Tuesday 08.13.13

There's no mistaking those calves...

There’s no mistaking those calves…

The Admiral
3 rounds of:
20 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Front Squats (155, 105#)
20 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

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Doole making that money.

John loves his life as a part-time wizard. Armed with his PVC staff, he wards off any evil spirits, goblilns, or orcs that may be wishing harm on our CFNE members. Thanks Doole!


  1. John looks great!

    But who made this picture?! Terrible composition of the background, poor John …

  2. Nicole D

    Nice calves #7!!

  3. The Admiral: 23:29 (115#) 1:05 PR

  4. Mike R.

    The Admiral: 21:03 (135#) – :35 slower but 20# heavier than in May

  5. Ho (Big Mike's little buddy)

    The Admiral: 21:57 Rx (29 seconds slower but 20# heavier than May…sooooo, a PR. Yup, that’s what we’re calling it)

  6. The Admiral: 22:50 115# (slower than last time but 10# heavier and higher burpee pull-ups)

  7. Heather V.

    The Admiral: 15:47 Rx (no PR today… I blame going outside for box jumps. 14 seconds slower than last time… Until next time!, love this WOD)

    Sunday: Falmouth Road Race (7 mile): 58:44, no PR here either. 35 seconds slower than last year.

  8. Tricia D

    The Admiral: 20:54 (60#, jumping pus 3 45# plates)

  9. laura c

    Admiral: 20:59 (when I walked in the door so a few seconds faster…struggled to walk in the door :)!) 75# Not a PR but I totally forgot that the walk outside each time was different so prob about the same as last time…BUT A PR b/c I went to the 6:30 am!!!!

    Hard WOD- nice job Rachel E!! You were flying … I was sure you had scaled it (that is what I told myself as I could not even attempt to keep up with you! I am glad I did not know at the time that you were doing it RX – BEAST MODE!!!!)

  10. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! :)
    Got in a 3 mile run this am and 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups. Still confused why I’ve been having a hard time waking up in the mornings during this beautiful summer but when its 20 degrees and snowing I have no problem? One of the great mysteries in life I suppose!

    Just also wanted to say thank you to all the CF Kids coaches for putting on such an amazing comp for the teens on Saturday! It was an incredible thing to see them all work their little hearts out! I just loved being a part of it! :) You all did an tremendous job organizing!

    Have a great day everyone! :)

  11. Amy Brooks

    The Admiral: 20:35 (65#)
    Too many breaks during front squats but wanted to watch form.

  12. Michelene

    The Admiral: 21:50 (70#) much slower than last time but added 15#

  13. The Admiral: 19:13, but at Scale 2 (15 reps of everything) & 95# front squats. Trying to make sure I come back smart this time…I’m pretty sure I’ll still feel that one tomorrow!

  14. The Admiral: 24:05 Rx
    Last time in May was 19:30 with 135# and on the lowest pullup bar. Today was Rx with the highest bar.

  15. Rachel E

    The Admiral: 19:02 Rx (last time was in January at 75#, so this made my day!)

    Tabata C2B practice: 20 total, coming along

  16. Rick W.

    The Admiral: 26:11 Rx. Def. not a PR but first time doing RX. Tabata CTB 37

  17. 16:39rx

  18. Craig B.

    17:09 rx

  19. Chris M.

    The Admiral – 19:01 Rx’d (0:39 PR)
    Tabata C2B – 42 (5-5-5-5-5-5-6-6)

  20. Ashley R

    The Admiral:
    85# 21:32. First round squats but my glute hurt too much so changed to cleans. Burpee pull ups on white board bar and step ups due to calf. I am falling apart. Those pull ups were harder than I remember.
    Great workout though!!!

  21. 18:24 RX
    (30# and 55 sec PR vs. Jan)

  22. Wendy P

    The Admiral: 22:12 60# (15# PR but al lot slower)

    I think I spent 3/4 of my time doing burpee pull ups- tough workout!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement Rachel!!

  23. The admiral: 20:51 85#
    Tabata c2b: 24

  24. Stephanie

    Admiral (full of creative modifications): 24 even with 45#, jumping pull ups off a stack of 45’s, which I then used for my “box” jumps

  25. The Admiral: 23:29 105# and 24″ box step ups

  26. Justin E

    The Admiral (it’s a trap!!!) – 18:29 Rx

  27. michelle

    The Admiral: 21:00 rx
    Tabata ctb: 43. Thanks for the tip, Conor!

  28. Brian L

    Admiral- 17:48 (135#)

  29. Admiral: 20:13, scale 2 (15x), 95#

    Heather V – nice job on Falmouth Road Race. I also ran on Sunday but not as speedy as you. 7.2 miles – 72 minutes

  30. The Admiral 23:50 Rx

  31. Travaun

    The Admiral: 21:17Rx (2:06 PR).

  32. denise sullivan

    the admiral: 20:13, 75# (rest rx)

  33. Melinda

    The Admiral: 14:50 Rx

  34. The Admiral: 21:40 (85#). First time for this one.

  35. The Admiral: 19:10, 45# push press instead of FS, rest Rx

  36. Susan Stein

    The Admiral: 20:25 (55#) About 2 minutes slower than last time, but I actually did pull ups and they were sooo slooooww. Had to kip for each one. Great job today 9:30!

  37. Annmarie

    The Admiral: 10:30 scale 1, 10reps 60#FS haven’t worked out in a month and it’s surely showed today! Looking forward to getting back to consistant workouts!

  38. The Admiral – 30:51 (125# – 105#)

    stripped 20# with 12 reps to go on last round

  39. The Admiral – 24:05 @ 115# What a grind. Going in, I could’ve swore I did this one before. Coming out of it; I’m sure I didn’t. Thanks for letting me crash Nooners.

  40. Colleen (c4!)

    The admiral 17:45 FS 105# from the rack, (me scurvy wrist, maties!) I love this WOD. Third time, still love it, not a PR.

  41. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Admiral – 21:12 75# Glad that’s over with!

  42. Jonathan

    The Admiral: 17:20 (115# FS) 1:28pr at same weight.

  43. The Admiral: 19:26 (70#). Last time was in May at 17:28 60#. Slower, but heavier :)
    Tabata push ups and handstand holds.

  44. The Admiral: 21:50 (95#)

  45. The Admiral: 17:59 RX. Note for for the future – need to better manage burpee pull up pace.

  46. Ken K & Mark M-Vacation Wod “The Bear”

    2 man WOD on Bear lane in Bethel Maine (1 mile hill, avg. grade of 15% with 14 telephone poles).
    Two logs roped together (est. weight 50-60#)

    Start at bottom of hill:
    -Person A carries log to next light pole
    -Person B does 20 lunges up the hill (walk the rest)
    At first pole:
    -A hands log to B
    -B does 10 front squats
    -A does 10 pushups
    Log can never touch the ground, repeat until at top (14 poles).

    Done in the rain, not sure of time (@35 minutes) But sure that “The Bear” kicked our ass.

  47. Scott A

    The Admiral- 22:47 (135#)
    EPOC is going full steam this afternoon

  48. The Admiral 23:24 65# box jump step-ups. 10#heavier, rx burpee pu and over 1 minute faster than Jan.

    • oh yeah and tabata push ups and then tabata handstand holds. Thanks Toni for joining me.

  49. Kristin R

    The Admiral: 22:10 (65#, step ups)

  50. The Admiral: 22:10 w step ups… This was brutal for me!!!!


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