Bode's getting strong...a bit too strong.

Bode’s getting strong…a bit too strong.

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Today's a special day for Neeb. Enjoy it brother!

Today’s a special day for Neeb. Enjoy it brother!


A members perspective!  
I believe everyone has a reason why they go to CFNE.  I could be wrong but there’s a reason why we beat ourselves up to “fall over” status every  day!    Here’s mine…….

8/18/1984 6:17pm. Some would call it the worst day of my life……..I call it the best day of my life. It’s all perspective!

It was a saturday, i was 15 (i know, insert old guy joke here…….blah blah), living on a lake, enjoying my summer and about to start football the following week. It was a gorgeous evening, the sun was setting and the water was calm!  i looked at my buddy and said “you wanna go footn?”  With a quick “of course” we were on our way to our favorite cove.
Everything was perfect, low traffic, calm water, one boat, one rope, two feet.    I jump in and with a “HIT IT” I am skimming across the water then up on my feet.  Perfect!  So I thought…………A few moments later I take a real bad spill.  I mean i am seeing stars!  As I look around to get my bearings i turn and a 26 foot dual propeller boat was practically right on top of me.
 After a load yell, I tucked myself in a ball, said a prayer and pretty much thought this is the end!  I hear a loud THUD!  Then total silence. After a few moments of floating face down in the water, I  suddenly am pulled onto some strangers boat. In total shock I say “did you f’n see that”? I just got hit by that boat!” The stranger, thankfully a Vietnam vet says “your cut pretty bad we need to get you to a hospital. ” As he prepares to tie me up in multiple turn-a-kits i look down and see my ankle bone hanging out of my foot. I then turn to see a shredded wet suit and half my backside wide open. I then get real dizzy and fade away to some women throwing up over the side of her boat.
I came too at someone’s dock with EMT’s all around me. I am strapped down on some board, thrown in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital with severe lacerations all over my butt and legs.  Everyone involved knew this was very bad! That Saturday was not ending the way I wanted it to and it was only gonna get worse.
At the hospital I am wheeled into the ER, my vitals are taken and a mask goes on my face. I am out again for many hours of surgery and countless stitches inside and out of body!   I awaken too; two concerned parents and the most unbearable pain that you can imagine! It actually felt like my legs were ripped off my body.  As they check me for mobility,  I am wheeled into my hospital room with the doctor advising my parents that I may never walk again!  What a day! In a matter of minutes I am crushing my summer vacation to a high probability of never walking. Life changes fast!
It took a year, a little luck and a relentless fight of learning how to use my legs again, with months of rehab, countless doctors appointments, wheelchairs, crutches and canes but eventually I came to a full recovery.   No way would I never ski, run, bike etc.  Not if I could help it!
I share this story, not cause I want posts back please don’t do that, I share it cause this day truly was the best day of my life.  I won the lottery that day because it put so many things in perspective and some of them pertain to CFNE and how we beat ourselves up on a daily basis.
 This is what i mean:
 1) That anything is possible if you put your mind to it!  But you have to work at it every day and you have to believe it (hard part) every day! Every single day!  If you want to be a games athlete, do a muscle up or string together butterfly C2B’s (like me), than work on it and believe it every day and it will happen!
2) Life is about doing and trying.  Whether you are doing a WOD Rx, can’t finish under the time cap or scaling……it doesn’t matter cause you are DOING and you are TRYING to get better at something. That’s what matters………an effort to better yourself at something every day.
3) Always be positive.  Smile! This stuff is fun and we are so lucky to be doing the things we do so be grateful! It’s not “I should of gotten 20 pull-ups!” It’s “I am so pumped I got 19 straight pull-ups!” Or “I should of done Fran in under 4 minutes” it’s “I did Fran in 4:02, gave it all I got and will beat 4 next time!”
4) Lastly, that anytime your on the “North” side of the soil is a good day! So live every day like its your last cause you never know when your last day is coming.  Get you WOD in, breathe in fresh air and enjoy life! Think about it……..we are surrounded by the best members in the world, at the best gym in the world, with the best coaches in the world, in the best part of the country!  I mean seriously!  In my opinion , the  saying shouldn’t be “Life is good” it should say “Life is freakn’ Awesome!”
I hope you all get you WOD in today.  And PR if possible!  Me…….i am gonna do what i do every August 18th.  Take the day off from work, thank god I’m alive, enjoy life………and at 6:17pm…..I’m  going footn’!      
 See you all soon…….Neeb!