Tuesday 08.20.13

Nothing funny to say here...just two awesome dudes working hard...well one funny thing...Daigle's hair...kinda looks funny.

Nothing funny to say here…just two awesome dudes working hard…well one funny thing…Daigle’s hair…kinda looks funny.

The Seven
7 rounds of:
7 Handstand Push-ups
7 Thrusters (135, 95#)
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Deadlifts (245, 175#)
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)
7 Pull-ups

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Conor left yesterday to head back to school. Will miss ya bud! Come back soon. Jeeze (sniffle) this little guy (sniffle) is just growing up so fast (sniffle).

Conor left yesterday to head back to school. We’ll miss ya bud! Come back soon. Jeeze (sniffle) this little guy (sniffle) is just growing up so fast (sniffle).


  1. Nicole D

    The Seven: 5 + 6 (mods galore – 65# thrusters/mix of K2E and knees to triceps/135# DL/35# KB)

    First time doing Rx HSPU in a WOD! Pretty happy to get through 41 of them.

    Always humbling to do a hero WOD.

  2. The seven: 7 short of finishing 5 rounds
    65# thrusters
    RX deads rounds 1-3, 155 rounds 4 and 5
    45# KBS
    Rest RX

    last time in september was one round more but:
    3 ab mat HSPUs
    55# thrusters
    105 deads
    35# KBS

    So a round less but heavier all around

    Double under drill: 123/114

  3. The Seven – 4 + 35 (35 min cap, 95# thrusters, 175# dl, 53# kb)

  4. “The Seven”: 5 + 42 (35 min cap, box HPSUs, 70#Thrs, K2E/K2E attempts, 150#DL, 45#KB, GBPUs)

    7 short of finishing 6 rounds, but at least “7 short” fits the name of the WOD …

    Nice partnering w Scott!

    Thanks Max for great pre-WOD talk!

  5. Andrea Frey


    5 rounds +10

    HSPU on the box
    40# thrusters
    35# KB
    Banded PU

  6. The Seven: 32 minutes. But let’s not get too excited…modified. I wanted to do the same weights I did when we did this last time, on 9/11/12, with the hopes of getting more rounds in the same 35 minute cap. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten there, but I got a pretty nasty hand tear on round 4 and I needed to do some subs for rounds 5-7.

    Rounds 1-4: 3 abmat HSPUs, 45# thrusters, 95# DL, 35# KB, rest RX.
    Rounds 5-7: As above, but subbed GHD back extensions for KTE, ring rows for pull-ups, and dropped the KB to 18# (essentially could only use one hand for them).

    Thanks to Max for the quick sub suggestions and for helping me with my hand after class!

  7. The Sevens: 6 +1 (75#Thrs/185#Dl/45#KB/1AbMat) unbroken on HSP/thrs’rs/deadlifts.

    Last time i did this i got 3+2. great class 730! BooYa!

  8. Maureen B.

    5+21 (135#/35#/65#/2 Abmat HSPU) I posted this on the seven wod from August like a dummy

  9. 7:30pm crushed it tonight! Nice work everyone!

  10. Casey T

    6+17 (95# thrusters, 205# DL) Geoff thanks for the push at the end. Great WOD.

  11. 39:38 Rx … Got my ass kicked hard today

  12. The Seven: 5 rounds + 13 heavily scaled. 65# thruster, 165# DL, box push up. Hoped to get through all seven with that scaling, but took to much time between sets. But on the bright side, I finally figured out butterfly pull ups and got all the pull ups and KTEs unbroken.

  13. Susan Celli (Subie)

    The Seven – 6 rounds. 65# thruster #125 deadlift

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