Wednesday 08.14.13

"Wait, did you just say the BIG CLEAN COMPLEX?!?!"

“Wait, what do you mean today’s not NEON FRIDAY?!?!”


Handstand Push-up
Ring Dip

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Click here to watch Milko Tokola aka The Tasmanian Devils winning lifts for the Finnish Junior Championships 85kg Division. This guys a beast!

Lori B

Lori B




  1. And the death knell of Weightlifting Wednesdays was heard. And he was so so sad.

  2. OH MY GOD I LOOOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!!! I laugh. Every. Freakin’. Time.

  3. Ashley R

    Me too..I thought I was the only one…

  4. JT: 21:47 Rx (first time…oof)

    On the upside, I’m straight swoll’d up right now. I look like Max’s slightly deflated ginger twin. In a good way.

    • Take the day off and head to Gloucester. I’ll metcha there with an abmat to complete the beach bod wod.

  5. Dave C.

    JT: 18:16 Rx (6:53 PR from 2 years ago when I did this with 2 abmats)

  6. Mike R.

    JT: 21:35 Rx (first time)

  7. JT: hit the cap at 23:00. 5 reps into the last set of HSPU, a abmat and a band for the dips.

  8. Big Mike

    JT: 14:38 (Pike HSPU’s & banded ring dips)

    ….but I did do Rx push ups….can’t wait to feel this one tomorrow morning.

    Love this sport…top of the world on Monday…bottom of the modification barrel on Wednesday. Did get an actual HSPU to start but then felt the twang in my shoulder and bicep tendon so backed off. Loved the progressions on the HSPU Harry-if not for the shoulder-I felt like I could have gotten a few more today with those swing thoughts in mind.

  9. Rick W.

    JT: 15:4? RX
    6X Hill Sprints

  10. Patrick


    watch out, that’s two Rx workouts in a week for me…

  11. Heather Bergeron

    JT 7:53 Rx-PR :)

  12. JT: 12 something. Subbed ring rows for HSPU(shoulder), banded dips on GHD–working on kip. regular push ups.
    Cash out: 1,000 meter row

  13. Casey T

    JT 14:40 Rx (2:16 PR from two weeks ago). Ben thanks so much for the help with ring dips. I made all the difference.

  14. Katrina

    JT 22:03 RX

    Push press 3x5climbing 105, 110, 115. (could have done more)

  15. Amy Brooks

    JT: 21:00 – HSPU to 2, 10# plates and one abmat.
    Banded ring dips. Sketchy all the way around.

  16. Patti j

    JT. 10:29 hSPU from a box, banded ring dips

  17. JT: DNF 74 reps

    I hit a wall in this workout and couldn’t recover. I know that failure in training is necessary but rough nonetheless.

    • Megan B

      Greg, that’s what happened to me last night in The Admiral. It sucks, but you do what you can and know that next time it’ll be different (and hopefully better.)

  18. Laura c

    JT: 20:45 Rx
    Wish it was faster… New goat is ring dips. Some were suspect. Need to get that kip

    My shoulders totally smoked…

  19. JT: 12:57 Rx

    That got ugly quick!

  20. JT 15:31 Rx
    Felt pretty slow next to Heather!!!

  21. JT 14:28 Rx. so many areas to work on

  22. Jonathan

    JT: 10:29 Rx. Never would have guessed the push-ups would be the killer here!

  23. Molly C

    JT: 17-something (12-9-6 HSPU w/10# and abmat), 21-15-9 banded GHD dips, pushups. First gym WOD! Thankful for my husband for encouraging me to start CFNE.

  24. Jared S

    JT: 11:24 rx ate some humble pie on this one when my arms stopped working on HSPU’s and when my first attempt at 21 push ups only netted 3 reps. tough workout.

  25. Geoff L

    JT 8:17 Rx

    RIP Warrior, and thank you

    • Geoff, your hspu’s were gorgeous and fast

    • This wasn’t here when I posted…glad it was a skill rest day for you! And you should also take AT LEAST a minute away for the deficit work you did as well.

  26. JT. 8.58Rx a bit over a minute PR.
    Yesterday’s C2B tabata 10/10/8/8/7/6/6/5
    4RFT 400m run and 30DUs. Somewhere in the 12.??
    Productive day, wheelhouse to goats.

  27. Susan Stein

    JT: 17:50 with every movement modified. 2 abmat HSPU, green banded ring dips & knee push ups.
    Kudos to all who did it RX and all who even just did it! Great small 9:30 class. Loved the attention.

  28. JT: 15:xx. Modified to 5 kipping pus across. Dips with red band. Only got the first 5 of of my kpu’s, but they are my first ones. Thx HB for coaching me through them. Felt awesome!

  29. Toni, congrats on your newly acquired kipping hspu

  30. Malik B

    Thanks again to Rachel for helping me get #50 clean. So psyched!


  31. Krystle

    JT: 18 or something? It’s on the board. RX baby

  32. JT – 24:02 (box HSPUs, green band ring dips)

    Some of the dips were pretty ugly and my new nickname may be “snake,” but I finished.

    I’m always saying that my shoulders are my weakest part; this should help develop them. 😛

  33. Matty Noits

    Matt’s mod WOD #4

    2 muscle ups
    1000 meter row
    2 muscle ups
    100 single Unders
    2 muscle ups
    100 double Unders
    1000 meter row
    1 mile run
    2 muscle ups

  34. JT: DNF. 93 reps. Brutal. Scaled box HSPU and skinny band ring dips.

  35. Kristin B.

    JT: 18:48 HSPUs with 1 plate and 2 abmats for the round of 21. Did a few in the 2nd round then switched to box HSPUs. Banded GHD dips. Kipped a few HSPUs, which was a first (yay!). Thanks Ali.

  36. “JT”: 18:51. Got 15 HSPUs in 1st round (2 abmats), then hit wall and couldn’t do any more. Did them on box for rest of workout.

  37. First RX wod all summer I think. 11:25, first time.

  38. JT 7:35 Rx (?) PR last set of 9 HSPU kipping singles from headstand
    Tabatta C2B 8/8/8/7/6/5/5/5
    Strict Press 5×95, 5×105,5×115,5×125, 5x5x135
    Sled Pull 5x30ft hand over hand @180 (with Goeff)

  39. Maureen B.

    Lol. I look like I’m glaring in disapproval at someone who is purposely protesting against neon friday (MAX?? CHRISTIAN??)

    WOD practice w/ Krystle for our comp on Sat. and Max DL with Amie – Amie got 260# – soo amazingg!!

    • wouldn’t have even done it w/o you. You’ll run circles around the athletes this wkend. 205DL ALL DAY LONG!

  40. Shannon Dre

    JT: 14:02. HSPU on box, thin red band ring dips, knee push ups.

  41. alternate WOD due to wrist.

    Dead Lift: 260 PR 5 lbs.

  42. JT: DNF (20 min. cap) 36+6 plates and abmat, green banded ring dips. Humbling.

    5×5 FS worked up to 205#

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