Wednesday 08.21.13

Always use the hook group...even when shaking hands...even when carrying your coffee mug...even when driving...hook...grip...always...

Always use the hook grip…even when shaking hands…even when carrying your coffee mug…even when driving…hook…grip…always…

Power Clean

Bench Press

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Judging is probably the most fun EVER! The judges for the Teen Comp rocked the house AND had a blast!

Judging is probably the most fun EVER! The judges for the Teen Comp rocked the house AND had a blast!


New England,

We are proud to invite you to join something exciting – our very own CFNE Judges Team.

Under the training of our coaching staff, you will be developed into a professional, knowledgeable judge for any competition. And not only can this information be utilized during events – but also in your own WOD’s at CFNE. With a higher level of understanding on movement standards and common faults, you in turn will become a smarter athlete. And knowledge is power.

Requirements to join the CFNE Judges Team:

1.       View and respond to biweekly training videos designed by our coaches

2.       If judging, attendance to a Judges meeting at CFNE three days before scheduled competition

Judges are compensated on competition day. Along with a free t-shirt and meal on competition day, judges will be paid $25 per event.

Our next two events are:

1)      CFNE East Coast Championships – September 14-15

2)      CFNE Masters Competition – October 26

If interested in joining, contact


  1. Some people say cult. I say if you have a secret handshake with hook grips…definitely cult.

  2. Big Mike

    Hook grip doesn’t always work….some things require a more gentle, tender touch……like cursive writing (this is a family blog you pigs). Go to HB Unfiltered if you want filth.

    Power Clean 3RM: 185 (10#PR)
    Bench 1RM: 225 (15# PR)

    Heading to Revere Beach for lunch-not going to waste this pump.

  3. Power Clean 3RM 135 (20#PR)
    Bench 1RM 155

    Cashout 2K Row 7:53.9 (3 sec PR)

  4. Power Clean 3 RM: 185#

    Bench 1RM: 190# (5# off PR)

  5. 3RM Power Clean: 135# (got 2 at 155#)

    1RM Bench: 175# 20#PR (failed 3x at 185# – what a difference 10# makes)

    Thanks for allowing me to crash the 5:30, Mayhemers. Good cleaning with you Dave and Paul. Nice bench PR Big Mike!

  6. 3 RM Power Clean: 135#(PR 10#)
    1 RM bench: 155#(10#PR from June)

  7. Power Clean 3RM: 175#
    Bench Press 1RM: 165#

  8. Wendy P

    3 RM Power Clean @ 95#… Tried 100#- made one which is a 5# clean PR but not a 3RM

    1 RM Bench Press – 85#…. Same exact weight in March

    Laura- always fun lifting with you!!!! You are fierce :)

    • laura c

      Thanks! And you are so much stronger than you think you are:)! Way to go!

  9. michelle

    3 rm pc: 115#
    1 rm bp: 107#. (2# pr! : ). I’ve been stuck at 105# since 1/11, I’m so happy about those 2 pounds!). Great working w you, rob & lived the rowing game, Rachel.
    Max, thank you!

  10. Melinda

    The Seven : 36:30 rx

    Possibly the toughest wod to date for me…!

  11. Brian L

    Power Clean 3RM- 205 PR
    Bench Press 1RM- 225 PR

  12. Still a little sore from the 7’s, but had fun this morning.

    Power Clean 3RM – 115 PR (don’t think I’ve ever done 3RM before)
    Bench Press 1RM – 115 PR

    Thanks Rachel and Andrea for the encouragement!

  13. Rick W.

    Power Clean 3RM- 165
    Bench Press 1RM- 185
    5X 500M Row w/ 1 min rest between, 1:46 to 1:57 splits – If i keep rowing maybe i will like it someday

  14. laura c

    PC: 100# (a PR for a 3 rep by like 30#….but have done 2 at 85#…)
    Bench: 100# (not a PR – could not get the 105# today which is my PR – GRRRRRRR)

  15. Andrea Frey

    Had a blast this morning! Thanks for having me Rachel and the 8:30am class. Trina and I made some big moves today (awesome job Trina!!!) and we both PR’d :)

    Power Clean 3RM – 95# (I’ve never done this one before)
    Bench Press 1RM – 95# (the last time I did this I got 65#)

    Feeling really good today…happy to be part of this community!

    • Great job today, Andrea – fun to get to know you. I’ll even overlook the Seminole thing! :)

    • michelle

      Great work today, Andrea!! Come to the 8:30 more often!

  16. The Seven.
    40.56Rx. (7 minutes off PR)

  17. Power Clean 3RM- 140
    Bench Press 1RM- 225

  18. Coming to you live from Champlain Valley CrossFit just outside Burlington, VT.

    Speed DLs (the idea I’m told is to pick a weight that is 50-60% of 1RM and work on exploding off the ground): 10×2 205# across…felt smooth and quick.

    MetCon: 1,000 Row buy-in, then 3 rounds of 5 power snatch, 10 toes-to-bar and 20 wallballs (20#, 10′): 13:57 at 135#…came off the rower at 3:42, snatches were wildly inefficient. Great WOD.


    OTM 5×3 reps strict pullups…strict pulls are a huge goat so this was great.

    OTM 10×3 reps strict HSPU

    First time with the reverse hyper…I avoid it back at CFNE. I need to stop avoiding it because I think I just woke up some seriously dormant stuff in my lower back. Whoa. Good stuff. Felt awkward so only did 15, 10, 10 with the reps at light weight.

    Ran out of time for the Front Rack Hold…hoping to swing in tonight to do it. Supposed to hold as much weight as possible in the front rack 5×30 seconds. The coach suggested 400-500 pounds for me…Jesus.

    Glad I got over my sourpuss fit of not being able to go to CFNE this week, CVCF is an amazing box! Really impressive.

    • ECizzle

      Ho –

      The benefit of the reverse hyper is really to pull the low back into traction. It’s less about developing any sort of back musculature, but instead to improve mobility and relieve compression from all the weightlifting. Point being, adding more weight really shouldn’t do much except get more traction/gapping of the spinal segments when the legs swing forward, and less about you trying to pick the legs up high in the backswing. Back musculature is more development via lifting heavy, and potentially hip/back ext on the GHD.

      • Thanks…that’s very helpful. The technical benefits for much of what we do escape me most of the time, but that makes sense. I could definitely feel the pull on the downswing, which felt awkward but beneficial at the same time. Happy to keep it light! Felt plenty useful. Again, thanks!

        • ECizzle

          Haha. I was actually encouraging you to go heavier! but glad it felt ok. Definitely not trying to rush you… it’s just not what a lot of ppl think its for.

      • I feel like I’m going to have to make friends with this reverse hyper. Thanks for the whats and whys EC;

  19. Colleen (c4!)

    PC 3RM 125#, failed the third 135#
    Bench 125#
    I just found out I have asthma (temporary I assume). So I’m going to 2k row once a week to see if the inhaler works. 8:29.4 row

  20. Power Clean 3RM – 175#, fail at 2 X 185#
    Bench Press 1RM – 175#

  21. Krystle

    PC 3RM: 110# PR
    Bench: 120# (5#PR)

  22. L.J. DiCarlo

    Me and Terri are spending the week down the Cape in West Yarmouth, so we’ve been doing some homegrown WODs.

    Yesterday’s homegrown Cape WOD:
    800m Run
    20 Burpees
    20 Situps
    20 Squats
    20 Pushups
    3 rounds for time: 18:19

    However, today I finally got up the nerve to try another CrossFit and headed over to CrossFit Hyannis and ended up really enjoying it. Coach Katie was very welcoming and if you’re ever vacationing down here I recommend checking it out.

    5 Sets 3 Squat Cleans + 1 Push Jerk: worked up to 205#, but failed on the jerk

    7 Clean and Jerks 115#
    14 24″ Over the Box Jumps
    7 rounds for time: 12:09 Rx

  23. Christian

    3RM Power Clean 205# – 20# PR, but frustrated because technique still isn’t there, barely feels like I’m using my hip drive

    1RM Bench 185# – 20# post surgery PR (not a lifetime PR)

    DU Test from yesterday – 103/107

  24. Rachel E

    3RM Power Clean: 125# (New goal is to get this with correct form next month — these weren’t pretty or efficient)

    1RM weighted pullup instead of bench: 30# (PR)

  25. 3RM clean: 130, def PR
    1RM bench: 115, 5# off PR

  26. 3RM Clean: 205#, failed 215# (10# PR)
    1RM Bench: 245# (20# PR)

  27. Nicole D

    Power Clean 3RM – 105#
    Bench Press – 70#

    Failed on rep 3 of 115# – still a clean PR for me

    Great lifting with AK! Awesome pointers on the bench press.

  28. Lil Tony

    Power lean 3rm: 185
    Bench: 225

  29. 3RM Power Clean 205#
    1RM Bench 195#

    Great watching Steve D. go to PR-ville TWICE tonight. Strong work.

  30. Power Clean 3RM – 115#, even got 1 @ 120 (15#PR from Jan) 😀
    Bench Press 1RM – 90# Failed at 95# (5 less than PR, but 5# more than last 1RM) still working on rehabbing/strengthening my shoulders.

    SOOOOO good to be back at CFNE. Fun lifting with Nicole tonight!

  31. Nick C.

    3 rep max PC: 205#
    1 rep max bench: 225#

  32. Power Clean: 205#. Attempted 215 twice, and failed 3rd rep both times.

    Bench: 175. Way off PR, probably cause of soreness from ring dips.


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