Friday 08.16.13

"You won't catch me wearing neon on Fridays"

“Neon Friday? More like Neon everyday BUT Friday”

Purple Drank
4 rounds of:
6 Deadlifts (315, 225#)
12 Ring Dips
40 Double Unders

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"Come on Sarah! Neon Friday is SUPER FUN! One of us! One of us! One of us!"

“Come on Sarah! Neon Friday is SUPER FUN! One of us! One of us! One of us!”


This is just getting ridiculous! Kev cannot be stopped!



  1. Christian

    Awesome, Kev!! You’re killing it!!

  2. Kev!! SO awesome!

  3. Geoff L

    #humble, awesome job Kev!

    • For a guy I don’t personally know, Montoya is one of my favorite CrossFitters. After watching him compete at the Competitors Comp, and not because he won it. Its the way he conducts himself. Quiet calm professional. He had a plan and executed it, and did it with class. And have heard he’s the nicest guy. CFNE is truly blessed with humble, true professional Coaches. Thanks Geoff for all your advice and Ben and the rest of the CFNE crew for programing and setting the standard. Keep up the great work!

  4. Krystle

    Max wins for best picture captions ever. Rachel & Maureen are creepy.

  5. Maureen B.

    Sadly I will be missing NF, so HEY everybody, step it up, getcha neon on and REPRESENT! (Totally know Rach E. is the only one who will listen to this)

  6. Wow – awesome lifts Kevin!

  7. Rachel D

    WOW Kevin…

  8. Dave C.

    Purple Drank: 13:21 Rx

    Spent most of my time on the ring dips and as hard as i tried i couldn’t catch the Ho. Nice job bud.

  9. Purple Drank. 12.50 @275# Always a nice surprise when your handle detaches from your DU rope with 13 reps left in a WOD. I wouldn’t recommend trying to continue with holding on to the rope.

    • Kev, I don’t know why I am still blown away by what you do but I absolutely am. What is that almost 100# over your BW?! Oh, and you have to control your emotions, they almost get away from you there after the snatch.

  10. Ashley R

    Very cool video Kevin. Amazing how the bar barely moved on the rack lift. You just got under it immediately.

    Judging by that picture NOT mess with Sarah!!!

  11. PD: 12:07 Rx…stared at Dave the whole time.

    OTM x 14:
    Odds: 1 MU
    Evens: 4 squat therapy

  12. Andy M.

    Purple Drank: 11:14 (205#) 2:34 PR at same wt.

  13. Rick W.

    Purple Drank: 8:22 (275#)
    Then First Muscle Up!

  14. purple drankish – subbed burpees for ring dips

  15. Purple Drank – 16:11 (275, GHD, 2x SU)

    GHD – 6 strict + 6 assist; otherwise, would have never finished

    thank you Alison for the 25s. 295 would have been more than I wanted.

  16. Kevin – i am going to the authorities. we have seen your DU, your BJ and now this video. only explanation is that you have an anti-gravity machine, probably unlicensed.

  17. Brian L

    Purple Drank- 14:15 275#. Good to get this WOD, rings dips and DLs are definite goats…

  18. Michelene

    Purple Drank – 12:20 with some serious scaling: 115#, GHD with small band, 30 DUs with lots of SUs in between

  19. Travaun

    Purple Drank 18:25. Spent all my time on DU’s which are still a hot mess. I’ll keep at it until I get it.

    OTM x 12
    Odd: 5 Squat Therapy
    Even: 1 MU

    First MU today and was able to do five more after the first. Thanks Ho and Max for the great tips today.

  20. Craig B.

    Purple drank: 6:49 rx

  21. Rachel E

    Purple Drank: 13:08 (175#, red-banded RDs after 1st round)

    Love our coaches. Got first kipping RDs today and finally started feeling DLs where I should (ie, not in my low back). Thanks, Rach and Harry!!

  22. Purple Drank – 10:40 Rx

  23. Katrina

    purple drank 9with burpees)
    3rnds at 215, 4rnds at 205

    Mu practice, I almost have them back in 1 more I will have these suckers back..yup!

  24. “Purple Drank”: 10:50 (20 DUs/attempts)

  25. Kev ur an amazing, amazing athlete. American Open here u come!

    “Promethazine with codeine with a grape flavored jolly rancher mixed with Aleze or champagne” 5:51 Rx

    OTM x 12 mins
    Odd: 5 MU
    Even: 5 squat therapy

  26. Purple Drank: 12:35 Rx

    Struggled with the DUs. Trying to string some together, but it’s not easy.

  27. PD 12:55 Rx
    Spent too much time staring at the bar…
    Thx for the belt Eugene! Left it at the front with Ali

  28. denise sullivan

    pd: 9:18
    95# back squats, burpee, rx du’s

  29. Laura c

    PD: 18:15 135# 30 DU ring dips RX
    Took a long time but proud to really push myself on RD. Harry pushed me to do 30 DU (I do single doubles still) per round….. Glad he did. So, while I finished 5 min after everyone I was still happy with my progress:)!

    Could have gone up on DL… Next time.

  30. Purple slushy: 12:40, 6 strict (underhand) C2Bs, Ring dips Rx (kind of), 1 rnd su-du, 2 rnds 80 sus. So that was a mess.
    BUT, after class, finally got “real” (overhand grip) C2Bs!

  31. Purple Drank: 7:31 175# DL, rest rx
    Will go heavier next time

  32. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! Got in a 1 mile warm up run this am, then did Surfer on Acid at the playground (glad it was early enough that no one thought I was a creep) in 12:01. That was rough for some reason and need to work on my speed with the short sprint runs for sure! Then a 1 mile cool down run back home. I hope everyone had a great weekend and I look forward to getting back to CFNE next week. :-)

  33. michelle

    Stopped wod – body was complaining. Lots of du practice with my new rope. I swear I’m throwing a big party when I figure out dus and you are all invited.

    • When you figure out the secret, make sure you let me know!

    • michelle

      2 min drill benchmark: . 75 (pr)

    • when I get double unders, I don’t think a party will be enough, I just have to figure out double unders and then I’ll figure out what is bigger than a big party :)

      • michelle

        So excited to have a co-host! Let’s make it happen. Double burgers, double jello shots, double stuff oreos??? Yeah- it will be epic.

  34. Colleen (OC)

    This was yesterday’s WOD- I was on the Cape yesterday (for work, which is way less fun) so I didn’t have time to post:

    10 RFT:
    5 HSPUs (one abmat and a slightly folded towel!)
    10 walking lunges (with my sad little 5# weights)

    10:51. (PR by 1:15, sweet!)

    2 minute drill: 25. When you take 2 weeks off, this is what happens. You regress. Need to work on these EVERY. DARN. DAY.


  35. Susan Stein

    Purple Drank: 9:22 (115#, green band ring dips, 80 singles)

  36. Big Mike

    Purple Drank: 11:18 (315 DL, green band dips, 20 DU attempts first 2 rounds and 80 singles second 2….got cocky because I actually got 8 DU’s warming up)

    My first time with the Naughty Nooners…..the stuff that goes on there…..

    Eugene-thanks for keeping an eye on the little guy today. Not that anyone noticed or anything.

    • What’s a “band”? I see you’ve been using one a lot this week and since I don’t use one of those “band” things I thought I’d check in. Is that like scaling up?

      God, every time I think I’m getting close to your physical dominance, you one up me. It’s so frustrating. That’s it…next week, I’m “banding” all over the place. I’ll use two bands. You’ll see!!

  37. Curt V.

    Purple Drank 12:53 245# 12 pushups per round

    Good to be back to the noon craziness.

  38. Purple Drank: 10:38 (315#/ 6 dips per round). Slow on the dips, but was able to do them without a band for a change. The DLs and DUs went pretty well – straight sets on the DLs except for last round. Got the last 40 DUs unbroken. A good day!

    • Big Mike

      KJ…I watched your dips–you needed about 28 more seconds to do the other 18….next time!

  39. Melinda

    Purple Drank:8:00 (225#, bb ring dips, DU)

    Odd: 5 squat therapy
    Even: 3 MU transitions

  40. Geoff L

    Purple Drank – 3:14 Rx

  41. Amazing Kevin, you made both lifts look easy.

    Purple Drank – 12:40 145, banded ring dips. Hmmmm, 40# lighter than last time, close to the same time. Well, I got 1% fitter today.

    Off for a week of vacation – yay!

  42. Tricia D

    Purple drank: 12:20 (115#, green bd ring dips)

    Some ring dips suspect. May need to go back to ghd.

  43. Jonathan

    Purple Drank: 11:48 (225#).

  44. Christian

    18:47 rx… Thanks to everyone for sticking with me on that one: Corey, Sarah B, Kim, Lisa, Katie, Cheryl, and sorry if I’m blacking out and forgetting others, but they were the ones in my face when I finished.

    Deads came pretty easy, ring dips were pretty much singles from the get go, and my best set of DUs came in round 4, go figure. Awesome WOD!! Fun as always – great class, Kev!

    Ben the video on ring dips in Comp Wod really helped me… As much as anything could possibly help me with rig dips!

  45. Purple drank: 13:01
    175 and blue band ring dips
    First 2 sets of dubs unbroken. After that, my arms were non-functional.

    have that after-workout buzz going on right now!

  46. the draaaaank: 8:46

    strict box dips, no rings at the office
    unloading the bar realized i’d mistakenly grabbed a 15kg… so 215#

  47. Sarah B

    Purple drank: 14:46
    Dropped from 215 to 195 in the middle of round 3, dips with skinny band

  48. Georgia

    Purple drank: 13:31 #125 red band ring dips.

    • Georgia

      And 1/2 mi run
      OTM 12: even: 6 squat therapy odd: 4 awkward bar muscle up attempts
      1/2 mile run

  49. Purple Drank : 6:00 Rx PR fun to hit this with the noner’s

    OTMx12 Even: 5 MU (unbroken) Odd: 5 OHS with Bar – as narrow stance as I could, trying to stay on heels

  50. Vacation WOD- Mt Washington- 25:ish minutes
    5 rounds-

    20 burpees
    50 M 70# DB walk (down hill)
    10 Thrusters (70# DB)
    50 M 70# DB walk (up hill)

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