Tuesday 08.20.13

Nothing funny to say here...just two awesome dudes working hard...well one funny thing...Daigle's hair...kinda looks funny.

Nothing funny to say here…just two awesome dudes working hard…well one funny thing…Daigle’s hair…kinda looks funny.

The Seven
7 rounds of:
7 Handstand Push-ups
7 Thrusters (135, 95#)
7 Knees to Elbows
7 Deadlifts (245, 175#)
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)
7 Pull-ups

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Conor left yesterday to head back to school. Will miss ya bud! Come back soon. Jeeze (sniffle) this little guy (sniffle) is just growing up so fast (sniffle).

Conor left yesterday to head back to school. We’ll miss ya bud! Come back soon. Jeeze (sniffle) this little guy (sniffle) is just growing up so fast (sniffle).


  1. Andrew E

    Connor is rocking some serious “Blue Steel.” And I mean that in the best way possible. Come back soon dude!

  2. Daigle’s hair looks like an Angry Bird

  3. Christian

    We’ll miss you, Conor. Didn’t get to wod with you a ton, but always a blast when I could. And you make me consistently laugh every time you post an insane score. Take care, bud. Good luck!

    And thanks again for cheering me on my last three rounds of Murph. Not a chance I’d forget that!

    • Conor N

      No problem bud! You showed great heart during that WOD that I won’t forget! Keep gettin after it!

  4. Conor N

    I’m not the best writer in the world so i’ll try to keep this short. The last four months at CFNE have been nothing short of amazing. The most memorable moments of my summer all happened at this box or with the people from it. I can honestly say I have never been apart of such a great community that welcomes in newcomers so effortlessly and kindly. You all made me feel like a member of the CFNE family from my first day and I am proud to still be a member of that family.I will miss all of you during the course of this year but I will visit as often as I can. Thank you all for being so great! I’ll see everybody in about a month!

    • Susan Stein

      Good luck in school Conor and thanks for all your tips these past few months. I really enjoyed watching you train after the 9:30, always impressive. Hope you stop in whenever you’re home.

    • keep killin’ in .. we will see you soon!

    • Rachel E

      Best of luck, Conor! Your hard work this summer was inspiring (oh, along with that ridiculous box jump caught on video). See you soon!

    • Jambo from Africa everyone!

      Conor – It was a blast training with you this Summer. It’s amazing how far you have come in such a short period. Really impressive.

      Keep killin’ it at school!

    • L.J. DiCarlo

      Hey Conor, I always had a great time working out with you during the Noon class. One of the most memorable times was the Team WOD that you, me and Jared did with the squat cleans and rope climbs. Jared and I did the cleans with the Rx weight and you told us you were going heavier (225#, I think). I remember giving Jared a look like this kid is crazy! The three of us ended up crushing that WOD even though some of the rope climbs got a little hairy. Good times! I’m going to miss not having you in class. Good luck at school and have fun!

    • Hey Conor,

      Sorry I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye before you left. Have a great time in school and lots of success! See you when you come back.

    • It’s been great watching your progress from afar. I really look forward to WODding together when you get out of school next spring, which should be around the time I’m back to 100%. In the meantime crush it at school like you crush it in the box!

    • CONOR – I will miss you a ton. You’re hard work has paid off – keep killing it at Pitt and come back to WOD as often as you can. Best of luck with school. Please stay out of that Emergency Room!!! XOXO

    • michelle

      Conor! It was so great getting to know you! You are an amazing athlete and person! Look forward to seeing you during your college breaks! We are going to miss you!

    • keep murdering it down there. best of luck homie

    • Wendy P

      Have a great year at school Conor!!!

    • Conor, Awesome to get to train with you buddy, send me your contact info! bubhagood@gmail.com or bubba hagood on Facebook

  5. Holy Hell, I legit looked at this picture and thought, Who’s that guy?

    Dead serious.

    I remember this workout, and I think my hair might be frozen.

    • I thought the same thing when I read your “Let the Games Begin” article on the games website. I thought, finally crossfit has an edgy, witty, talented writer that can keep me laughing and entertained. Who the hell is this guy??? Low and behold when I saw your name at the end!

  6. Conor, I still think of you as one of the coaches!

  7. Tricia D

    The Seven: 35:00 6 rounds even ( 24″ box HSPU 1 mat, 65#, 105#, 35# kb, 3 pu attempts per round)

  8. Andy M.

    The Seven: 5+16 (95# thrusters, 185# DL, rest Rx)

    2 min drill: 108 & 101

  9. The Seven: 5 + 6 (95# thruster, 185# DL); PR by 34 reps

    2 x 2-minute drill: 118 / 132 ; started rnd 2 with 76 (PR)


  10. Dave C.

    The Seven: 6 even (95# thrusters)

    Props to Eugene for gutting this out Rx!

    • Great to see Molly in the 8:30 this morning – she’s already crushing WODs (not that I’m surprised.) :)

  11. The Kind of Seven: 4+28 (1 abmat+10# HSPU, 95# thruster, 225# DL)

    Did T2B instead of K2E, until last round.

    Thank you Saint.

  12. The Seven: (95#/205#) 5rds+3

    first time with no mods to the hspu. chalk was my solution to all problems during the wod. the scene afterwards was accurately described by Mike as a “bloodbath”.

    • Tricia D

      nice job on the hspu and that was def a bloodbath. i’m not sure i’ve ever seen every single member of the 5:30am mayhem laying on the floor after a wod before – testament to a great workout :).

  13. Laura c

    The sevens: 6 + 14 (115# dl, 45# thrusters, 35# kbs)
    Did RX hspu…. Slowed me down a lot but better to push through them

    Thrusters too light but I was happy about it in this grind

    Worst part of the wod was walking in at 6:15 and seeing the 530 am aftermath…. Just nasty:)! We should have a cleaning crew at 627 am every day!

    So many things hurt right now but I’m done for the day.. See ya tomorrow !

  14. The Seven: 35 min cap – 5+15 (95# thrusters; 205# DL) – Got everything unbroken except the DLs.

    Awesome effort by the 5:30 crew this morning!

  15. 24:25rx

  16. Big Mike

    The Seven: 6 & 5 (95# thruster & pike HSPU’s)

    Can’t really call it a PR because last time I did 115# thrusters but I attempted to go with HuEgene and did not have a 135 in me today so I Jersey ruled any available bar I could find. Last time was 238 reps-this was 299. Got every set unbroken but did drop the DL’s. Feel like I should feel after a Hero WOD. Always humbled, always thankful.

  17. The Not-Even-Close-To-Seven: 5 rounds + 28 (DL 205#, Thrust 95#, 53#KB)

    Thanks to Jerry Fireman, who I saw in the parking lot as I was thinking of turning around to go home (but basically got seen so I stayed).

  18. Rachel E

    The Seven: 5 + 32 at 35-min time cap (75# thruster, 145# DL, 30# KB — shoulder — aaand 1 abmat HSPUs)

    Slow all around but feeling good about HSPUs.

    2-min DU practice: 47, 63

  19. Patrick

    The Seven: 6 Rnds+1. 185#DL, 95#thruster/front squat.

    I decided to try to see if my achilles was up for the thrusters. good news, leg was fine.In a cruel twist of irony, my wrists were hurting pretty bad though so I switched to front squats from the the third round on.

    Guess I need to work on getting that range of motion back. I remember when my wrists used to hurt when I first started crossfit. Overall, great to be back working out with the group. This one was a beast

  20. The Seven: 5+43 @ 35m cap (hand release pushups, 95#, 225#)

    Got everything unbroken except K2Es. Thought I was gonna tear.

    Still shaking from this and starting to sweat again just thinking about it. Fun. Honored.

  21. Chris M.

    The Seven – 32:38 Rx’d (6:12 PR)

  22. 7’s: 4+35 Rx
    Dus. 99/83

  23. The Seven: 32:28
    Had to sub a bit…..push ups for HSPU, 24″ BJ for Thrusters
    53# KB swings, 125# DL
    Hard endurance workout–but, felt good to have a long one for a change.
    best part of WOD for me was doing the 53# KB and not having any shoulder pain. Seems to be just pressing overhead(which is slowly getting better). Great to connect with some peeps I havn’t see for a while!

  24. The Seven: 32:35. 2x kipping hspu w/one mat until I felt a tweak in my right shoulder then 5x hand release push ups. 45# thruster, 95# DL, 35# kb.

  25. The Seven: 46:21 RX

  26. Travaun

    The Seven’s: 5+4 RX. 35 Min time cap. HSPU need work.

  27. The Sevens: 31:46 with too many mods to write out. However, went from struggling with 2 ab mats at beg of WOD to (finally) getting my first HSPU from the ground at the end!! Huge shout out to Rachel for helping me.

  28. Craig B.

    The Sevens: 32:15 rx

  29. The Seven: 4+44 110#DL, alternating 55/45# thrusters, 2abmats/plate HSPU, 35#KB ripped almost every surface on my hands…washing them realllllly hurt!!

    Thanks for sharing weights, etc. and for all of the band-aids Susan!

    • Susan Stein

      Great job today! Take care of the hands, tell Andy no dishes for the rest of the week!

    • Laura c

      You better fix those hands before our “date”

    • I ripped my hands, too! Had to sub all over the place because I just couldn’t face the bar after the tear.

  30. The sevens – 5 rounds @time cap. 115# thrusters, 205 deads.

  31. Connor, thanks for all of the PU tips! Have a great year at school!

  32. Susan Stein

    The Sevens: 6 rounds + 2

    2 abmats + 10# plate HSPU for 5 rounds and then Harry took an abmat away; 45# thrusters; 110# DL; 35# KBS

  33. The Seven: 7 rounds 28:30 (DL #145, Thruster #65, HSPU 1 plate+1 admat) Fun working with Trina
    First time doing butterfly pull-ups in a wod – finally!

    Thanks for your help this morning Harry!

  34. Molly C

    The Seven: 6 rounds (HSPU w/10#+abmat, 45# thruster, 85# DL, 30# kbs, banded pu) so, so tough!

  35. Kevin C.

    The Seven: 37:00 Rx

  36. The Seven – 41:05 Rx
    Thanks guys for the support in the end!

  37. The Sevens- 5 rds plus 25..did this with jumping pu’s last time!!
    7 Push Ups
    7 Thrusters 95#
    7 Knee Raises
    7 Deadlifts 185#
    3 Burpees
    3 KBS 70#
    3 Kipping Pull Ups

  38. 6 + 7 in 35 min at 245 for 2 rds and 225 for remaining Dead-lift and 115 for thruster
    7 rds in 41:40

  39. Wendy P

    The sevens: 6 rounds + 32….. Tons of modifications- super sore so I went light and slow. Lots of abmats HSPU, 45# thruster, 75# dead, 26# KB….

    Thanks to my many partners…. Jenny and Michelle…..and to the 9:30 class for putting all our equipment away- THANK YOU!!!

  40. The Sevens 5 rds, Rx
    That was brutal.

  41. michelle

    The sevens: 20 time cap for me today: 4 + 21 I believe but I got out of order at one point so not sure. 85# thrusters, 75# dl, rest rx. Nice work this am Sam & Wendy!

  42. the sevens 26:22 (I think), 65# thruster, 45#kb, #135#DL, rest rx. didn’t even know you could kip kte until the wod started. that was fun to figure out!!!

  43. Not going to get to do this tonight, probably do it tomorrow.

    Conor, you fit in perfectly here with your humble personality and amazing numbers. Get back when you can and look me up if you find yourself out in AZ.

  44. Big Bri

    “The Seven” – 42:55 Rx’d. What the hell……

  45. Christian

    5+39 (box HSPU after round two, thrusters @ 115#)

    PR because in the two times I’ve done this wod I DNF’d with an injury.

  46. Kristin B.

    The Seven: 5+22. 20 reps off from last time but increased DL by 20# to 175#, 53#kb instead of 35#, down an ab mat for HSPUs and real pullups instead of banded.

  47. Geoff L

    The 7’s – 24:39 Rx

    God bless our Heroes

  48. First…

    Squats: 3×5@185, 3×5@215, 5×5@255

    The 7’s: 31:10 up till last set of 9 PU then calves cramped HARD and I fell off the bar. couldn’t finish till 32:48 Pissed since I was rocking a pr pace (pr was 31:22 in 2011)

    That WOD totally F%#d me up – still ill.

  49. “The Seven”: 4 + 32 (box HSPUs, rest Rx)

  50. Sarah B

    The Seven: 33:38 rx

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