Tuesday 08.13.13

There's no mistaking those calves...

There’s no mistaking those calves…

The Admiral
3 rounds of:
20 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Front Squats (155, 105#)
20 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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Doole making that money.

John loves his life as a part-time wizard. Armed with his PVC staff, he wards off any evil spirits, goblilns, or orcs that may be wishing harm on our CFNE members. Thanks Doole!


  1. Admiral: 17:01 Rx weight/ step ups cuz of ankle

  2. Sarah B

    The Admiral: 17:03 rx

  3. Cliff Somers

    29:41 RX

  4. 18:22 rx

  5. Maureen B.

    The Admiral: 21:29 (85#) Not even close to a PR, but didn’t feel great today and went 10# heavier

  6. Nicole D

    The Admiral: 18:45 (75#)

    14 seconds off my time in January but 20# heavier and Rx burpee PU (did jumping last time).

  7. Megan B

    This nearly destroyed me. DNF at 25:00, 2 rounds plus 20 reps. Did rx FS and BPU, and step-ups in place of box jumps (hamstring. still.) Definitely overshot the FS weight. 2 hours later and I’m still shaking. Oof.

  8. Christian

    26:11 rx (a technical PR because I’ve never rx’d)

    Burpee pull ups were by far the worst part of this workout.

    Tabata C2B in back — only made it 5 rounds as my shoulder just didn’t want any more.
    (10, 6, 5, 5, 1, 0, 0, 0) it’s awesome to be getting these movements back, and to be linking them together.

  9. “The Admiral”: DNF, 2 rds and 10 burpee PUs Rx at 25 min cap.

    Single worst day at CFNE . . . .

    • You are fitter than you were this morning. Keep your head up and get it tomorrow!

    • That was a tough workout!! Head up :)

    • we all have em. : ) not an easy wod by any means. way to tough it through til the end and never give up.

  10. 15:20 Rx

  11. The admiral: 22:15, 85#, rep scheme 20/15/15

    Some days you just have to scale. And lose it right before the wod haha. Thanks ali for the pep talk. The wedding tour appears to have taken its toll. Looking forward to getting back on the rails.

  12. Big Bri

    “The Admiral” – 19:00 Rx’d

  13. Admiral: 24:42 75#
    Glad to make it in under the time cap. Thank you AK and Martha for the push at the end. 1:18 faster than May, 10# heavier. Slow but steady progress.

    • Christian

      Hell yes!! Great job!

    • YEAH GIRL! You are kicking BUTT! I’m looking forward to being back at the 6:30pm with you once my school sched is back in full swing. NICE job tonight!

  14. Geoff L

    The admiral 14:30 Rx

  15. Casey T

    The Admiral 19:42 (115#). This was a brutal WOD. Looking forward to it again.
    Tabata C2B 51 (10,8,6,5,6,6,5,5)

  16. Georgia

    The admiral: 20:21 75# then dropped to 65# halfway through rd2. I’m really struggling w/ front squats-so discouraging. Post WOD pull up practice.

  17. The Admiral: 22:45 75# (rd 1 high bar pull ups, rd 2 had to go on low bar b/c highs were full, rd 3 did 5 low then moved to high bar for last 15 when a spot opened up)

    Looking back at my previous score, it looks like I did the same amount of weight…I’m suspicious of my notes because I vaguely remember feeling pretty good about my performance – I have down 20:50…I’m guessing I was at 65# last time? It may also be the rowing from yesterday? Anyway, It felt like the biggest battle I have had during a WOD to date.

    Ali – your coaching and encouragement was SO amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    I really appreciated everyone’s support on my last round of FS – that was my hardest set in CF so far.

  18. On another note, I’m finally taking specific action steps in pursuit of finishing the 2015 Lake Placid IM. A HUGE thank you to Ben for spending time with me today. I learned an incredible amount in such a short time and feel more inspired than ever. Swimming first thing tomorrow with Amy! Here we go!

  19. holy crap. my ass parts were KILLING ME after yesterday’s pistol adventure. great day for front squats and BJs! : )

    “the admiral” 13:48 Rx…
    1:30 slower than last time’s 12:18.

    20 RM clean: 115#

    bribed myself into the loveliest ice bath with cheez its when i got home.

  20. Kristin B.

    The Admiral — 20:58 @95# and scaled to 15 reps. Disappointed in myself. I was in a bad self-talk place going into the workout and the rest is history.

  21. The Admiral- 18:49. Only 75# cause of neck and wrist. Next time I’d like to do it with 95#.

  22. Jared J

    “The Admiral”
    16:45 rx


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