Monday 08.12.13

Legs, hips, THEN arms...remember use those powerful legs! You walk on your legs all day, not your arms (well except for Montoya and Rachel they walk on their hands).

Legs, hips, THEN arms…remember use those powerful legs! You walk on your legs all day, not your arms (well except for Montoya and Rachel they walk on their hands).


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Click here for our very own ECizzle demoing some awesome rowing technique.

Deb is focused...focused on rowing and kicking butt.

Deb is focused…focused on rowing and kicking butt.


  1. Things you don’t wanna do on your 30th birthday: 2k row, 8:45, not a PR

    Things you don’t wanna do the day after your 30th birthday: the admiral

  2. Met con @ GymBowie

    3 RFT @ RX wt:
    9 power cleans 75#
    12 burpees
    15 kbs 35#
    5-10-15 m sprints
    Rest 2:00 mins

  3. 2k Row: 7:45 first time. So PR? I’ve gotta work on my form. My arms felt smoked after 700M.

  4. 2k row: 9:02.1

  5. 8:14
    First time

    Trying to hit 8min, but it didn’t happen :-(
    Upside: first Rx’d WOD evah in my 6 1/2 month Crossfit adventure!

  6. Nicole D

    2k row: 8:45 (20 second PR)

  7. 2K row: 8:09.3
    I literally haven’t done a 2K in 20 years and it was much more of a mental battle than physical for me. Thank you Georgia for being a great coxswain. Next time I’ll shoot for an even 8:00.

    • Georgia

      You were awesome! Really great focus on your power 10’s and you really emptied it out in the last 500m!

  8. Georgia

    2k row: 7:59. Way to come in under the wire. Thank you Cheryl and Amanda for the motivation!

  9. Cliff Somers

    8:09, :30 PR

  10. dylan r

    2k: 2:23.2

    Noting the .2 so that I remember that this is MORE than 5 seconds off my PR. I can’t complain since I’ve been out for about 2 weeks eating and drinking loads of junk. I’ve got my ticket for the Paleo train, and am hopping on board.

  11. Maureen B.

    2k Row: 8:22 (10 second PR)

  12. 2k row: 8:02 (1sec PR…) My goal was sub 8 today, but I guess that’s what I have to look forward to next time. I am confident I would have been sub 8 with my pro coach Amanda P. by my side ;-D Can’t wait to do this one again – yes, I know – I guess it has something to do with my long legs.

  13. 8:22.
    Could not have done this w/out Maureen Becker who mentally kept me in check.

    AK. you’re sick and twisted. :)

  14. Casey T

    2k row 7:17 (1st time so yes a pr?) the 3rd 500 really took advantage of me. Great class! Thanks Ali and Geoff.


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