Saturday 08.24.13

Post caption to comments.

Post caption to comments.

For time:
10 Handstand Push-ups
15 Deadlifts (250, 175#)
25 Box Jumps (30, 24″)
50 Pull-ups
100 Wall Balls (20, 14#)
200 Double-unders
400m run (45, 25#)

Post times to comments.

This is our 4th Hero WOD this week. What words would you use to describe a hero?

Post your answers to comments.


Do not disturb Kev when he's playing the fish game...he needs complete silence to set a new high score.

Do not disturb Kev when he’s playing the fish game…he needs complete silence to set a new high score.


  1. Way to post early, Max! Now it just gives me more time to think about it……..
    as I was browsing the WOD, I was like–“okay, no problem….” kept reading…..
    100 wall balls—yikes!! okay, who’s gonna be there to crush this WOD with me?

    • Ashley R

      I will sweat it out with you Sam!!

    • I am sure that there are many great ways to define what a HERO is. I would say that one definition, is someone who makes personal sacrifices to help defend and protect others. I am grateful to all the men and women who serve our Country, firefighters, police, who every day serve to help keep us safe and secure. I am sure I am missing some professions—But a HERO can also be someone who is just reaching out to another–with an act of kindness– to help someone in need. BTW, that someone can also be an animal:-)

  2. Michelene

    Yikes, no more wine tonight

  3. Laura C

    I was looking at this WOD on the wall today and said to myself “self, omg that looks hard…..” And now it’s here…. It’s like “the secret”… I thought about it, imagined it and its here. Ok, let’s crush this…. I’m scared of those WB too! How about 9:00??

    • Laura C

      I did not read long enough (I stopped at 100 wb) to see about the hero…. I think a hero is someone who gives selflessly of themselves. Physically or emotionally.

    • I’ll be there at 9 with ya Laura…you can stand on my shoulders for the WB’s….

  4. Dave C.


  5. Christian

    “Come at me, Ho”

  6. Selfless

  7. Those are Ho’s nail scratches on the door over my right shoulder afer I told him my time, cried like a little kitten

  8. Mike G's Shirt

    I found my new home on Big Mike.

  9. Tricia D

    Nutts: 24:20 (24″box HSPU 1mat, 105dl, 20″ box, 25 pu attempts (13 or so legit rest attempts), 10#wb, 400su) and and and :)

  10. Mike R.

    Nutts: 33:50 Rx – was going alright until the DUs then had to just grind it out the rest of the way.

    Great job 7 AM!

  11. Heather V.

    Nutts: 20:37 Rx

  12. Nutts: 31:15 (205# DL) fumbled my last 5 hspu… just felt odd trying to kip without the comfy mat for my head! double unders were a tough grind.

  13. Nutts: 25:40 (1mat, 105# DL, 20″ bj, 10# WB purple line)

  14. Michelene

    Nutts: 27:12 (2 abmats, 95# DLs, 10# WBs and 100 DU attempts)

  15. Nutts: 26:08 Rx

    Caption: Godfather or Grandfather, you decide.

  16. Kristin B.

    Nutts: 25:30. Some mods: 2 ab mats HSPUs, rx DLs, 20″ BJs, 1/2 the pull-ups, 14# jumping front squats for WBs, 2x singles, 25# run

  17. Melinda

    Nutts: 21:? (:10-20) Sub 53#KB for PU

    Great to finally wod with Heather V and Sarah

    • Colleen (c4!)

      You three: the Turbo Troika; The Three Muscleteers; the Nutts’ Butts!

      • Melinda

        and you of course (goes without saying)!!!

        ha ha Max quote “C4 Clause”

  18. Ashley R

    Nutts: 21:35 w/ mods
    10 kip hspu, 95# DL (nursing glute), 20″ step ups, 50 pull ups, 75 WB 14# so I can walk tomorrow, 100 d.u, 400m run w 25# plate.

    Pleasantly surprised I got that many double unders even tho I felt like throwing up during them. I felt a direct effect from my week of eating and drinking. YUCK!!!

  19. Nutts: 28:43 (205# DL, rest Rx)

  20. Wendy P

    Nutts: 29:55. ….plate/ 2abmats, 95#, 24″, RX pull- up, 10# WB, 400 singles, 25# plate

    I really get bogged down on pull- ups…. It goes soooo slow when you can only do 1-2 at a time…

    Last workout with my daughter for awhile – she is off to college in the morning. It was a fun summer cross fitting with her.

    Lauren: 24:35 1 abmat, 95#, 10# WB, singles

  21. Nutts: 31:41, all rx except 12# wall balls to the 9.5′ target haha. Shoulders smoked.

    Gotta love ripping both hands halfway through pull ups

  22. Craig B.

    Nutts: 19:24

  23. Geoff L

    Nutts – 14:15 Rx

  24. Laura c

    Nutts: 26:45 (I think) 125# dl, 8#wb (was all I could find so went to legit line), 11 DU Then switched to 375 singles.. )

    Just could not get my head around all those DU attempts.

    Total amazing grind. Hands still shaking… Love it!

    Perfect weather…. Going on a long post WOD walk!

  25. Nutts. 33:50. 205 DL; 2 ab mats; 100 DUs + 200 sus

    Great working with you Ben

    Good times in the box today

  26. Nutts: 23:10 165#DL, 24″ BJ, 14#WB, 25#plate, 400 singles

  27. Nutts: 23:49 Rx

  28. Colleen (OC)

    Jerry: 30:32, Rx.

    Not a PR by about 2 minutes, but I used a treadmill instead of running outside (which was unfortunate because it’s beautiful out today!)

    Row: 10:06, only 10 seconds slower than last time, so it was pretty much the treadmill running that got me this time.

  29. Nutts – 22:14 Rx

  30. Colleen (c4!)

    24:37 25#x2 DB push presses instead of HSPUs; 135# DLs; 30 PUs + 35# KB swings (torn hands).

  31. Andy M.

    “There’s no way you can win this staring contest.”

    8 mile run at 6:30AM 1:19, ugh

    Surfer on Acid at noon: 9:22 off PR by 4 seconds

    Gin & Tonics at 4PM

  32. Christian

    Attempted a 5k row, but again my back and butt just locked up on me 1000m in… I made it 2500m, though and te good news is I rowed a 7:33 2k which is actually a 10 sec PR.

    3×20 GHD sit ups (these don’t irritate my back)
    5×5 GHR (45#) these also don’t bother me And actually offset the lock up from the row.

  33. 22:52 with 185#
    Loved it sort of in a weird Crossfit kinda ugly way

  34. 24:24 (175# DL, 24″ BJs, 14# WB’s, 400 SU’s, 45#)

  35. 30:09 225# DL

  36. Nutts: 42:00 ish. 14# wall ball, 3 ab mat HSPU.

    The good: 250# deadlifts fast with one short break. Pull ups relatively quick.
    The bad: Box jumps were singles, but it was the first time I attacked the 30″ in a long time.
    The ugly: Wall balls, even at 14#, painfully slow. Right shoulder killed. Was gassed by the time I hit the DUs and I didn’t get the rythym going today.

    Glad to finish the workout but looking forward to another, more successful, crack at this.

  37. Molly C.

    Nutts: 23:08 scaled (85#DL, 25 band p/u, 50 WB 10#, 400 singles)

  38. Nutts: 18:41 rx. Du sucked


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