Monday 08.19.13

Have you ever seen Harut and Batman in the same room? Ya, neither have I...coincidence? I think not!

Have you ever seen Harut and Batman in the same room? Ya, neither have I…coincidence? I think not!

Squat Snatches (135, 95#)

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Eugene demonstrates his sweet break dancing moves. Eugene was also one of the founding members of the Rock Steady Crew. Get it Eugene!

Eugene demonstrates his sweet break dancing moves. Eugene was also one of the founding members of the Rock Steady Crew. Get it Eugene!

The first event in the 2010 Crossfit Games was Amanda. Watch the final heats for men and women below.



  1. Pretty bummed I can’t be at the gym for my namesake WOD. I suppose it wouldn’t matter if I was able to get to CFNE since my body is in NO shape to lift tomorrow…you will find me at home on MV sitting on State Beach until the sun goes down, maybe even later ;-D

    Major baseline times recorded Sunday at Timberman 70.3 Tri Relay.
    1.2mi swim: 35:45 (1:51/100m) – NO idea what kind of pace that is…
    my friend Jody did the bike (her first ride over 40mi in her life)
    13.1 run: 2:10:21 (9:57/mi pace) First run over 6.2mi…ever.

    This is a testament to Crossfit – the only other time I’ve been in the water is for an Olympic tri in mid-July and last Wednesday with Aime for technique work; and the only running I have done since that tri was in WODs. The ONLY reason I even considered stepping in for a friend who was injured is because of my training at CFNE. Therefore, a HUGE thank you to my CFNE family – coaches & classmates – I would not have been able to do this without you all.

  2. Ben Bergeron

    Nice job AK!

  3. Brandon

    Eugene – that is easily the most ridiculous photo I have ever seen.

    That is all.

  4. Amanda 13:36
    95# SS and MU Transitions
    Thanks for the coaching on the MUT’s Harry.

  5. Amanda: 11:57 (5-3-2 MU / 9-7-5 SS @ 115#)

    Snatch complex: 115/105/105

  6. Amanda – 16:00 (power snatch, 2xPullUp + 2x push up)

    Some of the power snatches had a 3″ drop. Need to work shoulder flexibility

  7. Amanda: 10:50 w/ 3, 2, 1 MUs and 9, 7, 5 squat snatch at 115#

    Some pretty sweet improvement from last time when I did 85# snatches with no squat and BANDED pull-ups. I. Will. Take. It.

    Snatch complex: dead, hang squat, squat: 115#

    3RM back squat: 275#…definitely not my best, buuuuut my booty hurt.

  8. Amanda: 15:52 (105#)

  9. Amanda: 13:54 (95#, 5,3,1 mu’s)

    Snatch complex: dead, hang squat, squat: 95#

    3RM back squat: 185# Failed on 190# with only 2 reps.

  10. Amanda – essentially just did the snatches at 115#
    Snatch Complex – 115# across
    3RM Back Squat – 255#

  11. Amanda (not really): 13:16 (2x pullups and pushups, 165# Squat Cleans)

  12. Amanda: ~16:00 (95#, 2x pullup/banded ring dips) I wasn’t really paying attn to time…

  13. “Amanda” – 17:52 MU Transitions/75#

    Harry/Rachel, thank you for all the tips and patience, super helpful

  14. Michelene

    Amanda: 12:17 (35# & 2xPU/banded ring dips) SS feels really unstable so went extra light and focused on form.

  15. Rick W.

    Amanda: 14:22 with 115# and 9-7-5 Muscle up Attempts (Got 4 of the muscleups).
    Snatch complex – 95 Across
    3RM Back Squat – 225#

  16. Mike McD

    Amanda: 5:55 Rx

  17. Heather O

    Happy Monday! :) At CrossFit Waxhaw,NC again today!
    Saturday we did Deck of cards WOD for 20 mins! It was so fun! Each person pics a card and each suit is a different movement, aces are 15 reps, face cards are 10 reps and jokers are 25 burpees. The movements were weighted box step ups with dumbbells, dumbbell squat snatches, thrusters, and squat cleans. I got through 25 cards.

    Today: 8×3 overhead squats worked up to 40# to work on form; 8×3 overhead squat push press work up to 35#. Then metcon 3 rounds for time of 50 air squats and 150 single unders in 11:58. Practiced double unders in between but they were not there today sadly.
    Have a great day everyone!

  18. Chris M.

    1. Amanda – 8:46 Rx’d (2:59 PR)
    2. Snatch Complex – 150# Rx’d
    3. 3RM BS – 325# (10# PR)

  19. Amanda: subbed power cleans for squat snatch(85#)
    2X pull ups and 2x push ups
    Did not have much in the tank today. felt like I went through the motions. Glad I went, though. Rachel did a great job breaking down the squat snatch. I did technique/warm-up with the dowel so I could keep working on form with this move.
    Goals for today: fuel body well, ice problem areas, positive attitude.

  20. michelle

    Amanda: 43:20 RX
    Pretty sure with this time I got a different stimulus, but I came in today with the mission to finish this rx. Thanks to the coaches and Cfne gang for the encouragement.

  21. Big Bri

    Shoulder said NO to muscle-ups, so subbed 70# KBS/Box Jump 24″
    11:18 (Rx on squat snatch)

    Nice job by Hamel and Max for crushing this. But performance of the day to Michelle for gutting it out Rx’d – nice job!

  22. Amanda: 13:17 (105#/MU transitions)

  23. Amanda: 14:14 60# Pullups/pushups for MU. So nice to be back to CFNE after a week of vacation. We tried to work out in the hotel/home but it just wasn’t the same.

  24. laura c

    amanda: 12:21 50# mu transitions
    lost my MU work…….crap
    snatch felt great glad i kept it light bc it felt good!!!!

  25. Heather V.

    Amanda: 15:47 w/ MU transitions and 85#’s.

  26. Craig B.

    10:28 (115#)

  27. Amanda: 14:01 with pull-ups/sit-ups (18-14-10) and 40#. Good to be back!

  28. Amanda: 11:11 (45#/ 2x pull ups, 2x push ups)

  29. Amanda: 8:04 (115#). Listened to my back and really focused on form with the snatch.

    A HUGE thanks to Rachel for some muscle up pointers this morning. I got the 9s and 5s straight. They weren’t pretty, but something started to click. Never expected that (maybe that’s part of the problem.)

    Couldn’t even begin to keep up with McD. Very impressive my man.

  30. Jonathan

    Amanda: 13:01 (Women’s Rx).

  31. Susan Stein

    Amanda: 12:52 (2x pull ups/knee push ups, 45#)

  32. Melinda

    Amanda: 8:15 (95#, MU transitions)

    Snatch complex @ 95#
    3RM back squat @ 200#
    1mi run

  33. Kristin R

    Amanda: 12:59 (2x pull ups, 1x banded ring dips with the small band, 40# squat snatch)

    • Michelene

      Great job today and thanks for inspiring me to try ring dips… not to mention ensuring I was not the lone female at the 5:30!

  34. Katrina

    Amanda 13:33 mu and 95# snatches

  35. 10×1 OTM power cleans 225.

    Amanda: 14:10 rx.

  36. “Amanda”: 11:26 (115#, 2x pull ups and push ups)
    Snatch Complex: 115#
    3 RM Back Squat: 325#

  37. Nicole D

    Amanda: 10:03 (60#, pull up/push up scale)

    Went lightish on the squat snatches and glad I did- form felt great!

  38. Mandy: 13:34
    75#, 2x pull ups and push ups. Woof.

    1 mile pre wod run. We are working out the problems in our relationship, running and I…

  39. Amanda 15:33
    2 pull ups (med band) and 2 pushups per MU

  40. Amanda 18:20
    MU 5,4,4

  41. Kevin G.

    Amanda 11:58

    Transitional MUs

  42. Amanda: 5:50 Rx (5:18 PR)

  43. Christian

    13:01 (95#, MU transitions) — first time squat snatching or OHS weight since 10/8/12

    3RM Back Squat: 275# (50# PR), then 300# (75# PR)

    Easy day! Squat snatches felt great after a few.

  44. Lil Tony

    Amanda: bar muscle ups-125 12:23

  45. Kristin B.

    Amanda: 13:17 w/55# and 2x pull ups/push ups. Battling a shoulder flare-up so staying light.

  46. Amanda: 7:05 (standing mu, 65#) unbroken on sq snatches. Form felt solid. Weighting up next time.

  47. Maureen B.

    Amanda: 11:09 60#, double pull ups and push ups, didn’t really have it in me today

    • Christian

      Maureen. You kicked ass. You just competed… You know must people might’ve taken a rest day, so awesome job!!

  48. Brook R

    Today was about the highs and the lows of crossfit for me. First muscle up ever in warm ups, but couldn’t get one in the WOD. And the squat snatch is still an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a paleo taco for me. My shoulders just don’t like it when I go overhead with anything heavier than a dowel.

    Amand-esque – MU attempts then, 2X pulls and pushes, and no weight on the squat snatches – 12: something…

    • dylan r

      You’ll get those MUs for sure dude, that first one you did in warmups was awesome!

  49. dylan r

    Amanda – 11:27 95#, MUT.

    The MU Transitions got kind of ugly towards the end of the second and third rounds. I definitely need to add these to the “work on it every chance I get” list. Squat Snatches felt good, probably should have gone a little heavier

    • You looked super solid with your snatches. I’d weight up next time for sure!

  50. Amanda- listened to my body and didnt do it cause of my wrist. Was pretty ticked off so I ran. Total run btwn CFNE and home 4 miles.


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