Monday 08.12.13

Legs, hips, THEN arms...remember use those powerful legs! You walk on your legs all day, not your arms (well except for Montoya and Rachel they walk on their hands).

Legs, hips, THEN arms…remember use those powerful legs! You walk on your legs all day, not your arms (well except for Montoya and Rachel they walk on their hands).


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Click here for our very own ECizzle demoing some awesome rowing technique.

Deb is focused...focused on rowing and kicking butt.

Deb is focused…focused on rowing and kicking butt.


  1. Ben Bergeron

    New leader boards are up at the gym. Come and get your 2K on!

  2. Laura c

    Anyone interested in doing sat wod at 930?? It was “surfer on acid”

  3. Dave C.

    2k row: 6:57.8

  4. Mike R.

    2k row: 7:22.9

  5. 2k row: 8:03.7. PR by 8 seconds. 7:59 or bust next time.

  6. Big Mike

    2K Row: 6:48.2 (12 second PR)

    It’s my little buddies birthday so I knew I had to bring something special today. Plus it’s my 24 Crossfit t-shirt anniversary (1 per month-thats two years for those that have not had their coffee yet).

    Too many good friends, good times and great workouts to thank. Just can’t think of what my life would be like if I had not found CFNE. Huge thank you to Ben and Heather for creating this place and everyone else for making it what it is.

  7. 2K row: 7:36.5 – 14 sec off my PR, but that’s what 2.5 months off will do. One day at a time…

  8. 2K Row: 7:53.6

  9. 2k 8:04 (:40 pr)

  10. Ho (Big Mike's little buddy)

    2k: 7:29.0 (8.5 PR)

    3×1 sq. snatch @115…look out, something resembling an actual squat is beginning to appear
    3×2 sq. snatch @ 95

    5×5 back squat @ 225

    A few bar and ring MUs to make sure I didn’t forget.

    No better place to start my birthday. None.

    • Happy Birthday bud! Way better to post it here than Facebook. We all check the CFNE blog WAY more than we check Facebook. Sorry Suckerberg ;)

    • Happy Birthday, I don’t see your birthday burpees listed on your work from today. Let us know what they think when you do them at the office today. BTW I bought you a sick shirt for your birthday. It will be awesome in 5-7 days.

    • Happy Birthday Andrew! You owe us all burpees.

    • Mike R.

      Happy birthday bud! Been a great year, can’t wait to see what the next one holds.

    • you should really be wishing ME a happy birthday. but fine, i’ll do it first. even though mine is more important. haaaapppy birthday, birthday twinnie!

    • Big Mike

      Happy Birthday….I’ll be by later to take you to Toys R Us

    • Happy Birthday Ho! (That’s just fun to say)

    • Hope your day is a great one birthday boy! Way to start off with a PR!

    • Thanks, guys! But let me make something clear: I will be doing zero birthday burpees. I did 63 more burpees than I wanted to on Saturday, and we’ll be doing another 60 tomorrow. If you think that I’ll be doing 32 MORE burpees today, please meet me on the ninth hole at nine…and wear something nice.

      Now, in fairness, there are a few things I would do in lieu of birthday burpees:

      – 32 butt clenches
      – 32 ounces of coffee before noon (check!)
      – 32 high fives from 32 people or 32 high fives from one very special person…I’m fine with either
      – 32 bar hop-overs, split up into as many sets as I see fit
      – 32 seconds standing on my head
      – 32 seconds of tickle-fighting
      – 32 consecutive episodes of Saved By the Bell (but none of that shit with Tori in it…I want the real stuff)
      – 32 air squats above parallel
      – 32 sexy smiles aimed at whomever you desire

      That’s off the top of my head, but if you’d like some other alternatives, or you have suggestions, please email me at don’

      • Rachel E

        Dammit, I messed up and tickle-fought 32 people : /

        Happy Birthdaaaaaay!

  11. 2K Row: 7:17.8 (6.7 sec PR)

  12. Craig B.

    2k row: 7:49.1

  13. 2K Row: 7:20.4 (first time)

  14. Rachel E

    2k row: 8:37.8 (18 sec PR)

  15. 2k Row: 7:50 ugh.first time. I had a hard time staying consistent on my middle 1k. room for improvement for sure.

  16. 2k – 7:20 (6 sec pr)

  17. 2k Row 7:56 (:40pr)

  18. 2K Row: 8:35.3 (15 sec PR)

  19. Sarah S

    2K: 8:52.4 – first time tackling this.

  20. Colleen (c4!)

    2k row: 8:16.2 not a PR
    BS 5×5 at 135, 135, 145, 155, 165. I didn’t know what to expect so I climbed.
    Pistol practice: 5x single max unbroken sets. 5-6 reps on my bad hammie leg, 8-9 reps on my good leg. I love pistols. This will be fun to practice working up to 10+ per side.
    What a great way to start the week!

    Congrats to Rachel on hosting a successful Teen Comp! All the hub bub this morning was how awesome the event was! Woot! Woot!

  21. Rick W.

    2K 7:37 (2sec PR)
    Snatch 3X1 @ 95, 2X 1 @ 115
    Back Squat 5*5 @ 185#

  22. Michelene

    2k row: 8:30.3 Couldn’t find another 2k in the log, so this will have to be my benchmark. Does that count as a PR? :)

  23. Chris M.

    2k row – 7:03.7 (5 second PR)
    Power Snatch 3×1 @ 155
    Squat Snatch 3×2 @ 125
    Back Squat 5×5 @ 275

  24. 2K Row-7:28.1- :43 PR!!!

  25. Big Bri

    2K row – 6:57.7 (PR)

  26. denise sullivan

    2k row: 9:10.5 (11 sec pr)
    goal: under 9

  27. “Wolfeboro” – 10 RFT of 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 20 squats: 14 mins and change.

    On the dock, on THE lake. Lake Winnipesaukee… is there any other?

  28. Ashley R

    2 K row: 8:35.7 :14 sec PR.
    I thought of all the tips Ben gave beforehand and it helped alot as I got tired!

    Big Shout out to everyone who made the Teen Comp possible Saturday. Great kids, great parents and a great time! AJ had a blast and it was so good to watch him get out of his comfort zone :)

    Now there are NO excuses for me to sign up for the Master Comp in Oct. Who’s with me???

  29. Stephanie

    9:36 (25 second PR) thanks for the breakdown, Kevin and for the repeated reminders where my sternum is located, Harry

    I’m going to be in Maine next week. Does anyone know of a cross fit near Naples/Sebago? Email if you do. Thanks!

  30. 2K row – 7:28.3 (13 sec PR)

  31. Brian L

    2k row- 7:32.9

  32. 3 mile run on track. 30 sec slower than PR last week(note to self: stop eating so much junk)

    2K Row: 8:29

    disappointing workout day for me. slower in both running and rowing. Also probably should not have done both of these on same day.

    Goal: fuel my body with good stuff

    Great 9:30 class. Small but awesome group. Great coaching by Harry, Kevin and Alex—-Good luck Alex and thanks for everything!

  33. Travaun

    2K Row: 7:14. Took a step back from 7:02 on April 29, 2013.

    3×1 @ 155
    3×2 @ 125

    Still an issue getting low on the squat snatch.

    Back Squat: 5×5 @ 225 (set 1) 205 (set 2-5)

  34. Wendy P

    2K row… 8:48.8 (2 sec slower)….great coaching today- thanks Ben!

    I volunteered at the teen competition this weekend- what and incredible event with so many inspiring performances. I was in awe- I kept thinking how courageous it is of these kids to compete at this age. ( I still probably couldn’t do it at the age of 46). Congratulations to all the teens at CFNE and to Max Rachel and Geoff!!!

  35. Katrina

    2k Row 8:29.8 not a pr.
    snatch 3×1@107#; 3X2@85
    BS 5×5 160

  36. Susan Stein

    2K row: 8:39 (:03 PR)

    Good luck Alex, thanks for all your hard work. Hope you’ll stop in to visit whenever you’re home!

  37. 2K row 7:26.4

  38. michelle

    Squat Snatch: 90#
    BS: 145#
    2K row: 8:44.6

  39. smw: 10 sec. pr. But now I cant remember if it was 8:37 or 9:37. I only remember the 10 sec. pr.

  40. 2k 8:13 not a pr..

  41. Melinda

    2k row: 8:15

    Snatch 3X1 @ 95, 3X2 @ 85
    5×5 BS @ 155#

  42. 2k row 7:05

    First time I’ve done just a 2k Row. I think I can a little better next time.

    Squat Snatch 3×1 @ 135
    Squat Snatch 3×2 @ 115
    Back Squat 5×5 @ 205

  43. Krystle

    2k row…Have you ever seen a live birth? That’s what this resembled. 9:59.6 thanks for the push at the end Harry!

  44. Andrew E

    2K Row: 8:12.2 (first time, felt good).

    Fish Game: 165 points (first time, dismal)

    Loved Heather’s demo of rowing mechanics; it’s cool to think of the c2 as a “horizontal sumo deadlift high pull.” Hips and shoulders!

  45. Patrick

    2k Row – 7:29. first time doing this workout for time. It was a tough one coming off 4 months without cardio, but the pain felt good in a weird sort of way…

  46. 2k row: 9:07 (:04 pr)

  47. Christian

    Went a little out of comfort zone today:

    A quick sample of the greatest hits of hip mobility and then:

    5×5 back squats 235# — awesome. No struggle, even on fifth set. I’m thinking I should’ve done this at least 25# heavier as sets 1-3 almost fel air squat-ty. All this mobility and squat therapy and belly breathing (AK) is paying off!!

    2k row: 7:50:7 (an even 7 seconds off of my PR, but that happened coming off of a rest day and this was the day after Totals and minutes after 5×5 squats so I’m pretty happy I stayed around there)

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but around 1200m in for whatever reason I started fixating on “The Admiral,” which is obviously not what should be happening during a 2k row.

    Great Day, though!!

    WELCOME, LILIA!!!!! Awesome job on your first class!!

    • Christian

      Out of comfort zone was not spending over 30 min mobilizing before squats.

  48. Rasheed

    2K row 7:53

  49. Sarah B

    2k row: 8:17


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