Friday 08.23.13

Prison Yard Will's making a comeback...and this time he means business...not that he didn't mean business before, but this time he REALLY means business!

Prison Yard Will’s making a comeback…and this time he means business…not that he didn’t mean business before, but this time he REALLY means business!

75 Snatches (75, 55#)

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When Dan's working out he brings the intensity! When he's not working out he brings the niceness! The nicest most intense guy around! Get it Dan!

When Dan’s working out he brings the intensity! When he’s not working out he brings the niceness! The nicest most intense guy around! Get it Dan!


  1. Maureen B.

    Do these have to be squat snatches?

  2. Colleen (OC)

    100 burpees for time: 7:56 (not a PR by 1 minute exactly) Still beat Todd (9:20) but this is the only movement I’ve ever beat him in.

    2 minute drill: 35 (tied PR). Thought I was going to throw up when I was doing these. There’s no way I can get more than 35 without eliminating the two singles I do between each double. 11 more days!!!

  3. Randy: 6:53 Rx

    OTM 12
    Odd: 1-2 muscle ups
    Even: 3 squat therapy (w/ Rx ass grab at the end of each set – see CompWOD for video demo)

    Anything by the Spice Girls. (We’re supposed to keep naming songs we like, right?)

  4. Dave C.

    Randy: 4:53 Rx

  5. Mike R.

    Randy: 6:44 Rx

  6. Raaaaaandy: 10:57 Rx, way off PR.

  7. Sarah Wilson

    Will, I love your workout clothes, headband and wrist gear!

    Randy: 35# 6:20.
    Post WOD: watched Heather V. attempt MUs

  8. Heather V.

    Randy: 5:07 Rx

  9. Tricia D

    Randy: 7:01 (40)

    Michellene, great job today and thanks for pushing me to go to 40. Wouldn’t have done that otherwise!

    Harry, great advvice on breaking up the sets today. Really helped to get through it.

    Kevin, totally neglected to say welcome to the 530! Glad to have you.

    Everyone, have a nice weekend.

    • be seeing you at the 5:30 soon……once I get myself used to the 6:30–ha!
      Great job, today

    • Heather O

      Great job girl! Look forward to seeing you next week when I get back on my schedule! :) Happy Friday! Xo

    • Michelene

      You did amazing today! You made it look easy and you were super fast. Great partner too!! :)

  10. Annmarie

    Randy 35# 5:41

  11. Randy: 4:59 (55#)
    1 minute faster and 10# heavier than last year around the same time.
    Thanks, Tara, for counting!! You did so well today with Randy!

  12. Randy 6:56 Rx

  13. Randy: 7:50 (1:35 PR)

    First time doing snatches in a while…felt pretty good.

  14. Randy: 7:48 Rx (first time) went to small sets of 5 too early. next time bigger chuncks. Showering with hand tears are the worst, amiright?

    Fun times with Bob this morning!

  15. Big Mike

    Randy: 4:55 Rx (-2 from PR)

    Two days in a row I’m -2 seconds. Dave C’s strategy for me to set the pace worked well for him so he got a big middle finger when he woke up on the floor. If he’s going to beat me he has to empty the tank….and he did both….

    Helluva a week of programming! and epic posts. Spent about 40 bucks downloading songs last night. A little embarrassed when my 17 year old walked in on me listening to Avicii (does he sing or just mix….and how the hell do DJ’s become pop stars…Charles Laquidara must be rolling over in his grave-if he’s actually dead) and Deadmau5 (how the hell do you pronounce it?). But we bonded on Back in Black.

    • Tricia D


    • Mike, you’re the man! Great job this morning. Wish I had been there to see it. Miss the morning crew.

    • I don’t think there are too many of us who remember Charles Laquidara! And Tank??

    • Charles is still alive I believe, as is Oedipus and Bradley J.

      And you wouldn’t believe how much those DJs make…LOTS OF ZEROS

  16. Randy – 5:04 Rx (20 seconds off PR)

    Muscle Ups (5,5,5,3,3,3)
    Squat Therapy (10,10,5,5,5,5)

    • All the tall dudes are taking Randy behind the wood shed. Dave C, Big Mike, Marcus… impressive times!

  17. Michelene

    Randy: 8:40 (40#)

  18. Randy: 6:58 RX

  19. Patrick

    Bench- 3×5@200

  20. Maureen B.

    Randy: 7:59 Rx – Did this in September in 6:20, but with 35#, so I think this is kind of a PR?

  21. Katrina

    Randy 4:51RX

  22. “Randy”: 5:48 Rx (:35 PR)

  23. Yesterday at Champlain Valley CrossFit:

    20 EMOTM:
    Odds – 10 Pushups
    Evens – 1-2 Muscle Ups…linked them for the first time (twice) with the help of Danielle Horan.

    AMRAP 12:
    12 40# ball slams
    12 50# DB split snatch
    6 + 13

    Great box.

  24. Ronda Rockett

    Randy 4:11
    I’m grateful for my first PR in a year or more and for my fabulous friends that cheered me on. I’m also grateful for Harry and Rachel who continue to teach me so much.

  25. michelle

    Otm12: mu/mu transitions/squat therapy
    Mu were lost at first but I got them finally

    Randy: 6:14 rx. 1:13 off pr
    Great partnering with you, Trina! Way to stick with it, babe! Fun class, Rachel! Tks

  26. Randy: 7:44 RX (7:40 @ 35# on 9-17-12) so I’m psyched!

  27. Susan Stein

    Randy: 7:55 (45#)

  28. Randy 5:13 Rx
    Fun trying to chase Melinda

  29. Randy: 8:58 RX – felt like puking before we started but decided to go for it. Wouldn’t have made it without Michelle as my judge and cheerleader. Thanks, Michelle!

  30. Randy. 5:15 rx (40 second pr)

  31. Randy 4:46 RX
    Squat therapy. Although these didn’t feel very therapeutic!

    Three things I am happy for: Rachel and Harry’s coaching, that everything is green today (even the three traffic lights I went thru), and I will not be buying the Honda civic that I always wanted! Yeah 6:30am!

    Hey Will…….you must be popular at the prison yard wearing that………..particularly at the bottom of the deadlift! Just Sayn! Glad your back!

  32. Randy: 6:45
    went out to fast

    Bear lane carry WOD-
    carry wooden contraption @50 lbs.
    Going up-stop every telephone pole do 10 pushups x 14 poles
    Going down- stop every pole do 10 overhead press

  33. Melinda

    Randy: 4:38 Rx

    Tks to Kathy on keeping me moving on this!

    Squat therapy
    MU transitions
    T2B work

  34. Brian L

    Randy- 5:52rx

  35. Kristin R

    Randy: 6:44 (35#)

  36. Randy 4:27 RX

  37. Big Bri

    “Randy” – 4:33 Rx’d

  38. Rachel E

    Randy – 8:03Rx PR but maaaaan, I was slow. Re-test in 2 weeks, Amie Stowe! Let’s get it

  39. Randy – 8:48 RX

  40. laura c

    randy: 9:40 RX
    first time and had no idea what to do for weight – I would have gone 45# but Harry and Max had the confidence in me that I did not have. Thanks guys! Max – you 100% helped me get through that and as I said finally TODAY the words “if you get under the bar it makes it easier” FINALLY made sense – it only took until the 68 rep plus 2 years to understand that…I am a SLOW learner!

    I am happy today..even with a major hand cramp….

  41. Randy 7:32 Rx

  42. Randy: 10:00 (45#).

  43. Craig B.

    Randy: 5:47

  44. Made up injury WOD. this was a lot of fun done with the legend himself –


    100′ yoke w/ 4×45’s
    20 DU
    remaining time do MU’s until your partner gets back with the yoke.

    We got 32 MU’s together! Davis was smashing ‘em. WTG dude!

  45. Randy: 6:15 Rx (2:20 and 10# PR)…really expected more. Ug.

  46. Randy: 7:20rx
    20 second and 10# PR from last September
    Felt okay but rested too much, should have had sub 7.

  47. Randy-8:32 RX

  48. Nicole D

    Randy: 7:08 Rx

    Didn’t know what to expect with this workout so I’m happy with the time. Grip. Smoker.

  49. Randy: 4:03 + 40sec = 4:43 RX. 1min 53PR
    (25/10/7/7/7/7/7) (rep 20 at 19sec)

    I got my strategy from this video:

  50. Randy – 6:07 (ish). 2 minute PR.

    OT2M: 4 squat therapy (shoulder wasn’t having dips after Randy)


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