau for now.

  7. SC: 35/55/60/65/70

    CC: 70/85/90/95/100

    Thanks Harry!

  8. Ashley R

    Snatch Complex: worked up to 65..failed at 70#
    Clean Complex: worked up to 100#

  9. Snatch Complex: worked up to 55# (not failure)
    Clean Complex: worked up to 90# (failed at 95#)

    Great feedback Harry!!

  10. Big Bri

    On the platform with Andy – the man’s a beast!

    Snatch complex – worked up to 155#
    Clean complex – worked up to 200#

    Great class Harry!

  11. Brook R

    SC: worked up to 105 (power snatches as the squat is still a huge goat for me)
    CC: worked up to 155

    Harry, thanks for the queues and the tips on shoulder mobility!

  12. Maine WOD:

    2 min drill: 107
    100 burpees FT: 7:27 (:32 PR)
    2 mile run
    Infinite paddleboarding and beers…

  13. SC: 115, 135, 140, 145, 155

    CC: 135,165,175,185 , 200 (failed at the low hang clean)

    Great working with you Brian

  14. Heather O

    Great being back this am! Thanks for a great class Harry!
    Snatch: worked up to #45 (5#PR) and failed at 50#. This move will forever be a goat!
    Clean: work up to 75# to complete complex and got 80# from hang but not low hang, so a 15# pr for me here. :) Thanks for the push today Toni! :)
    Then 2 min du drill and got 8 actual dus. None strung together though. I still get excited when I get one so I need to quickly refocus so someday I can get 2 in a row!
    Then an hour long bike ride with my future hubby! :)

  15. Christian

    5 rounds: 5 bench (115#), 5 bench (135#), 5 bench (155#)

    4 rounds:

    Max strict HSPU – 3,2,3,2
    Max Muscle ups – 3 attempts across (got none but getting closer – I’m losing the tentativeness when approaching the rings)
    GHD sit- ups – 20 across

    Did something to my quad/hip flexor in both legs but more so my right. Made weight bearing a challenge, so I was pretty much useless in regards to lower body activity.


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