Thursday 08.15.13

SMW doesn't always do power cleans, but when she does she remembers to set her back. Right on!

SMW doesn’t always do power cleans, but when she does she remembers to set her back. Right on!

Open WOD 13.4
Up Ladder by 3
Clean & Jerk (135, 95#)
Toes to Bar

3,3 / 6,6 / 9,9 / 12,12 / 15,15/ 18,18…

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Action shot! Potsy mid-sneeze. The last time Potsy sneezed there were reports of 100mph winds in the area. Also rumor has it that Potsy once ate a whole cow for a snack and washed it down with a small pond. He may or may not have a blue ox named Babe

Action shot! Potsy mid-sneeze. The last time Potsy sneezed there were reports of 100mph winds in the area. Also rumor has it that Potsy once ate a whole cow for a snack and washed it down with a small pond. He may or may not have a blue ox named Babe.


 Kev put together a sweet compilation video of the Regionals and the Games!
Is there anything this guy can’t do?


  1. Great video Kev!

  2. Awesome

  3. Heisenberg – Say my name

    • if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly…

  4. Kristen P

    Amazing Video Kev!!

  5. Well Done, Kevin!

  6. Christian

    Great video, Kev!! Love it!

    As for the WOD, I’m calling my shot now — gonna PR by at least 30 reps.

  7. Awesome video, Kev and great WOD Posting of late Max!

  8. Great video Kevin! Fun to watch.

  9. Malik B

    Great video!

  10. Loved this!!

  11. Thanks for the memories Kevin.
    Open 67 rx

  12. Amy Brooks

    Open 13.4: 44 RX way off PR but happy Erinn helped push me to do rx.

  13. 13.4 – 45 Rx (6 rep PR)

  14. 13.4: 39 Rx No PR, rough day.

  15. Heather V.

    13.4: 76 Rx (4 rep PR)

  16. 13.4: 60 Rx (17 rep PR) my grip/forearms were absolutely smoked.

  17. 99 rx (9 rep PR)

  18. 13.4. 69. Missed my PR by 2 but happy with what I did.

    • Chad

      Wanted to say thanks for the coaching in addition to counting for me today. One of the reasons why I like CFNE so much, folks always willing to impart what they know to help you be better!!!!

      • It’s what I’ve seen since day 1 Dave. Great work today and you KNOW you you can say better than yesterday. You were so concerned with the T2B are yet you made them look easy.

      • Couldn’t agree more, Dave. Absolutely love that about CFNE.

  19. Great video, Kevin! Very cool stuff.

    13.4: 62 Rx (7 rep PR) – Body just did not want to cooperate after The Admirial and JT the last two days, but happy with the effort.

  20. Big Mike

    Love the video Kev

    13.4 70 Rx (4 rep PR)

    I expect no less than 71 from you this evening. Given that by that time you will have had slept in this morning, had an additional 8+ hours of rest, at least one healthy meal and all day to think about how much it is going to suck if I don’t beat him.

    • funny

    • Welp, bad news is that I hyperextended my knee and hip turning a double play last night…evidently the guy running to second thought we were playing at Fenway and laid me out. Worse news: I’m going to try to kick your ass anyway. I’ll report back in a couple of hours to let you know if my leg fell off.

    • Nice PR Big Mike

    • Just did it…really wish it was an AMRAP 7:02. See below. Shake head.

  21. Brian L

    13.4- 75rx (12 rep pr)

  22. Annmarie

    13.4 – 75# I think I did 36, t2b were not very good today

  23. 13.4: 41 (31 rep PR, not a typo)

  24. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone! :-)

    Got in a hilly 5K last night and another one this morning. I also did 50 air squats, situps and pushups as well this morning.

    Looking forward to my trip to Charlotte tomorrow until Monday night and WODing at Crossfit Waxhaw. The owner used to teach classes out of her garage of her home (and she happens to be my best friends neighbor) and just recently became an affiliate and opened her own storefront gym space. So this is a very exciting time for her and I am excited to visit.

    Kevin, I just LOVE the video you made. You are all just so amazing and inspiring! I was actually thinking of how incredibly hard you guys all work everyday when I was running a large hill as part of my morning run today and wanting to quit but thought to myself this is nothing compared to that, keep it moving! So thank you. :-)

    Have a great day and weekend everyone! :-)

  25. Michelene

    13.4: 45 (65″) TTBs were not so great, but many thanks to Harry for the tutorial. I now know what I need to do conceptually (half the battle) but I have some work to do.

  26. Rachel E

    13.4: 48

    Then clean complex at 75#, climbing 3×5 PP 75, 80, 85

    Just didn’t have it today but still fun to see 1) people PRing all over the place and 2) Tam roar and break a barbell over his knee

  27. Craig B.

    13.4: 78

  28. Love Love Love the video! Thanks Kevin!

  29. 13.4: 70 with 95#’s
    5 Rep PR

  30. Ashley r

    Awesome video!!!!

    13.4. 48 rx. Not a pr :(.

  31. 13.4 41 with 95# and GDHSU for toes to bar

  32. 13.4: 81 Rx (same score as the Opens)

  33. Wendy P

    13.4. 45 @ 75#….

    Did this once @ 65# – 65 rep and once at 95# – 6 rep… Today’s weight was a good balance – Ashley thanks for the support!

    Off to Pennsylvania tomorrow for level 1 certification with my daughter… Fingers crossed I pass the test. :)

    • Wendy P

      Kev- awesome video!!!!

    • Heather O

      Great job Wendy and good luck with your cert! I am interested in doing this someday also so let me know how it goes. :-) You will do great!!

  34. 13.4: 36 Rx. 15 rep PR from The Open

  35. Stephanie

    51 (45#, knee ups)

  36. 13.4: 46 (75#)

  37. 13.4 – 63 (5 reps off PR from Open)

  38. Heather Bergeron

    13.4: 91 reps
    7 less than the Open, but I’ll take it :)

  39. 13.4: 38 Rx. Didn’t do this Rx during the Open so let’s call it a 38 rep PR.

  40. Kristin R

    13.4: 49 (60#). I couldn’t find my score from last time BUT I’m pretty sure it was something like 13 or 14 because I was stubbornly trying to stick with Rx toes to bar. I don’t think I hit every single one this time, but pretty close – definitely a PR of some sort. Progression this morning was helpful!

    • if this is Kristin that i counted for at 5:30 am. yes, every T2B counted. you “no rep’d” yourself twice and completed those reps.

      great form on C&J all the way to the last rep. ready for 10-15# more.

      • Kristin R

        Ha – I had forgotten all about that! That’s why it’s great to have people count for you. Thanks!

  41. 13.4: 70 Rx…8 rep PR.. Couldn’t be happier. Unless it was 71.

  42. Susan Stein

    13.4: 46 (75#) Not sure if this counts as a PR since I got only a 1 during the Open, using 95#, which at the time was a 15# C&J PR. On the plus side, first time actually doing toes to bar in a WOD.

    Thanks for making and sharing the video Kevin! Awesome stuff!

  43. Chris M.

    1. 13.4 – 65 Rx’d (7 reps off PR pace)
    2. Clean Complex – 135-150-165 Rx’d
    3. 3×5 Push Press – 165-175-185 (PR)

    … had no intensity during 13.4 – wandered through – OPEN retests are a bit tough on the psyche …

  44. 13.4- 85-95# and Knee Ups

    Great class Heather!!

  45. 13.4: 62 RX 7 short of the open

  46. Sarah B

    13.4: 82 rx

  47. 13.4: 55 rx (3 rep PR)

    A little disappointed I didn’t hit 60, but got the T2Bs unbroken, which was an improvement.

  48. Conor N

    105 Rx (1 rep PR). I hung out with Pukie outside after this one.

  49. Open 13.4: 62 Rx’d not a PR by any means but the road back is steep, one step at a time.

  50. Colleen (C4!)

    Open 13.4: 65 Rx (-7 from March):(
    Clean Complex 95# across
    Push Press 3×5 65-85-105 (+2×5 Push Jerks 65-85 at first! Hard to break away from PJs!)


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