Sunday 08.11.13

The CFNE High School and Middle School Athletes were out in full force yesterday. They crushed the WODs and some even took home so hardware! Congrats!

The CFNE High School and Middle School Athletes were out in full force yesterday. They crushed the WODs and some even took home some hardware! Congrats!

Crossfit Total
1RM Backsquat
1RM Strict Press
1RM Deadlift

Post heaviest lifts to comments.

Compare scores here.

Watch a video of Cotter Deadlifting 500# here.

Take a look at the final results from the CFNE Teen Competition here.


  1. Are you kidding me with this?

  2. Laura c

    Cf total: 408 (23# pr!!!!).
    Back squat 143. (1 pound shy of pr…. Failed 150)
    Press: 80# (5 # less then pr… Not happy but failed 85 3 times)
    Deadlift : 185# ( 8# pr!! Yah buddy).

    Amazing things happen when you do NOT know what’s on the bar:)!

    Thanks for being a great partner wendy and thx Geoff for all the help!

    Good Sunday!

  3. Wendy P

    CF total: 350 (3# pr)

    Back squat 128- 13# PR
    Press 67- 10# PR
    Deadlift 155- way off my PR( by 20 lbs)… Love deadlifts but my hamstrings were not cooperating :(

    Surfer on Acid… The clock was reset– no time today

    Laura- you did awesome today!!! Thx Geoff!

  4. Krystle

    Didn’t BS cause of hip

    80# press/205# DL (30# PR)

  5. Sarah B

    CF total: 570
    BS: 225 (25#pr)
    Press: 85
    DL: 260 (45#pr)

  6. CF Total: 515
    FS – 205 pr
    PP – 75
    DL – 235 pr

  7. 8 x 200m run

    5 x 5 (145)
    5 x 5 (165)
    5 x 5 (185)

    Strict Press – 170

    DL – 365

  8. CF Total: 745# (10# PR)
    BS: 265#
    SP: 135#
    DL: 345#

  9. Christian

    I woke up this morning after a night of drinking and didn’t wanna come in, but I figured I’m gonna be unproductive all day if I don’t I in. Initially I was just gonna run and row, but then I figured what the hell. Also, I figured Sara B in on a Sunday morning meant good things.

    Back Squat: 315# (10# overall PR, 45# PR since surgery)

    Press: 130# (5# PR – never had strong shoulders)

    Dead: 385# (20# off of PR, but given the squat I’m not terribly upset. And Rasheed pointed out a lot of flaws in my mechanics that I need to work out too).

    Anyway, goes to show what can happen at CFNE when you “just show up to run a little”

    • Sweet!!

    • Rasheed

      I wouldn’t say “flaws”, after all, we’re each a work in progress. Great job today! Way to get after it!!

      • Christian

        Thanks! Your tips will really pay off next time. Like I said, I felt my weakest points of the deads were disengaging my lats, which threw everything into my lower back. I think I’ll be good next go round…385# felt light, so I’ll get it!

  10. Progress is slow, but moving in the right direction. Up to 80-100% of loads pre-surg. Great working out with Sarah today! Thanks, Geoff, for the DL coaching.

    BS 105# (80% 1RM)
    Strict press 65 # (100% 1RM)
    DL: 155# (90% 1 RM)

  11. Big Mike

    CF Total: 785#
    BS: 285 (F on depth on 295)
    SP: 135
    DL: 365 (F 2x on 385)

    Great warming up with Charlie C. this morning….future fire breather.

  12. Sarah S

    Crossfit Total:
    BS: 145 (5# off PR, failed 155)
    SP: 80 (10# PR)
    DL: 155 (10# off PR)
    Total: 380

    Great working out with Sue B today, our CFNE Games correspondent :-)

  13. Matty Noits

    Got my first 3 muscle ups at the sleepy pony gym!

  14. BS: 255 (Tied PR)
    SP: 165 (Tied PR)
    DL: 335 (30# off PR)

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